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Sachem Leads the Way in Competitive ESports

Sachem Leads the Way in Competitive ESports photo

For the Gamers Club at Sachem High School North, a tri-tournament competition this June for the game “Overwatch” provided students with a chance to compete in person against gamers from other school districts on Long Island.

Held on June 6 at Waypoint Gaming in Garden City, the tournament is the first of many where Sachem North will be competing as part of the High School Esports League. The tournament, which also featured teams from Bay Shore and St. Anthony’s high schools, allowed the student gamers to compete in the same area rather than over the internet. 

At the completion of the tournament, the Sachem North gamers tied for first place with the team from Bay Shore High School.

High School Students Explore Educational Technologies

High School Students Explore Educational Technologies photo

Students at Sachem High School East applied curriculum concepts to a number of engaging educational technologies supplied by the Sachem Public Library this May.

Expanding upon classroom topics, students utilized Legos and Strawbees to creatively design figures and structures. They explored more complex technologies while working with iPads to control mBots and Spheros, and incorporated geometry knowledge to arrange Tangrams as part of the Osmo set. 

Classes had the opportunity to visit the technology display throughout the week and students could revisit during their lunch period to further explore the items available. 

Sachem Students Attend Barcode Long Island Symposium

Sachem Students Attend Barcode Long Island Symposium photo
Sachem Students Attend Barcode Long Island Symposium photo 2
This June, four Sachem High School North students attended the annual Barcode Long Island Symposium led by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center, in collaboration with Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory and the American Museum of Natural History.

Barcode Long Island uses DNA barcoding to explore, document and track biodiversity on and around Long Island through experiments led by student research teams. Kaya Manolt, Caitlin Tucker and Madison Tutone developed a research project titled “The effect of vegetated buffer zones on aquatic biodiversity,” comparing both water quality and presence of indicator species at two local ponds. Nistha Boghra researched “The biodiversity of a restored estuary” by sampling water quality and organisms at Sunken Meadow State Park. As part of the symposium, each student presented a poster displaying their research and interacted with peers, educators and world-renowned scientists. Among the notable guests was Dr. James Watson, famous Nobel Prize laureate, molecular biologist, geneticist and zoologist, best known for being a co-discoverer of the structure of DNA in 1953.

To begin their rigorous research, the students first dedicated countless hours to refine the design of their projects before performing the procedures of professional scientists. To move forward with their research, the student scientists needed to meet the strict guidelines set by Barcode Long Island and receive approval from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center staff scientists. 

The students collected up to 20 organisms from water samples for each project. Next, with guidance from Sachem High School North science teacher Monica Marlowe, Barcode Long Island educators, scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory in 2017 and Stony Brook University in 2018, they worked to isolate and amplify the DNA of each organism to positively identify each species. Out of the seven viable samples that were submitted for sequencing, two came back with novel sequence data when aligned with available data on the genetic sequence database GenBank. The novel sequence data is significant because no other scientist has yet sequenced these organisms in the cytochrome oxidase I barcode region and these students will be credited with the publication of this sequence information.

“Caitlin, Kaya, Madison and Nistha have collectively dedicated an impressive amount of extracurricular time and energy in the completion of their projects and the pursuit of scientific advancement,” Marlowe said.

In March of this year, collectively, the Sachem scientists sequenced another 26 samples, resulting in seven additional novel sequences to be published in GenBank.

Spring 2017/18 Athletic Post Season Honors



Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary

Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary photo
Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary photo 2
Future Aspirations Shine Bright at Hiawatha Elementary photo 3
It was a glimpse into a bright future for first-graders at Hiawatha Elementary School when they took the stage dressed in outfits signifying careers they aspire to have in the future.

Representing a vast number of professions, each first-grade student delivered a brief presentation to the crowd about the job they wish to have in the future. The careers chosen by the students included baseball players, construction workers, chefs, detectives, doctors, police officers, nurses, teachers and veterinarians. 

The event served as an engaging activity that coincided with the first-grade unit on careers. As part of the unit, students created their first résumé and researched the different careers that interested them. 


