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Six Seniors Named National Merit Commended Students

Six Seniors Named National Merit Commended Students
Six Sachem Central School District seniors have been named Commended Students in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program.

At the end of September, about 34,000 of the approximately 50,000 highest scorers were chosen for this honor based on their PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test results. All six students boast impressive academic résumés, including enrollment in numerous Advanced Placement courses, integral involvement in clubs and memberships in a plethora of honor societies. 

Selected to receive this honor are Sebastian Caparas, Alyssa Mei and Vincent Zhang from Sachem High School East and Mansi Kinare, Miguel Maramara and Carmine Passarella from Sachem High School North. 

The selected students received letters of commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic performance and are candidates for special scholarships sponsored by corporate businesses.  

Captivating Speaker Shares Inspiring Messages With Students

Captivating Speaker Shares Inspiring Messages With Students photo
“We should all outline our lives in pencil, not pen,” Rohan Murphy loudly projected across the Samoset Middle School auditorium to an audience of eighth-grade students. Murphy, a motivational speaker from Islip, New York, encouraged his student audience to try new things and to not be afraid to fail in the process.

In his second year speaking at Samoset Middle School, Murphy shared the humbling story of his journey through life as a man with no legs. A successful high school wrestler, collegiate wrestler and Penn State University graduate, Murphy outlined his struggles growing up disabled and undeniably inspired the audience with his fearless determination to succeed in the stories he shared. Murphy emphatically challenged students to embrace each challenge in life and to never give up, to be inclusive, not exclusive and to look past excuses. 

The presentation closed with a question-and-answer period before Murphy left students with one last inspiring message. “Everyone has a choice to be average, good or great. Choose to be great, choose to be the greatest you that you can be.” 

Bacteria Grows Infectious Passion for Science

Bacteria Grows Infectious Passion for Science photo
Bacteria Grows Infectious Passion for Science photo 2
Bacteria Grows Infectious Passion for Science photo 3
Bacteria Grows Infectious Passion for Science photo 4
The scientific method was on full display at Waverly Elementary School as students recently participated in a hands-on science experiment that emphasized each specific step in the scientific method.

Fifth-grade students in Kristina Fulcher and Lynn Kmiotek’s class carefully followed each step of the scientific method as they began an experiment that will eventually finish with a stink later this school year. The goal of the experiment is to determine how fast mold will grow on bread after being exposed to varying conditions that could affect it. Preparing one sample, students used their unwashed hands as they placed a piece of bread into a ziplock bag that was then sealed. For another, they used hand sanitizer before handling the bread sample. Following a strict procedure, each sample was placed into a bag and labeled to reflect how the bread was handled. 

As part of the experiment, students also learned how to develop a hypothesis, label and track data, and about numerous types of bacteria, fungus and germs that cause mold. 


Samoset Receives Donation From Local Chamber of Commerce

Samoset Receives Donation From Local Chamber of Commerce photo
The Lake Grove Chamber of Commerce recently organized a school supply fundraiser that collected five backpacks filled with various school supplies. The school supplies were generously donated to the Sachem business department and will be distributed to students in need at Samoset Middle School. 

The business department is actively engaged with numerous chambers throughout the district in expanding internship and job opportunities and providing additional educational events for students. 

Wiggling Worms Tested Student Ingenuity at Waverly Elementary

Wiggling Worms Tested Student Ingenuity at Waverly Elementary photo

Sweet treats served as challenging STEAM supplies in a recent third-grade activity at Waverly Avenue Elementary School that required students to utilize precise planning principles to problem solve.

Students in Gina Menechino’s class worked in pairs to save Fred, a gummy worm whose boat had capsized. Using only paper clips, the third-graders were tasked with the challenge of putting a circular Lifesaver gummy around Fred to save him from the treacherous waters. To begin, students first planned how they would approach their task by imagining solutions, explaining how it would work and then testing their plan. Each pair worked diligently to put the Lifesaver around Fred in the time given to complete the activity. 

At the conclusion of the activity, Menechino emphasized the importance of revisiting and revising previous plans to efficiently problem solve. Students who did not complete the task on the first try were then able to try their revised plans. 

