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Breakfast and lunch is free for all students for the 2021-2022 school year.
An application is not required for free meals, but having an approved application on file may provide you with additional benefits. Please submit an application if you feel that you would meet the approval guidelines.

This year the meal prices are:

All students: No Charge

All students: No Charge

Second Entrée w/ lunch $1.75
Adult Breakfast $2.58 plus tax
Adult Lunch $4.83 plus tax

Menus are subject to change.

A La Carte

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie: $0.40-$1.00
  • Juice: $0.50-$0.85
  • Ice Cream: $1.25
  • String Cheese: $0.60
  • All Variety Milk (skim, LF white, LF flavored): $0.50
  • All Variety Fruit Snacks: $0.40
  • Bag Snacks: (chips, popcorn, etc.): $0.85-$1.00
  • Soft Hot Pretzel: $0.50-$1.25
  • Assorted Cold Beverages: $0.60-$2.50
  • Second Entrée with Lunch: $1.75

"More Than Just Lunch"