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Physical Education Student Resources

Locker Room and Dress:

  • Students are to enter the locker room via hall - they should not be late to class. Two latenesses = one (1) cut.
  • They are to change into shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers must be laced or zipper style. Casual wear sneakers or sneakers with heels or soles greater than 1” are strictly prohibited. A warm-up or sweats are suggested for the cooler weather. Jeans are not to be worn for Physical Education class
  • For safety reasons, there is to be no fooling around in the locker room or adjacent areas.
  • After changing, students are to wait in an assigned area (outside the locker room, near the PA room, etc.) and then escorted to their teaching area. No student is to go directly outdoors or to a gymnasium unescorted. Students are not to engage in any activity without a teacher present.
  • After class students will go back to the locker room to change and will not proceed to their next period class until the bell rings. Students MUST stay onthe lower level until the bell rings.

Locks/Locker Distribution: Students will be issued a locker with a partner. They should choose their partner carefully and not share their combinations with anyone. Lockers will be issued. A bin has been provided in the locker room for those items that may not fit in your locker. This bin will be available to you at the beginning of the period and will be re-opened at the end.

Medicals: The P.E. teacher will handle a one-day medical. The nurse will process extended excuses and students will be assigned by their PE teacher to a Sportsfolio class for the extended (more then 3 weeks) period. If a student is injured in a physical education class, it is to be reported to the Physical Education teacher immediately. A MEDICAL IS NOT RETROACTIVE.

Grading Policy: Grades will be calculated as follows: 60% - daily fitness requirements, 30% - basic skill competencies and 10% - written quizzes. For a student to receive full credit for the fitness portion of the grade it is necessary to execute every mini-lesson. We offer a morning and afternoon make-up class for students who miss a class due to illness, injury, absence and/or the lack of appropriate attire. Missed skill competencies or written quizzes can be made up in class by mutual agreement between student and teacher for the remaining 40% of their grade.

Note: Project Adventure grading percentiles for grading are 60% daily performance, 20% rubric and individual improvement, and 20% journal completion. Make-ups remain the same.

Attendance Policy: If the student has more than five (5) absences within the first two (2) marking periods, he or she may be dropped from the course.

Curriculum/ Schedule of Activities: Acquaint students with the curriculum. Ninth graders will be responsible for taking one semester of “Fitness Concepts” and a second semester of the “Introduction to PA”. The tenth and eleventh grade curriculum is based on the eight sport categories (team passing sports, net/wall sports, striking/ fielding sports, target sports, dance and aesthetics, aquatics, personal performance activities and personal fitness activities). A different activity has been selected for each sport category. Finally, as twelfth graders, student’s have an opportunity to excel in either a full year project adventure course (that includes a ropes course) or two of the eight sport categories. The overall objective of the grade-specific curricula is to assist the student to become physically active and physically fit, acquire knowledge of the benefits of physical activity, health and wellness, and the principles of fitness, and to become an independent decision-maker who can plan his or her own personal fitness plan.

Health and Safety Precautions: Jewelry: with the utmost regard for student safety and in conjunction with district policy, students will be required to remove ALL jewelry (including watches, rings, bracelets, body piercing decorations, etc.) before participating in physical education class. When removal of such items raises medical concerns, students must provide a doctor’s note. Further, it is the student’s responsibility to completely cover the jewelry in question with tape and/or Band-Aids. If the student does not follow this procedure, he or she will not be allowed to participate in physical education class for that day and will not receive credit. Mouthguards: are recommended for all students who wear braces. 

Gum Chewing: There is to be no gum chewing during physical education classes.  

Lessons, Guidance Passes, etc.: Students must report to PE class first, get their pass initialed by their PE teacher and then proceed. These classes can be made up according to our make-up policy.

Make-up classes meet everyday. They begin at 6:45am and 1:45pm.

Make-up signs are posted outside each locker room. Soon you will have some students that will need to make up classes. Please remind them to read these signs.

The following information will assist you:

  • Legal absences from PE may be made up in before or after school make-up classes (6:45 -7:10; 1:45 -2:27) at a rate of not more than two per day. This must be completed within two weeks of the legal absence.
  • The activity will be fitness based for a period of 25 minutes.
  • Students unprepared for class must make up each class as provided above.
  • Illegal absence (cut) may not be made up.
  • The student will not be allowed to make up class, if he/she arrives to the make-up class late.

Sportsfolio - a medical note should be in prior to the date in which sportfolio will begin. An “Until Further Notice” medical is valid up to two months. If the student expects to be out longer, the doctor must state “school year”, “four months” etc.

** An early morning sportsfolio make-up class (6:45 a.m. - 7:10 a.m.) will be offered for students who have missed class due to absence, music lessons, guidance appointments, etc.

Swimming, Water Sports or Canoeing : All students must successfully complete a unit in swimming, water sports or canoeing to pass physical education for the semester.