Industry Expert Lends Insight to Future Business Leaders

Industry Expert Lends Insight to Future Business Leaders photo
Mission, vision and value were a few key components emphasized during a recent innovative business workshop at Sachem High School East led by Dr. Robert Valli, dean for the School of Business at LIU Post. 

Students in Keith McCaffery’s Virtual Enterprise class attended an inspiring presentation that provided assistance for students in the development of innovative business ideas for this year’s Virtual Enterprise competition. The yearlong Virtual Enterprise class teaches upperclassmen valuable business skills as they navigate each aspect of a complete business plan. Throughout the year, the simulated student businesses will compete with other student groups from across Long Island, New York State, the United States and internationally at a plethora of competitions throughout the school year. 

Dr. Valli emphatically spoke to students about the importance of adapting to adversity quickly, how to effectively and efficiently utilize available resources and how to create connections between varying industries to benefit your business. 

As the workshop came to a close, Dr. Valli reiterated the importance of creating a business team consisting of asymmetrical collaborations to optimize brainstorming while developing business concepts and ideas. 

To begin the competition season, students will participate in the 2018 National Elevator Pitch Competition, which will be held this October. 

Chippewa Students Get Set for the Big Stage

Chippewa Students Get Set for the Big Stage photo
It was lights, camera, action for third-grade students at Chippewa Elementary School during a recent interactive educational presentation that introduced students to the fundamentals of acting.

A creative drama presentation led by Karen De Mauro, a Broadway acting coach for more than 20 years, guided students through numerous elements of acting, including the importance of focus, objects, characters, motive and place. Students were challenged to use their imaginations to envision themselves in several settings, such as on a boat in the year 1492 with Christopher Columbus and in a New York City alleyway navigating imaginary broken glass on the floor. 

To conclude the activity, students participated in several improvisation exercises that tested their ability to problem solve quickly. 

Peer Mentors Guide Students to Success

Peer Mentors Guide Students to Success photo
Sachem High School North has enhanced the existing homeroom period with an advisory element that introduces members of the Peer Mentor Club to freshman and sophomore students in an effort to develop new relationships and provide academic advice and support. 

Led by advisors Grace Cervini and Mary Kuerner, the 200-member Peer Mentor Club at High School North is the largest peer mentor group in New York State. Each year, the club members are professionally trained through the New York State Mentoring Program to provide one-on-one assistance to fellow students.  

“As a ninth-grader, my mentor really helped me through the start of high school,” said student mentor and current junior, Mason Stassi. “I want to be able to help students in the same way.” 

Each peer mentor works with a specific homeroom group where they lead numerous teambuilding activities to strengthen connections among students, provide academic support and generate group discussions to help new students become socially acclimated to their new environment. 

“Our job as mentors is to help new students make connections in the building as they begin high school,” said Mike Pellomo, a senior. “Providing guidance as a mentor has been one of my greatest experiences in high school.”  

As the year continues, the student mentors will act as an informational resource to students during the homeroom period, providing valuable insight into building activities, special events and educational opportunities. 

September 2018 - A Month In Review

september slide image

Silly Substance Teaches States of Matter

Silly Substance Teaches States of Matter photo
Silly Substance Teaches States of Matter photo 2
Silly Substance Teaches States of Matter photo 3
Silly Substance Teaches States of Matter photo 4
Silly Substance Teaches States of Matter photo 5
States of matter were the topic of discussion during a recent hands-on science activity in Emily Cole’s fifth-grade class at Waverly Avenue Elementary School.

As the experiment began, students carefully proceeded through each step of the scientific method, including creating a hypothesis, identifying the procedure for the experiment, conducting the experiment and then recording data. The purpose of the experiment was to determine which state of matter the substance they created would be in. Mixing cornstarch, water and food coloring, the students created a substance called Oobleck that they then observed to determine the state of matter to be recorded in their conclusion. 

After carefully observing the Oobleck, students determined that the substance could be found in either a solid or a liquid state. The Oobleck remained a solid when left in the bowl and transformed into a liquid once it was removed. At a later date, students will do further research on Oobleck and other substances that can be found in multiple states. 

