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Transition Services

A Transition Plan establishes a set of activities designed to help students with disabilities make the adjustment from school to the world of work and adulthood. The planning process begins at age twelve and is reviewed and updated each year by parents, educational professionals, and the student. Activities decided at the planning meeting and annual reviews are included in the IEP and integrated into the curriculum. The range of activities varies for each student, and depend on individual needs and decided long-range outcomes.

The goal of Transition Services is to explore many options.  Students may receive vocational counseling. Some students participate in school-to-work programs at job sites in the community. Travel training experiences are available. With "Community Referenced Instruction," students visit a variety of businesses and agencies. Leisure and recreation options are also integrated into the students' curriculum.  Some students receive help finding employment, and job coaching is available.

Transition Services will assist the students to develop knowledge of the community and the skills that are needed to become productive and independent participants.