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Chippewa Elementary School

31 Morris Ave.
Holtsville, NY 11742
Principal: Patricia A. Aubrey
Phone: 631-696-8640
Fax: 631 696-8645


Upcoming Events

Image of Chippewa's Senior Walk June 18th from 1:30 p.m to 3:30 p.m

Chippewa Senior Walk 2018 Sign Up

May 21st : Mini Marathon

May 22nd : Brookhaven Ecology Center (1st grade Field Trip)

May 23rd : Brookhaven Ecology Center (1st grade Field Trip)

May 28th : No School - Memorial Day

May 29th- 30th : NY State Science Performance Test (4th grade)

May 30th : Family Connect Night


This Year's Science Fair Winners

Kindergarten winners are:

1st Place  Lucy Gucwa K-3

“Imprint Fossils”

2nd Place  Madison Perrone K-3

“Why are Helmets Important?”


First Grade winners are:

1st Place Briana Oliver 1-3


2nd Place Lily Wellman 1-4

“What Color Should We Paint the House?”

3rd Place Alex Trejo 1-4



Second Grade winners are:

1st  Place Alyssa Cruz 2-4

“Which is More Powerful?”

2nd Place Dylan Gucwa 2-4

“Magnet Strength”

3rd Place Kaleigh Thomas 2-1

“Catnip Crazy Cats”


Third Grade winners are:

1st Place Gabriella Gleason 3-2

“Which Brand of Crayon Melts Best”

2nd Place Nicholas Vento 3-4

“Which Liquid Will Stain the Most?”

3rd Place Reagan Neimeth 3-3

“Do More Expensive Markers Last Longer?”


Fourth Grade winners are:

1st place Marcos DeFrietas 4-4

“Five Second Rule”

2nd place Sean Albanesi 4-3

“Magnetic Madness”

3rd place Breanna Thomas 4-2

“Ready, Set, Squish!


Fifth Grade winners are:

1st Place Camryn Connor 5-3

”What Happens to Plants When Exposed to Second Hand Smoke?”

2nd Place Joseph D’Amico 5-2

“How Does Salty Food Impact Our Cells?”

3rd Place Ryan Clark 5-2

“Bottle Flipping”


        We are SO proud of each and every student who participated.  Our first place winners are registered to participate in the Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Science Fair on Saturday, May 6, 2017.  We wish them luck and continued success!



Important Information



Chippewa Pledge

We are proud to be Chippewa students.
We respect others.
We always try our best.
We are leaders in school and in our community.
We believe we will achieve!



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