Efficient and Sustainable Schools

Efficient and Sustainable Schools photo
Over the past several years, the Sachem Central School District entered into three energy performance contracts (EPC) in an effort to reduce energy consumption, reduce our carbon footprint and control future costs. An energy performance contract is provided to school districts in New York State to engage an independent, third-party engineering firm for the purpose of performing a comprehensive energy audit. Such an audit specifically looks for improvements that can be made that fully pay for themselves. The EPC is expected to carry no financial impact to the district’s taxpayers and has the potential to be cash positive. Before any work can be done, the proposed projects are forwarded to the New York State Education Department, where they are reviewed by engineers in NSYED’s Facilities Planning Department to ensure that the construction design complies with all federal, state and local regulations, as well as to confirm the calculations on the projected savings.

The Sachem Central School District has been a leader in these projects and, in 2013, became the first school district in New York State to install a wind turbine. Some of the other projects completed over the past few years to many of our schools include: exterior insulation and new siding, interior lighting system upgrades and occupancy sensors, upgraded energy management system, boiler controllers and boiler replacements, wireless clocks, pipe and valve insulation, steam trap replacements, waste oil heaters in repair garages, computer management system, heat reclaim system, domestic hot water system upgrades, vending machine controls, chiller replacement, synchronous belts, window film and window replacements, and various weatherization projects districtwide.

In March 2015, the district entered into its third EPC, which is a comprehensive project totaling $21.7 million. Included in this contract were a number of energy savings initiatives, including: 1.05 megawatts of cogeneration, 2.19 megawatts of solar power (over 8,600 panels districtwide), replacement of more than 1,000 exterior lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs, water conservation upgrades, replacement of inefficient air handler motors, new boiler/burner controllers, kitchen hood exhaust fan controllers, plug load controllers, A/C compressor controllers, freezer compressor controllers and energy-efficient transformer replacements.

Sachem is utilizing cogeneration plants at both high schools and all three of its middle schools. The plants are natural gas-powered generators that operate during the heating months. These units supplement our existing boilers to produce heat with an added by-product of 1.05 megawatts of electricity.

It is estimated that EPC Phase III will save 8.8 million kilowatt hours annually – the equivalent environmental impact of over 1,998 acres of planted trees, 756,938 gallons of gasoline and 15,460 barrels of oil. Estimated emission reductions in one year would include 14.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide and 28.5 metric tons of sulfur dioxide. This EPC will also save 291,000 gallons of water from low-flow faucets and aerators that have been installed. Each of these projects demonstrates Sachem’s lasting commitment to efficient and sustainable schools.

3-8 Assessment Results & Parent Letters are Now Available

3-8 assessment results and parent letters are accessible through eSchool for any child who took the exam.

Lynwood Avenue Takes a Stand Against Social Isolation

Lynwood Avenue Takes a Stand Against Social Isolation photo

An inspiring collaborative effort spanning grade levels at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School resonated throughout the halls recently as numerous teachers led activities combatting social isolation for Start with Hello Week as part of the Sandy Hook Promise.

Second-grade students in Michele Tuminelli’s class read “Wilson Sat Alone” by Debra Hess to begin a conversation on how their actions impact others. As the activity continued, students participated in an icebreaker game using M&Ms. One by one, an M&M was taken from the pack by each student and they had to share a memory that corresponded with the color. Among the stories shared were a time when they were sad, a time when they were excited and a time when they made a good choice. 

In Gwendolyn Levesque’s first-grade class, students learned the importance of not leaving their peers out, how their actions can impact others and ways they can be nice to their classmates. As the activity progressed, students participated in partner shares where they conversed with one of their classmates, identified something they had in common and then spoke more about that topic together. This continued as the students rotated partners and created new friendships.  

Start with Hello Week is an initiative developed to raise awareness and educate teachers, students and the community on the effects of social isolation. Throughout the week, classes at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School continued to participate in activities to reduce social isolation and create connections within the classroom, school and community. 

Story Sparks Inspiration for Inclusive Classrooms

Story Sparks Inspiration for Inclusive Classrooms photo
At Seneca Middle School, a story of inclusion and togetherness inspired sixth-graders in Clarissa Reardon’s classes to foster a classroom culture that encompassed the entire school community.

