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Tamarac Students Showcase Power of Kindness Through Creativity

Tamarac Students Showcase Power of Kindness Through Creativity  thumbnail180861

Kindness, creativity and an exploration of technology came together for an engaging activity at Tamarac Elementary School, as third grade students in Kathleen Devine’s class used Ozobots in celebration of P.S. I Love You Day.

As part of the activity facilitated by technology integration specialist Claudia Camassa and art teacher Alexis Curcio, students used photographs of their own hands making the peace sign in American Sign Language. They then color coded a path around the photos to command movements from the Ozobots. Using different colors, students selected movements for the Ozobots to complete along the path, such as slow, fast, turbo, zigzag, spin and back walk.

Culminating the activity, students joined their peace sign photos around a large heart drawing which connected all of the peace signs, forming a singular path for the Ozobots to travel together. The collective creation of peace which formed the track for the Ozobots further symbolized the theme for P.S. I Love You Day this year, which is “Together We Rise.”

Board of Education Recognizes Student-Author

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At the most recent meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, the Board recognized Nokomis Elementary School fifth grade student Aviah Singh for publishing a book she wrote.

“Be You. Be Cool. Be Kind.” was recently written by Aviah and published where it is now available for purchase online. The book outlines numerous situations students could encounter during the school day and how to effectively navigate them using positivity, kindness and inspiration.

“I wanted to write this book to spread kindness,” Aviah said. “I wanted to tell all of my stories to help kids in elementary school better understand these situations.”

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Merrimac Students Come Together Through a Magnificent Mural

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Merrimac Elementary School students in Jenna Motroni’s art class recently participated in an activity inspired by artist Faith Ringgold and her mixed media quilt paintings.

As part of the activity students learned about the artist’s life, artwork and discussed the element of unity in art. The class then discussed the multiple meanings of the word unity and how one meaning is a connection between a group of people. Students linked this idea of unity to how they felt about this year in school, discussed how things felt different and how they physically weren’t able to meet together as a school community like in years past.

Using students’ unique artistic creations, Jenna Motroni created a new type of connection, a unity mural, throughout the school community by joining each individual student art piece to create a collage out of various colors of construction paper.

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