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Sachem High School North

212 Smith Roa
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Principal: Mr. Andrew Larson
Assistant Principals: Mr. Burke, Dr. Galligan, Mr. Kolar, Mrs. Onesto
Phone: (631) 471-1400 


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Mission Statement

Social consciousness and motivation lead to the establishment of short and long-range goals. These goals will be achieved by applying the skills necessary to become productive, knowledgeable, and responsible members of society. Our mission will be promoted by a creative enthusiastic, dedicated, and student-centered staff who is implementing a challenging and thought-provoking curriculum in a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, and stimulating. 

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BOE Recognizes Student-Athletes

070124-0360-1(2).jpg thumbnail260227
070124-0364-2.jpg thumbnail260228
070124-0369-3.jpg thumbnail260229
070124-0375-4.jpg thumbnail260230
070124-0381-5.jpg thumbnail260231
070124-0383-6.jpg thumbnail260232
070124-0388-7.jpg thumbnail260233
070124-MAIN_athletes-8.jpg thumbnail260234
070124-0360-1.jpg thumbnail260235

At the June 25 meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, several student-athletes were recognized for their accomplishments this spring.

The unified basketball and bowling teams at both high schools were honored for their programs. Next, students who participated in the Special Olympics received certificates from the Board of Education. Athletic Director Gary Beutel then introduced the Sachem East varsity softball team for winning the Long Island championship and advancing to the state semifinals. New York State track champs Savanna Edwards, Bella Galeas, Taylor Percy and Sarafina Scavo were recognized for winning the 4 x 400m relay. Lastly, spring student athletes who received post season honors were celebrated.

Congratulations to all!

Date Added: 7/1/2024

Congratulations, High School North Class of 2024!

Congratulations, High School North Class of 2024! thumbnail260191

On Thursday, June 27, the Sachem High School North Class of 2024 gathered at the Fred Fusaro Alumni Stadium field one last time to celebrate their graduation. Seniors were welcomed by cheers from their families as “Pomp and Circumstance” played throughout the stadium.

Students who will be entering the armed forces upon graduation were called in front of the stage to be honored for their service. At this time, the Sachem North Symphonic Choir sang the National Anthem before a special guitar solo of “God Bless America” was performed by senior Steven Mattiolo.

High School North Principal Andrew Larson presented Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pellettieri with an honorary diploma ahead of his retirement this July, before speaking to the graduating class. Mr. Larson noted his special connection to the Class of 2024 as they started their careers at Sachem North together. He then introduced guest speaker Kristen Bowes Burke. Bowes Burke, general counsel for Mercy College, imparted advice to the seniors as they go off into the world.

Following the remarks, elementary principals Dr. Thomas Desmond and Mr. Joseph Watson introduced the top 25 academic leaders of the class including salutatorian Ryan DeSimone and valedictorian Avi Talsania. Talsania addressed his peers.

“Treat everyone’s life just as valuable as yours and welcome each hardship you face as another steppingstone in your journey. It has been the greatest gift getting to know you guys the past few years and with that, I can wholeheartedly say, we are the ones who will change this world because that is exactly what we have been prepared to do,” Talsania said.

Senior class president Nicholas Abbate stepped up to the podium and reflected on some memories during his time at High School North. He posed a question to his peers in the hopes of empowering them to overcome future obstacles.

“What can any one of us do in the face of insurmountable challenges? Should we retreat from them and passively accept that there’s nothing to do but accept our bleak fate? Or do we summon the strength to believe that with a little courage and a little determination, we can beat the odds that are seemingly stacked up against us? Because we’ve already beaten those odds to arrive at this unique moment in history,” Abbate said.

Following the student speeches, Board of Education president Rob Scavo introduced trustee and parent of a graduating senior, Meredith Volpe to present the diplomas. Students walked across the stage as they were congratulated by administrators and Board of Education members. Once back in their seats, the seniors turned their tassels and threw their caps to the sky, marking the end of their high school careers

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 6/28/2024

Science Research Students Win Big at NYSSEF Andromeda Fair

Congratulations to our Sachem students who won awards in the environmental sciences category at the 2024 NYSSEF Andromeda Fair. thumbnail259908

Congratulations to our Sachem students who won awards in the environmental sciences category at the 2024 NYSSEF Andromeda Fair.

Tasmiah Tawhid, Sachem North junior science research student, earned first place in environmental sciences. The title of her project was “The Role of Pleurotus ostreatus in Mycoredediation of an Aquatic Environment.”

The team of Sachem East freshman researchers, Zaima Noaman and Ananya, won second place in environmental sciences. The title of their project was “The Potential of Pestalotiopsis microspora and Pleurotus ostreatus to Mycoremediate Plastics.”