To begin the activity, students read the Amy June Bates book, “The Big Umbrella,” in which a child carries a big red umbrella on a rainy day down a city street, welcoming countless characters of every size, shape and appearance to escape the rain under the umbrella. As the child continues on the trip, with many newfound friends, the umbrella continues to grow in size to fit more and more characters beneath it. The inclusive message resonated with students in Reardon’s classes, and they created puzzle pieces showcasing unique character traits found in themselves on each piece. The pieces were then placed together under their very own big umbrella, demonstrating the idea that although different, they all fit together. 

Through the activity, students reinforced several essential writing skills, including grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

Presentation on Active Shooter Overview and Basic Survival Strategies


Kindergarteners Spread Peace to Peers

Kindergarteners Spread Peace to Peers photo
Spreading peace took precedence in Nicole Stumpf and Bianca Ferranteli’s kindergarten class at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School as students participated in activities celebrating the International Day of Peace, which is on Sept. 21. 

The day’s activities began by students reading “The Peace Book” by Todd Parr and learning the meaning of peace. The kindergarteners then collectively brainstormed how they can bring peace to their class. Together the students determined that sharing, making friends, listening to each other and being kind were all ways to have a peaceful classroom environment. 

Concluding the activities, students sponge-painted peace signs on paper plates, incorporating vibrant colors into their crafts.  

Sagamore Showcases Extracurricular Opportunities at Club Fair

Sagamore Showcases Extracurricular Opportunities at Club Fair photo
At Sagamore Middle School, students across grade levels had the opportunity to explore the numerous extracurricular opportunities available to them during a recent club fair that showcased 25 clubs students can join this year. 

During their lunch period, students met with club advisers where they learned about each club available to them. Among the clubs offered this year are American Sign Language, Art Club, Coding Club, Critter Club, Debate Club, Mathletes, Student Government and Suburban Olympics Club.  

The clubs provide additional opportunities to strengthen curriculum concepts covered during the regularly scheduled school day and allow students to explore myriad other interests. 

Holbrook 2018 Fall Cleanup


Sachem North Caps Homecoming With Thrilling Victory

Sachem North Caps Homecoming With Thrilling Victory photo

In dramatic fashion, Sachem North threw an unforgettable homecoming weekend this year. The Flaming Arrows beat Pat-Med, 17-14, off the leg of sophomore Will Szewczuk, who drilled a 35-yard field goal in overtime.

“It’s unreal,” said Szewczuk, who missed two field goals during regulation and overcame in-game adversity to be the hero. “To hit something like that is great and I’m glad to have helped the team.”

Students had been celebrating all week leading up to the game with spirit festivities. From a pep rally on the field to a homecoming dance, a first-ever carnival on Saturday afternoon and a club parade around the track, every event was well received and attended by large numbers of students, staff and alumni.

Homecoming royalty were honored during the dance on Friday night. Among those honored were seniors Nick Gambino (King), Meaghan Lombardo (Queen) and Austin Ziegler (Jester); juniors Matt McCord (Prince), Ally LaSala (Princess) and Kelly Curran (Jester); sophomores Vinnie Giordano (Dutch) and Meagan O’Halleran (Duchess); and freshmen Trey Morstaht (Count), Sarah Contrast (Countess) and Zachariah Miller (Jester).

On the gridiron, Gambino, a senior quarterback, was 17-for-34, throwing for 218 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He connected with Josh Walker on a 52-yard touchdown pass. Sam Walker also rushed for 11 carries, 17 yards and one touchdown. Ryan Kinsley had six catches for 71 yards. Justin Wank had 17 carries for 52 yards. 

With his passing performance, Gambino reached the 1,000-yard passing mark for his career.

The win is also the first career victory for Sachem head coach and alum Dave Caputo.


Sachem Senior Receives Long Island Scholar-Artist Award

Sachem Senior Receives Long Island Scholar-Artist Award photo
Sachem High School East senior Miriam e Silva was recently selected as one of 20 students to receive the Long Island Arts Alliance Scholar-Artist Award for her continued excellence in academics and the art of photography. 