Sachem Board of Education Holds Annual Reorganization Meeting

Sachem Board of Education Holds Annual Reorganization Meeting photo
Sachem Board of Education Holds Annual Reorganization Meeting photo 2
The Sachem Central School District Board of Education held its annual reorganization meeting on July 11, where new Board trustee Meredith Volpe and re-elected trustees Bill Coggin and Laura Slattery were sworn in to office by District Clerk Allison Florio to begin their three-year terms. Laura Slattery was elected as the new Board of Education president and Dorothy Roberts was elected vice president for the 2018-19 school year. 

Colonial Fashion Takes Center Stage at Grundy Avenue

Colonial Fashion Takes Center Stage at Grundy Avenue photo
Colonial Fashion Takes Center Stage at Grundy Avenue photo 2
Colonial Fashion Takes Center Stage at Grundy Avenue photo 3
An assortment of outfits from long ago graced the improvised runway at Grundy Avenue Elementary School during a fashion show that depicted a number of prominent styles from the colonial period in America. 

Fourth-grade students navigated the cafeteria runway showing off their colonial outfits to classmates and family members while students read aloud explanations of what each student wore. A number of popular accessories from the time period were highlighted, including aprons, bonnets, bifocal glasses, straw hats, suspenders and wicker baskets. In addition, multiple students dressed in outfits that represented important jobs during the time period such as blacksmiths, carpenters and farmers. 

As part of the curriculum unit on colonial life, the activity served as an excellent visual representation of fashion during an important time in American history.   

Sachem Educator Honored With Teacher of Excellence Award

Sachem Educator Honored With Teacher of Excellence Award photo
Lynwood Avenue Elementary School third-grade teacher Cathy Dulovic was honored this year by the office of Senator Phil Boyle with the Teacher of Excellence Award for the Sachem Central School District. 

Dulovic was recognized for her unique instructional approach that engaged her students in the learning process and developed deep relationships. Throughout the year, Dulovic challenged students through collaborative learning activities that encouraged students to explore how they can become better citizens. 

Sachem Student-Athletes Are Golden

Sachem Student-Athletes Are Golden photo
A combined 41 student-athletes from Sachem East and Sachem North were recognized with Golden Key Awards this year. 

This honor is the highest in Section XI that a student-athlete can receive for sports participation and given to individuals who letter in eight seasons in grades 10-12. 

This year there were nine award winners from North and 32 from East.

Sachem North
Abigail Bandle
Nicole Batinsey
Rebecca Block
Allaura Dashnaw
Molly Kearns
Grace Lipponer
Ryan McCann
Gabriella Mott
Caitlyn Sinram

Sachem East
Justin Allone
Peter Argerakis
Anna Arrigo
Shayna Arrigo
Christina Artusa
Margaret Atwood
Chelsea Benedict
Bryan Brown
Andrew Campbell
Selvi Chhabra
Jordan Chong-Gayle
Angela Consalazio
Hayley DiCarlo
Kaitlyn Famiglietti
Kayli Manalo
Aliya Hope Martin
Imani Star Martin
Lucas Moreno
Mackenzie Murphy
Caitlin O’Hehir
Shannon O’Keefe
Rachel Orellana
Lauren Paolucci
Michaela Parker
Christopher Quenstedt
Evan Rasco
John Roach
Rachel Ruggiero
Hunter Savino
Domenick Scaglione
Sophia Tavantzis
Alexa Torres

Mad Science Workshop Wows Hiawatha Students

Mad Science Workshop Wows Hiawatha Students photo

Hiawatha Elementary School fourth- and fifth-grade students explored the many wonders of science by creating crafty chemical concoctions during a workshop presented by Mad Science.

With the help of guest speaker Xenon Zach, students took part in experiments that tested different properties of chemicals. They learned about substances that are hydrophilic and are attracted to water as well as substances that are hydrophobic and repel water. Student groups participated in an experiment that showcased the hydrophobic properties of certain chemicals by pouring hydrophobic sand on top of water and gently putting their finger into the sand layer without getting wet. As part of an additional experiment highlighting the unique properties of various chemicals, students created colorful art using shaving cream and water-based paints. Shaving cream is both a hydrophobic and hydrophilic substance that absorbed and rejected the various colors that were then swirled in circles, creating vibrant artwork.      

Throughout the activity Xenon shared helpful tips with students so that they can recreate similar experiments at home with everyday household items. 


