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Waverly Elementary School

1111 Waverly Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742
Phone: (631) 654-8690 
John Ruggero, Principal






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May Birthdays

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Noah R. May 30

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Mission Statement:

The Sachem Family (students,  parents, employees and residents) works interdependently to develop leaders of great character who are highly competent, confident and caring. Most importantly we are motivating our students to become the best possible version of themselves. WE ARE  SACHEM! 


In the News

Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo photo
Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo photo 2
A festive Cinco De Mayo celebration recently immersed a class of Waverly Elementary School fourth-grade students in a collection of fun cultural activities.  

Students in Jennifer Savio’s class participated in a number of activities as they reflected on different aspects of Mexican heritage. As part of the informative celebration, students learned important phrases in Spanish such as hello, goodbye, please and thank you. The class also reflected on the history of Cinco De Mayo and learned that the day is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Continuing the activities, students enjoyed churros as they listened to popular Mexican music. 

Concluding the fun-filled celebration, students decorated their own sombreros with colorful glitter, pompoms and various other decorative supplies. 

Students Learn Facts About Epilepsy

Students Learn Facts About Epilepsy photo
Third-graders at Waverly Elementary School recently attended an informative presentation delivered by the Epilepsy Foundation, which taught students important facts about epilepsy and seizures. 

Through an interactive puppet show, “The Kids on the Block,” relatable, everyday interactions between young students were presented, with a focus on openly discussing epilepsy. The presentation aimed to debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy and inform students on what to do if a friend or classmate experiences a seizure. 

Following the presentation, students asked questions to gain further insight about the disorder.  

Waverly Goes Wild With Library Research

Waverly Goes Wild With Library Research photo
Student-zoologists took over Waverly Elementary School recently after an animal assignment introduced fourth-graders to the many research tools and techniques available at the library. 

With help from Waverly library media specialist Louann Cronin students embarked on the trimester long project that explores a multitude of animals from around the world. Students selected an animal they wanted to research and then utilizing the BOCES School Library System Virtual Reference Collection navigated through multiple databases to collect information on their animal. Once students gathered information from the articles they discovered, they inserted photos into their lap books – a mini-book that students create to record details of their studies – and began to compose an essay on their animal. Student animal selections included wolves, lions, goats and bears, among many others. 

The animal research project introduces students to important research tools they will use throughout their educational journey and serves as a complementary connection to the fourth-grade unit on animals. 

Student Community Service Recognized at April Meeting

Student Community Service Recognized at April Meeting Pic
Student Community Service Recognized at April Meeting  Pic 2
During its second meeting this April, the Sachem Central School District Board of Education recognized students for their extraordinary commitment to community service. 

Waverly Elementary School fifth-grade student Casey Lynch was recognized for the organization of a fundraiser that collected donations and raised awareness for pancreatic cancer. Through Casey’s efforts, Waverly raised over $700 that was donated to the Lustgarten Foundation.

Continuing the special student recognitions, the fourth- and fifth-grade student lighthouse teams from Wenonah Elementary School were recognized for their continued excellence assisting those in need throughout the community. The student group was commended for their participation in the Kindness and Justice Challenge where students worked to increase their understanding of empathy. In addition, the students organized fundraisers to generate donations and raise awareness for Down syndrome and animal shelters. 

The recognitions serve as a recent addition to the monthly Board of Education meetings and aim to showcase student community-service initiatives throughout the district. 

Science Erupts at Waverly

Science Erupts at Waverly photo

Waverly Elementary School fifth-graders had a blast during a recent STEAM activity exploring the geographic and scientific elements of volcanoes.

As part of the students’ study, each group selected a volcano from around the world to research. After students collected information on their chosen volcano they created colorful informational posters displaying interesting facts and characteristics about the unique landforms.  

As part of the activity students utilized Play-Doh to sculpt miniature replicas of their volcanoes. To mirror a volcanic eruption, students were provided with a collection of ingredients that they used to conduct experiments to develop a combination that would produce the best eruption. Students determined a calculated mixture of baking soda and vinegar created the best eruption and added red food coloring to mimic the color of flowing lava. 

Throughout the activity each student group referred back to the key principals of the design and engineering process to assess areas that needed improvement and incorporated new design ideas to complete their goals. 


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