Silva was enrolled in the Professional Photography program at the Bixhorn Technical Center at Eastern Suffolk BOCES during the 2017-2018 school year, where she was nominated for the opportunity to receive the award. As part of the arduous selection process, Silva was required to maintain an unweighted grade point average of 90 or higher and submit a portfolio of her work, including an essay to be assessed by a panel of artists and art educators. 

Silva was honored for her accomplishment at the Scholar-Artist Awards Kickoff program hosted by New York State Regent Roger Tilles on Sept. 12 at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at LIU Post.

Grundy Avenue Celebrates Creativity on International Dot Day

Grundy Avenue Celebrates Creativity on International Dot Day photo

In celebration of International Dot Day, students across Grundy Avenue Elementary School expressed their creativity through a number of challenging activities and engaging artistic projects.

Dot Day is a worldwide celebration of creativity which arose as a byproduct of the Peter H. Reynolds book, “The Dot.” The book depicts the story of a little girl who is shy about expressing her artistic abilities. Following some encouragement from an art teacher, she becomes inspired by a tiny dot she put on a piece of paper and from that dot creates multiple works of art.

After reading the popular book, third-grade students in Angela Coffaro and Allison Poffenbarger’s classes both participated in a dot-themed STEAM activity that emphasized design concepts and teamwork. The student groups were asked to design and construct the tallest tower they could utilizing multicolored dot stickers and index cards. As the students continued through the activity they were encouraged to identify design flaws and work together to develop alternative designs. Also joining in on the Dot Day celebration were second-grade students in Tricia Troise and Kerri Krouse’s class who crafted unique masterpieces starting from a single dot on a piece of cardstock.

In an additional activity, second-grade students in Tara McCormack’s class joined their fifth-grade book buddies in Briann Degan’s class for a collaborative STEAM activity. In groups of four, the book buddies were asked to build a structure out of Dots candy and toothpicks that could effectively hold the weight of a textbook. Throughout the activity the students used the unsuccessful designs to brainstorm amongst their peers and incorporate problem-solving techniques to accomplish their goals. 

As the day continued, the Dot Day celebration fostered a creative environment buildingwide and emphasized the importance of individuality through each student activity.

Sachem East 2018 Homecoming Carnival


Sachem Student Named Semifinalist in 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program

Sachem Student Named Semifinalist in 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program photo
Sachem High School North senior Amy DeLury has been selected as a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program. 

Amy excels in multiple Advanced Placement courses, including calculus, economics, English and physics. In addition to her continued academic success, she is also an integral participant in multiple extra- and co-curricular activities, such the Eurochallenge Club, in which she serves as a mentor, and the Model United Nations Club, in which she is a delegate. 

Adding to her impressive résumé of academic accomplishments, Amy has seen great success as a science research student, having placed second at the Long Island Brain Bee last year and having been selected for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Professor for a Day program. During the latter, she worked to examine protein homeostasis in health and disease. 

“I am very excited,” Amy said, when asked about her accomplishment. “It is a great honor to be selected as a semifinalist for this scholarship.”

Approximately 1.6 million juniors from high schools across the country entered the 2019 National Merit Scholarship program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The nationwide pool of 16,000 semifinalists represents 1 percent of U.S. high school seniors, who now have the opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $31 million. 

In February, more than 90 percent of the semifinalists will be selected to advance to finalist standing and about half of the finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar title. 

Samoset Students Remember September 11

Samoset Students Remember September 11 photo
In remembrance of the tragic events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, seventh-grade history students at Samoset Middle School recently attended an informative presentation, “A Responder’s Perspective,” led by trained first responder Rudy Princi. 

For seven years, Princi has spoken to Samoset students about his experience as a volunteer at ground zero, where he acquired necessary medical supplies as a liaison and performed triage services for those who required medical assistance. The presentation served as an opportunity for students to hear a firsthand account of the events that took place 17 years ago.   

Sachem Educator Named New York State Secondary Health Teacher of the Year

Sachem Educator Named New York State Secondary Health Teacher of the Year photo
The Sachem Central School District’s Chairperson for Secondary Health Education, Lori Hewlett has been named the Secondary Health Teacher of the Year by the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.    