Samoset Math Students Get ‘Empowered’

Samoset Math Students Get ‘Empowered’ photo

To review lessons taught throughout the school year in an exciting way, seventh-grade math students at Samoset Middle School participated in hands-on activities as part of the Empower program.

The initiative incorporates engaging, standards-based math fluency activities that implement daily math practices. Students worked collaboratively in groups, rotating through multiple stations utilizing manipulatives such as dice, a deck of cards and dominoes to answer a plethora of math questions. 

The wide-ranging activities reinforced a strong understanding of the concepts students would encounter on the day of the final. 


Important Information for the Sachem Class of 2019


High School East Senior Receives Horatio Alger Scholarship

High School East Senior Receives Horatio Alger Scholarship photo
Following a rigorous application process, Sachem High School East senior Angelica Knudson has been selected to receive the Horatio Alger State Scholarship. 

The Horatio Alger State Scholarship is awarded to students across the country who have encountered and risen above difficulties. The application process includes numerous short essay questions and a large essay describing a challenge the applicant has overcome. 

Angelica is enrolled in Advanced Placement literature, government and politics. She has been playing violin since fourth grade and is an active member of several clubs, including the Gay Straight Alliance, History Honor Society and Students Against Destructive Decisions. She plans to attend Hobart and William Smith Colleges to study English education following graduation. 

“I am very grateful for this opportunity,” Angelica said. “At times life may seem unclear but with persistence anything is possible.” 

Elementary Moving Up Ceremonies Celebrate Students’ Successes

Elementary Moving Up Ceremonies Celebrate Students’ Successes photo
A plethora of joyous moving up celebrations recently took place in the Sachem Central School District, recognizing the transition of fifth-grade students from elementary to middle school. They served as a delightful opportunity to recognize excellence in education and allowed the students to reflect on their elementary school experience. 
At each of the building ceremonies, held at either Sachem High School North or East, students took the stage of the auditorium dressed to impress as they received a diploma signifying their graduation from elementary school. As part of the ceremonies, each building recognized a number of students for outstanding performances across all areas of the curriculum, in addition to separate awards for attendance, citizenship and leadership. 

A long-standing Sachem tradition, the goal of each ceremony is to celebrate past student accomplishments and empower students to continue on the path of educational success as they advance on to middle school. 

Sachem Produces Strong Showing at Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair

sci fair photo
Three elementary school students from the Sachem Central School District thrived during the recent Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary Science Fair, as they secured two first-place finishes and an award for honorable mention. 

Nokomis Elementary School fourth-grader Arianna Flores finished in first place for her experiment that examined how nanosilver found in common household products affects the growth of pond life. Merrimac Elementary School fifth-grade student Nicholas Prosa received first place for his experiment that determined the healthiest hand drying option, paper towels or hand dryers, and Audrey Prego, a third-grade student from Waverly Elementary School, was awarded honorable mention for her experiment on sleep.

To advance to the BNL Elementary Science Fair each student had to be awarded first place at their respective elementary school science fair. 

Planting Seeds for a Fruitful Future

Planting Seeds for a Fruitful Future photo
Wenonah Elementary School students cultivated a passion for horticulture during a number of recent activities in preparation for the planting of a plethora of crops at the school, which will be harvested over the summer. 

In its third year at Wenonah, the “Giving Garden” provides fifth-grade students with an opportunity to experience a vast number of horticultural concepts before preparing a garden they will maintain from the end of each school year into the summer on a volunteer basis. Students learn about the parts of a plant, when is the best time to grow certain vegetables and what yields a successful crop. 

This year, students planted basil, beans, beets, corn, cilantro, dill, Long Island cheese pumpkin, okra, peas, peppers and zucchini among other vegetables. Students across each grade level were responsible for growing a seedling that would be planted in the garden once it sprouted.  

All harvested crops from the garden are donated to the local nonprofit organization, Island Harvest. To date, the garden has provided hundreds of pounds of fresh produce to food banks on Long Island.  

