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Community Use of Facilities

Hours of Operation


SCHOOL BUILDINGS – Hours of operation will differ from building to building.
Normal hours of operations will be from 6pm to 10pm, Monday through Friday.
Saturday and Sunday will be 8am to 10pm.
No community groups will be permitted in buildings that have a childcare program in progress, (end of school day until 6pm).

All groups must be out of the Building by 10PM.

Buildings will be closed on ALL school holidays.
Buildings will not be available in areas during repairs or construction.

SCHOOL FIELDS – Hours of operations will differ from building to building and depend on which athletic season is in progress.

Field schedules will be made available at the February field usage meeting in the cafeteria at Sagamore.

Fields and hours of operations will be assigned with area residents concerns taken into account. (Ex. No baseball on Sequoia MS field, Gate lot elementary, no games will start before 12 noon on weekend, Tamarac and Grundy will be assigned fields furthest away from homes first). As more teams apply those fields will be assigned last.