A distinguished educator in the district for 34 years, Hewlett received numerous nominations from fellow colleagues before she completed a rigorous application process and was selected for this great honor. Among her plethora of professional accomplishments, Hewlett has been the vice president of the Suffolk Zone for the NYS AHPERD for six years, is a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association and has educated thousands of students in lifesaving skills utilizing her vast number of first-aid instructor certifications. 

“What an honor it is to be selected as the NYS AHPERD Secondary Health Teacher of the Year,” Hewlett said. “It has been my professional aspiration for 34 years to create a high-quality, skills-based, authentic health education program and culture that empowers students to achieve optimal health. When I first started teaching, my administrator shared with me his educational philosophy, ‘If you make every decision with students in mind, you will never make a bad decision.’ Those words have driven me to represent our students and Sachem in creating a model health education program that other districts seek to emulate.”

Hewlett will be honored at the NYS AHPERD 81st Annual Conference at Turning Stone Convention Center in Verona, New York, on Nov. 14.

Faculty and Staff Gather for Superintendent’s Conference Day

Faculty and Staff Gather for Superintendent’s Conference Day photo

As part of a tradition in its second year, the entire Sachem Central School District faculty and staff gathered to listen to encouraging words from district leaders and participate in staff development initiatives as part of Superintendent’s Conference Day on Sept. 4.

The bleachers at the Sachem High School East football field were filled with faculty and staff members who were welcomed with inspirational words from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham. 

“We come together today to continue our work of creating strong connections with all of our students across the district,” Dr. Graham said. “We are here to reflect on how we create these valuable connections and to celebrate some of what we have accomplished along the way.” 

Board of Education President Laura Slattery also greeted the faculty and staff with encouraging words on the impact they have within the Sachem community.  

“To our teachers, nurses, social workers, psychologist, custodial, clerical and maintenance staff and every other Sachem employee, you have all made a difference in the lives of children, and that is why there is so much pride in living, working and going to school in Sachem,” Slattery said. “The Board of Education looks forward to working together to make this a successful year.” 

The immense gathering also provided an opportunity to recognize numerous dedicated district personnel who have been employed within the Sachem Central School District for 30 years. Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Kristin Capel-Eden read the name of each employee and presented them with a certificate honoring their momentous accomplishment. 

As part of the event, the district was honored to welcome New York State Regent Roger Tilles, who spoke to the audience of educators about the importance of their roles as teachers within the community.

At the conclusion of the presentations, faculty and staff members attended various staff development programs held throughout the district. 


First Day of School

First Day of School photo

Sachem students were greeted with sunshine and smiles on the first day of school.


Sachem Welcomes New Faculty Members

Sachem Welcomes New Faculty Members photo
On Aug. 28, the Sachem Central School District hosted an informative new teacher orientation program for approximately 50 teachers and teaching assistants.

To begin the daylong program, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham greeted the new educators and outlined the vison of the district. The educators were then introduced to district administration and members of the Board of Education. As the orientation continued, the new Sachem educators reviewed expectations for student achievement, instructional focus areas and classroom management techniques. 

The orientation program allowed the educators to familiarize themselves with district policies and procedures, while engaging in informative conversations with fellow faculty members and staff.  

Freshman Orientations Welcome Incoming Students

Freshman Orientations Welcome Incoming Students photo
Sachem High School East and North recently welcomed the incoming classes of 2022 at the annual freshman orientations this August. 

Principals at each high school greeted the new students and their families as they introduced various administrative members and reviewed building policies and procedures. The guidance department then led students through an informative presentation on the numerous resources available to them. 

Concluding the orientation, students and parents had the opportunity to tour the building with their class schedules and locate their lockers in preparation for the first day of school on Sept. 5.

Sachem Central School District Administrators Attend Annual Retreat

Sachem Central School District Administrators Attend Annual Retreat photo
Administrative members from each of the Sachem Central School District’s 15 buildings recently attended the annual administrative retreat hosted at the Sachem Public Library. 

The retreat served as an opportunity for central office administration and building administration to review key areas of instruction as they prepare for the new school year. During the retreat, the administrators reviewed project-based learning concepts, student offerings and literacy instruction across content areas for each grade level.  