Sachem Science Researchers Celebrated at Annual Symposium

Sachem Science Researchers Celebrated at Annual Symposium photo
Sachem Science Researchers Celebrated at Annual Symposium photo 2
Sachem Science Researchers Celebrated at Annual Symposium photo 3
Sachem Science Researchers Celebrated at Annual Symposium photo 4
The Sachem science research department recently hosted its annual symposium at High School North in celebration of the tireless work displayed by the student-scientists throughout the school year. 

The symposium served as an opportunity to honor the science research students from grades 9- 12 for their continued dedication to science and their progressive research efforts. To begin the event, guest speakers Angelica Franqueiro and Daniel Waxman, seniors at Sachem High School North and East respectively, presented their research to an auditorium full of family and fellow research students. Next, Samantha Meadows, a Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medicine and a High School East alumnus, spoke about how Sachem shaped the beginning years of her academic experience, the importance of goal setting and how to effectively plan for the future.

“Science research is an important area of your academics because it allows you to fuel your own learning,” Meadows told the student-filled audience. “The power of your research is that you can do something that can change the world.” 

As the symposium concluded, 10 graduating seniors were recognized for their accomplishments in the science research program, and all attendees were welcomed to view posterboards of the students’ work on display in the gymnasium. 

Lynwood Sings in Celebration of the American Flag

Lynwood Sings in Celebration of the American Flag photo

Students across Lynwood Avenue Elementary School recently gathered in celebration of Flag Day during a patriotic remembrance ceremony honoring the American flag and all that it represents.

Dressed in red, white and blue and waving flags, students across grade levels stood together around the building flagpole as three service members performed a commemorative flag folding ceremony. As the 13 precise folds were executed, Building Principal Dr. Danielle DeLorenzo read aloud what each fold represents. After the folding of the flag was complete, the three service members raised the flag, before all in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. 

As part of the ceremony, four students read their winning essays to an audience of family, friends and their peers about what the American flag means to them. Concluding the ceremony, students sang several patriotic songs, including the national anthem and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” 

Retirees and Special Olympics Stars Recognized at June Board Meeting

During the most recent meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, a number of invaluable faculty and staff were celebrated as they announced their retirement, and several Wenonah Elementary School Special Olympics athletes and volunteers were honored for their performance during the Spring Games. 

To begin the recognitions, Special Olympics student athletes and volunteers from Wenonah Elementary School were recognized for their countless hours of preparation and the outstanding performance of the athletes at the event at Hampton Bays High School May 6. 

To conclude the recognitions, 51 staff members were celebrated for their tireless dedication to the district, as they are set to retire at the conclusion of this school year. 

Celebrating the Sachem High School North Class of 2018

Celebrating the Sachem High School North Class of 2018 photo
Celebrating the Sachem High School North Class of 2018 photo 2
Celebrating the Sachem High School North Class of 2018 photo 3
Celebrating the Sachem High School North Class of 2018 photo 4
Celebrating the Sachem High School North Class of 2018 photo 5
Celebrating the Sachem High School North Class of 2018 photo 6
Family, friends and distinguished guests cheered as a sea of smiling graduates adorned in black caps and gowns filed onto the football field for the annual commencement ceremony honoring the Sachem High School North Class of 2018. 

As the ceremony began, members of the select choir beautifully performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” before High School North Principal Patricia Trombetta welcomed the Class of 2018 with a powerful speech that spoke to her belief in the graduates’ abilities to succeed. 

“There are going to be challenges and obstacles along the way, but I have the utmost confidence that you are prepared and able to accomplish anything you put your mind to,” Trombetta said. “Follow your dreams and let the world know that you are on your way.”

Continuing the ceremony, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham delivered a speech on the value of the connections students have made during their experience in the Sachem Central School District and the tremendous accomplishments they have made thus far. 

“Graduates, we followed you as a class and watched with great pride as you have accomplished so much. The Class of 2018 should be incredibly proud of all they have done while here at Sachem,” he said. 

During an inspiring speech that followed, Class of 2018 valedictorian Abigail Bandl echoed her confidence in her fellow graduates and herself to accomplish great things as they begin the next chapter of their young lives. 

“One thing that I can say for sure is that our time at Sachem has prepared us for what lies ahead,” Abigail said. “All of us sitting here today are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the world and make an impact.”

As the ceremony came to a close, students moved their tassels from right to left, signifying their graduation. With pastel blue skies above, students threw their caps into the air with a celebratory cheer as they closed the chapter on their experience as students in the Sachem Central School District.

