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It is the responsibility of the Sachem Central School District Purchasing Office to solicit Bids, Quotes and Requests for Proposal in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. 


We welcome vendor participation and provide the following information in order to assist vendors with the process:


  • Sachem Central School District does not have an approved vendor list.  The District advertises Bids and RFP’s in Newsday (Queens, Nassau and Suffolk editions).  General Municipal Law requires a bid to be advertised for five (5) days prior to bid opening.  In order to encourage open competitive bids, the District attempts to give vendors approximately two to three weeks to submit a bid response whenever possible.

  • Bid, quote and RFP documents are officially distributed through the Empire State Purchasing Group.  Vendor award information is also posted on the Empire website.  This online system will provide vendors with access to information for Sachem Central School District and more than 100 governmental agencies across New York.  If you are currently registered as a supplier on this system with another entity, you do not need to register again. 

  • Empire State Bid System – Customer Service #:    1-800-835-4603


  • Bids and RFP’s are publicly opened on specified day.   No responses are accepted after the stated date and time of the bid opening on the Notice to Bidders.

  • Quotes do not have formal public openings are accepted as indicated in quote documents.

  • In the event a Bid Bond and/or a Performance Bond is required, an Addendum will be included in bid documents indicating bond requirements.

  • Insurance requirements will be indicated in Bid/Quote/RFP documents.

  • NYS Prevailing Wage Laws may apply to a variety of building service contracts.  Vendors are responsible for compliance with NYS Prevailing Wage Laws when bidding on such services.

  • The Bidder must be sure they can comply with the specific requirements for items and/or services that are outlined in the bid. 

  • Bid/quote/RFP documents contain several forms that the vendor must complete, sign and date.    It is important that the vendor complete all Pricing pages as requested; noting alternates (different size, quantities, etc.), if applicable, providing the correct unit of measure that is requested, staying within the required decimal for discount bids, etc.  Please be sure that all forms and pricing pages are completed in accordance with instructions contained in the document.

  • A notification of award will be sent to the awarded vendor(s) once a Bid/Quote/RFP has been formally opened, analyzed, and approved by the Sachem School District.  This process usually takes two to eight weeks from date of opening.

  • Bid/Quote/RFP award information will be posted on the Empire State Bid System once awards have been made.


If you need assistance or have questions, please call the Purchasing Office at 631-471-1330.