Date Added: 6/20/2024

Hamlet-o-thon at High School North

Students in Mr. Kelleher’s senior English classes at High School North participated in the annual “Hamlet-o-thon.” thumbnail259870
Students in Mr. Kelleher’s senior English classes at High School North participated in the annual “Hamlet-o-thon.” thumbnail259871

Students in Mr. Kelleher’s senior English classes at High School North participated in the annual “Hamlet-o-thon.” Those who gave the most passionate performances in Shakespeare’s classic play, “Hamlet,” received trophies. The event is a fun, end-of-year celebration to wrap up the English curriculum.

Date Added: 6/18/2024

Sachem Seal of Civic Readiness Recipients

Sachem Seal of Civic Readiness Recipients thumbnail259318
Several members of the Class of 2024 have earned the Seal of Civic Readiness. Congratulations to these students who have earned this new NYS Seal of Distinction and Graduation Pathway.
*As of June 14, 2024

Interested candidates should reach out to Mrs. Heinrichs (Sachem East) and Mr. Brezak (Sachem North) for more information. 

Sachem High School East
Alessandro, Grace
Alonzo, Kate
Angelis, Alexa
Angieri, Ethan
Arnold, Kate
Bauer, Zacary
Bautista, Ava
Berenson, Samuel
Berger, Emily
Bergo, Nicholas
Bokhari, Yousef
Bourgal, Grace
Bourgeois, Angelique
Bowman, Kevin
Brown, Harrison
Campolo, Chris
Canda, Isabella
Cannella, Anthony
Cappellini, Brian
Catalano, Kayley
Chiarello, Danielle
Chomba, Anthony
Chowdhury, Eshal
Collazo, Mercedes
Colombo, Mia
Conway, Kaitlin
D'Amico, Giavanna
DaSilva, Ema
Davey, Embry
Davis, Natalie
Delardi, Joseph
Dellomo, Aidan
DePrimo, Stephanie
DeSane, Olivia
Draghi, Courtney
Dutton, Rayne
Dutton , Alexia
Edwards, Savanna
Ellinghaus, Taylor
Ermmarino, Nathan
Ernst, Emma
Esposito, Giulia
Faivus, Ryan
Famiglietti, Timothy
Fausto, Isabella
Ferrara, Elizabeth
Ferrara, Theresa
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth
Flocco, Emelia
Foland, Lyndsay
Foster, Ashlynn
Garrett, Tianna
Glasson, Shannon
Graves, Sydney
Grover, Kaliss
Haley, Ashlee
Hansen, Sarah
Harper, Jason
Hashin, Syeda
Hashmi, Maryum
Hassanali, Mahek
Hassanali, Mahdi
Hassanali, Maysum
Hayes, Isabella
Hayes, Brandon
Hernandez, Tahila
Humphreys, Francis
Huneke-Penalbert, Ariana (Sage)
Hunter , Tatum
Hussain, Yaseen
Iadanza, Isabella
Ihne, Alyssa
Jaconi, Carmine
Jason, Victoria
Keegan, Caroline
Kelton, James
Kharjie, Isis
Klugewicz, Brooke
Lavan , Megan
Leibowitz, Austin
Liebling, Ethan
Lillie, Kayleigh
LoPiccolo, Dominick
Maker, Gurleen
Malley, Shane
Mannino, Angelina
Manuel, Isabella
Manzolillo, Rebecca
Marchitto, Mia
Martoscia, Alexandria
Mason, Sabrina
Mattimore, James
Mauro, Michael
McCoy , Logan
McCullagh, Samantha
McDonald, Jenna
McKiernan, Bailey
McLoughlin, Kayla
McPartland, Riley
Meiselback, Kate
Miglino, Hailey
Miles, Grace
Miller, Chance
Minozzi, Richard
Mirzada, Tariq
Mitchell, Bridget
Montes, Gianna
Montesdeoca Moreira, Marisol
Moore, Sara
Moschitta, Hailey
Murillo-Ponce, Jacob
Neve, Julianna
O'Sullivan, Sara 
Oehler, Robert
Ortiz-Fuentes, Ruben
Overeem, Brianna
Ozdemir, Leyla
Patel, Jiya
Peek, Sean
Puleo, Domenick
Puleo, Rebecca
Quaranta, Isabella
Rattien , Brandon
Riccobene, Ty
Rienzi, Anthony
Rincon Apaza, Mathew
Robins, Samantha
Romain Jr., Leonard
Roussinos, Michael
Sabatini, Alexis
Salcedo, Alexis
Sandhu, Armaan
Saposnick, Riley
Sarkar, Reon
Satter, Paul
Sinkler, Nyah
Smith , Samantha
Solomon, Shelby
Soo-Hon Marano, Crystal
Sosa, Julia 
Sparacio, Kaelynne
Stunder, Ava
Temme, Tyler
Tomaselli, JeanneMarie
van de Venter, Kailyn
Vento, Joseph
Verdugo Rodriguez, Juan Marcelo
Vetter, Erin
Walch, Caitlyn
Waszkiewicz, Peyton
Young , Matthew

