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Nokomis Elementary School

151 Holbrook Road
Holbrook, NY 11741
Phone:  (631)-471-1840
Fax:  (631)-467-3894
Denise Kleinman, Principal
Tara Erb, Principal's Aide
School Hours: 8:00 am -2:30 pm

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Sachem Transportation: 631-471-1380
S.C.O.P.E (Before/After Care): 631-360-0802

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Nokomis Educational Goals
Goal # 1—To improve student success and achievement in levels
K-5 using various forms of formative and summative assessment.
Goal # 2—Build a climate of personal competency for every student.
Goal # 3—To work together for individual excellence and positive self-esteem.





In the News

Honoring Our First Responders

Students Honoring First Responders thumbnail217727

The Sachem Central School District is showing its appreciation for the community’s first responders through a number of events. Many of the District’s elementary schools invited first responders to their buildings for celebrations and parades.

Students created posters and cards for police officers and firefighters to show thanks. At Merrimac Elementary School, fifth graders had a question-and-answer session with first responders to gain insight into their day-to-day routines. Nokomis students sang for their special guests, prior to students introducing their family member heroes to the crowd. Waverly held an appreciation breakfast for first responders before students cheered them on at a schoolwide parade. Similarly, Tamarac students participated in a siren parade and presented the First Responders Children’s Foundation with a check for $500.





Date Added: 5/24/2022

Nokomis Students Lead Service-Learning Project for Animals in Need

Students at Nokomis Elementary School thumbnail217653
Students at Nokomis Elementary School thumbnail217654

Students at Nokomis Elementary School in Theresa Bellucci’s, Jennifer Lynn DeCarlo’s and Robyn Grieco’s classes recently attended a presentation from Last Chance Animal Rescue to learn about animal rescues as part of a service-learning project the students are completing.

Following the visit, students will be writing adoption ads from the perspective of dogs that are waiting to be adopted. The ads will be featured on social media with pictures of the dogs to help get them noticed and adopted. In addition, students will be selling bracelets with all proceeds benefiting Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Date Added: 5/23/2022

Nokomis Students Learn Writing Process From Published Author

Students standing outside with pictures they drew thumbnail217499
Collage of students holding their art with the words thank you over it thumbnail217500
students looking at display about illustrations thumbnail217501
Mrs. Jessica Frank teaching about how a book is made thumbnail217502
Mrs. Jessica Frank teaching about how a book is made thumbnail217503
Students from Nokomis Elementary School learned all about the writing process from a published author, who is also a teacher in the building. Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Jessica Frank has a number of books coming out this year and presented how a children’s book is made to a total of 14 classes.

During the interactive presentation, students asked questions about the writing process. In addition, they learned about how a picture book is created and drew their own illustrations. The experience was an engaging way to help students foster a love for reading and writing.

Date Added: 5/19/2022


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