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Samoset Middle School

51 School St.
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Principal: Mr. James Horan
Assistant Principals: Mr.Thomas Desmond
                                  Mrs. Carissa Hagan   




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 Nicholas Annese
6th Grade    


Isabella Satalino
             7th Grade 



            Isabella Sill
       8th Grade    



6th Grade Elizabeth Miessmer
7th Grade Brandon O'Neil
8th Grade Victoria Corcoran



6th Grade Andrew Metzger
7th Grade
 Helena Nobile
8th Grade
Krista Rath






Box Tops for Education are being collected all year!
Bring your box tops in on Wednesdays to be collected during lunch.
Every 10 Box Tops equals 1 Samoset buck!




The Sachem Family (students, parents, employees and residents)
works interdependently to develop LEADERS of great CHARACTER who are highly
Most importantly, we are motivating our students to become the best possible version of themselves.




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6th Grade
Kurt Johnson
7th Grade
Bushra Rahman
8th Grade
Hannah Saglimbeni

Johnson Image
rahman image
Saglimbeni image
6th Grade
Kurt Johnson
7th Grade
Bushra Rahman
8th Grade
Hannah Saglimbeni



In the News

Student Breakfast Encourages Creating Connections

Student Breakfast Encourages Creating Connections photo

Collective conversations fostered connections as Samoset Middle School students interacted with teachers and building administration outside of the traditional classroom structure during a recent program.

As part of the Making Connections initiative proposed by Principal James Horan, the building leadership team organized the event as a chance for teachers and students to converse in a different setting. After enjoying breakfast, attendees divided into groups and participated in an activity that involved passing around a numbered beach ball with six corresponding questions. Members of the group passed the ball among themselves and depending on what number was facing them answered a question from the prepared list. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham was also in attendance during the event and eagerly joined in with a group to participate in the activity. 

The focus of the program was to enhance communication within each group and facilitate relationships between building administrators, teachers and students. 

Drawn Lines Lead to Vibrant Math Creations

Drawn Lines Lead to Vibrant Math Creations photo
Drawn Lines Lead to Vibrant Math Creations photo 2
Drawn Lines Lead to Vibrant Math Creations photo 3
Samoset Middle School math students explored the unique capabilities of graphing straight lines as they participated in a holiday-themed activity introducing students to quadratics.

Eighth-grade honors students in Alicia Kroczynski’s math class learned how plotting straight lines can lead to creating curves. Utilizing, students observed how quadratics were applied in the environmental modeling of grass in the Disney Pixar film “Brave.” After watching videos on how the graphic designers incorporated straight lines to create realistic curves, the students began to work on their own creations. 

Using straight lines to connect a combination of dots, the students created various holiday objects such as a Christmas tree star, a snowman and a poinsettia. During the activity students also became familiar with popular quadratics vocabulary like axis, rays, angles and parabolic arches.

Sachem Schools Explore with Google Expedition

Sachem Schools Explore with Google Expedition photo
Students and staff in the Sachem Central School District’s middle schools recently traveled the world as they participated in activities utilizing Google Expedition’s virtual reality technology.

Without even exiting their classrooms, middle school students and staff were amazed by the 360-degree view provided by the Google Expedition goggles as they visited historic cultural landmarks such as Machu Picchu of Peru and other various Aztec and Inca civilizations. Earth science students were also able to take a virtual trip to the Grand Canyon as part of a geology lesson. 

As the schools continue to integrate this technology into classroom instruction, teachers and staff attend professional development workshops to fully harness the capabilities of this innovative technology. 

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