Sachem High Schools Host Inaugural Freshman Academies

Sachem High Schools Host Inaugural Freshman Academies photo

As the 2018-19 school year approaches, both Sachem High Schools East and North welcomed the incoming classes of 2022 with a morning of informative presentations and interactive activates aimed to familiarize the new freshmen with building layout and academic opportunities, as part of the newly implemented Freshman Academy.

At Sachem High School North, following a day of hands-on workshops and teambuilding group sessions, Sachem alumnus Chris Vaccaro welcomed the incoming freshmen as he highlighted opportunities available to students and notable alumni that thrived as Sachem students. The freshmen were then introduced to members of the Peer Mentor Club, who will be providing assistance throughout the year as they become acclimated to the building. The Peer Mentor Club members answered questions about the freshman experience and what to expect as they begin high school. 

Freshmen at Sachem High School East were welcomed by building administrators before being introduced to the Project Happiness initiative, which was implemented as a key component of the building’s culture last year. Students were then led on guided tours to multiple key locations throughout the building that they will visit during their time as high school students. Randomly assigned student groups then participated in six, 25-minute workshops that further explored the main principles of Project Happiness, mindfulness and meditation techniques, how to easily access building information and what events and clubs are available to students. 

In addition to the annual freshman orientations, the new Freshman Academy experience serves as a hands-on, discussion-based introduction to each high school that engages students in activities with their fellow peers. 


Superintendent’s Office Hours


District Hosts Scholastic Literacy Leaders’ Institute

District Hosts Scholastic Literacy Leaders’ Institute photo
District Hosts Scholastic Literacy Leaders’ Institute photo 2
District Hosts Scholastic Literacy Leaders’ Institute photo 3

Sachem High School East hosted the Scholastic Education Long Island Literacy Leaders’ Institute on Aug. 15, which provided 150 educators from numerous school districts across Long Island with a plethora of professional development opportunities.

With over 50 Sachem teachers in attendance, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham offered a warm welcome to all attendees before Elizabeth Oakes-Lani, an account executive from Scholastic, explained the agenda for the day’s enriching activities. The breakout sessions covered literacy topics including classroom culture, educational approach, 21st-century learning skills, independent reading and how to effectively harness the power of families to support learning. 

At the conclusion of the daylong event, the participants had the opportunity to reflect on the topics covered and engage in a question-and-answer period with the esteemed presenters.  

Sachem Central School District Names New School Transportation Supervisor

Sachem Central School District Names New School Transportation Supervisor
The Sachem Central School District is proud to announce the appointment of Joseph Cervone as the new school transportation supervisor following the retirement of the district’s previous school transportation supervisor, Stephen Shadbolt, after 14 years of dedicated service to the district. 

Mr. Cervone joined the district on Aug. 13 from Eastern Suffolk BOCES, where he served as the transportation specialist. Prior to his current position at BOCES, Mr. Cervone served as the site and fleet supervisor for Montauk Bus, where he managed three yards and an expansive fleet of 400 buses in the New York metropolitan area. Throughout his career Mr. Cervone has displayed a vast knowledge of school bus safety, 19A driver requirements, regulatory compliance, vehicle maintenance, efficient routing and the ability to manage the requirements of special-needs students.  

To ensure a smooth transition this summer, Mr. Shadbolt will assist Mr. Cervone on a part-time basis as he becomes familiar with the inner workings of the Sachem Transportation Department. 

“Following our extensive screening process led by a committee composed of numerous district office administrators, [we found that] Mr. Cervone possessed the safety expertise, transportation experience and the leadership ability that made him the ideal candidate for this supervisory position,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham said. “It is an honor to welcome Mr. Cervone to the Sachem family.”  

What Makes Us Sachem?

what makes us sachem image

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As we embark on the 2018-2019 school year, we look to enhance the level of communication within the Sachem family.

In an effort to build upon our connections with our parents and community, we are excited to announce the creation of our e-newsletter. The newsletter will be sent monthly to those who sign up and will include district news, announcements and important dates. Our hope is to provide valuable information about the happenings inside our classrooms while strengthening our community bond as we move forward on the path to a successful academic year.

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