Sachem High School North
Ahmed, Raisa
Alvarez, Matthew
Anacreon, Amanda
Annese, Nicholas
Arya, Khushi
Arya, Neha
Ashby, Connor
Austin, Nicholas
Balkam, Tianna
Banegas, Ariel
Barravecchio, Shania
Barrera-Ramirez, Abril
Bayaca, Yasmine
Becker, Tyler
Bedell, Lilah
Bertoni, Cristian
Biamonte Alexander
BinParuis, Katrina
BinParuis, Rihanna
Blanck, Aidan
Blewett, Sarah
Boghra, Dreshta
Bond, Lacey
Brezak, Daniel
Buzzanca, Isabella
Califano, Taylor
Campo, Luke
Cappadora, Alessandra
Castillo, Jaydalynn
Cocchi, Samantha
Colagrande, Vincent
Cordero Cabrera, Ethan
Cotter, Anna
Daw Ava
Dee, Kristin
Degree, Donovan
DeSimone, Ryan
Diaz, Adrianna
Dimenna, Anthony
Dowling, Serenity
Echevarria Coronel, Camila
Edgar, Ashley
Eisenstein, Ryan
Elymann, Mary
Facciponte, Dylan
Fikes, Olannah
Fleurime, Leina
Flores Zeranski, Jacob
Ford, Thomas
Forman, Christopher
Frey Nicholas
Fucci, Daniel
Furman, Danica
Galdamez-Arce, Anna-Laura
Gallo, Brooke
Garland, Julia
Gauci Joseph
Gemmel, Matt
Golden, Alyssa
Gragnaniello, Vanessa
Grinius, Edmund
Guida, Michael
Gundlach, James
Halpin, Dean
Hanko, Tyler
Hannah, Gianna
Haque, Mahzabin
Haufler, Angelina
Henderson, Ciara
Heinssen, Gabriella
Hetman, Riley
Hirst, Grace
Howard, Michael
Huffman, Jada
Ihle, Taylor
Imam, Taif
Jacque, Jenna
Jasani, Riya
Katwaroo, Brittany
Kavtaradze, Tara
Kelly, Lara
Kenny, Mark
LaBarbera, Tyler
LaRocco, Ariel
Lasso, Edgar
Lee Williams, Amor
Lentz, Hannah
Lewis, Makayla
Lidowitz, Joshua
Lombardo, Madison
Lynch, Abagail
Macchio, Ava
Madden, Brady
Magliaro, Sarah
Mammina, Thomas
Martinez, Alexandra
Mattiolo, Steven
Mc Garry, Keira
McClure, Kaylise
Metzger, Andrew
Mileti, Gianna
MontesDeOca, Ella
Montoya, Isaac
Morena, Dominic
Mullaly, Jennifer
Myers, Jayden
Napoli, Talia
Niola Puma, Padme
Ochoa, Halle
Ortiz Sanchez, Pamela
Paider, Gianna
Photos, Samantha
Ponticelli, Mia
Portillo, Bella
Proscia, Joshua
Ponticelli, Mia
Prince, Michael
Ramani, Aryan
Ramrattan, Carl
Rapisardi, Gianna
Richardson, Skylar
Riegger, Jack
Rinaldi, Christian
Rintoul, Ava
Rodriguez, Sienna
Ryan, James
Samayoa, Jacob
Sanders, Chris
Sanicola, Kaitlyn
Sarro, Gianna
Schnyer, Michael
Schwinge, Alexis
Scionti, Hannah
Seitz, Lauren
Selvaggio, Theresa
Shiraz, Sameera
Slavik, Erin
Sottung, Kayla
Speciale, Ava
St. John, John
Stovall, Carly
Sturm, Gabby
Syeda, Haadia
Tabassum, Tahsin
Tacktill, Dena
Talsania, Avi
Tersigni, Joseph
Tolentino, Nick
Tsalikis, Anastasia
Ulloa, Kaylie
Valencia-Sanchez, Laura
Vane, Emma
Veraszto, Colin
Vieira, Emily
Volper, Adriana
Walker, Mathew
Walsh, Jillian
Wladyka, Deandra
Wrightson, Matthew
Yeznach, Devin
Zogbi, Naima

Date Added: 6/6/2024


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