Sachem High School East Graduates Celebrate Milestone

Sachem High School East Graduates Celebrate Milestone photo
Sachem High School East Graduates Celebrate Milestone photo 2
Sachem High School East Graduates Celebrate Milestone photo 3
Sachem High School East Graduates Celebrate Milestone photo 4
Sachem High School East Graduates Celebrate Milestone photo 5
Sachem High School East Graduates Celebrate Milestone photo 6
A sea of successful students – the graduating Class of 2018 – blanketed the football field at Sachem High School East as they prepared to receive their diplomas as part of the annual commencement ceremony celebrating the momentous milestone. 

The ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by the graduates who will be entering a branch of the armed services, and a warm welcome from Sachem High School East Principal Louis Antonetti, who reflected on the value of the challenging yet rewarding experiences the graduates will encounter in life. 

“With fear comes a discomfort level that will force you to see what you are made of,” Antonetti said. “So, graduates, please savor the obstacles that you encounter in life. In the short term they will be difficult, but later on the character they build is immeasurable.”

Class of 2018 valedictorian Tharini Prakash then delivered an empowering speech to her fellow classmates that called on them to continue to be courageous as they move into the future.

“It is our responsibility to make a real difference with the lessons that we have learned: to be brave, to stand up for what is right, to demand equality, to have empathy and be kinder than we need to be,” Tharini said. “I am proud of what we have accomplished thus far and look forward to seeing what we all do in the future.”

As the ceremony continued, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham reflected upon the impact of the connections the graduates have made during their high school experience.

“When you move on from here remember the lessons you learned from the people throughout the Sachem Central School District,” he said. “To me, these relationships are what define our district. These relationships define the spirit of ‘We Are Sachem.’”

As the congratulatory remarks concluded, members of the Class of 2018 crossed the stage one-by-one to receive their diplomas, and family and friends emphatically cheered as the new graduates threw their caps to the sky, leaving the field alumni of Sachem High School East. 

Sagamore News - A Student Publication

The Authors and Artists Club at Sagamore Middle School published their 2017-18 edition of The Sagamore News in June.  Students in grades 6 - 8 collaborated to publish articles about clubs, special events, and field trips.  They included an advice column, a word search, interviews with two staff members, book and movie recommendations, artwork, and more.  To access your free online copy of the Sagamore News, click on the link below.

The Authors and Artists Club invites all 2018-19 students to enter the "Summer Memories" contest in September.

VIDEO: Sachem High School East Graduation

Sachem High School East Graduation photo

VIDEO: Sachem High School North Graduation

graduation photo

VIDEO: Merrimac Moving Up

merrimac photo

VIDEO: Hiawatha Moving Up

hiawatha photo

VIDEO: Tamarac Moving Up

tamarac photo

VIDEO: Grundy Moving Up

grundy photo

VIDEO: Chippewa Moving Up

Chippewa Moving Up photo

VIDEO: Waverly Moving Up

waverly photo

VIDEO: Nokomis Moving Up

nokomis photo

VIDEO: Cayuga Moving Up

cayuga moving up pic

VIDEO: Wenonah Moving Up

Wenonah Moving Up slide

VIDEO: Lynwood Moving Up

VIDEO: Lynwood Moving Up slide

Covered Wagons Carry New Lessons for Merrimac Students

Covered Wagons Carry New Lessons for Merrimac Students photo

A crafty combination of durability and ingenuity steered students to success during a recent activity at Merrimac Elementary School focused on the westward expansion of the United States.

As part of the lesson that explained the historic 1803 expansion that followed the Louisiana Purchase, each fifth-grade class was challenged to design a miniature covered wagon that could traverse a simulation of the rough terrain that pioneers encountered on their journeys. Student groups were supplied with bottle caps, cardboard, straws and tinfoil to assemble a prairie schooner capable of protecting cargo simulated by blocks. 

The covered wagons were led over a canyon, mountains, plains and a river, all while being sprayed by water to represent rain. Following the initial tests, students had the opportunity to revise their designs and attempt to cross the treacherous terrain again. 

Through the covered wagon activity students learned a plethora of additional information, including the journey of Louis and Clark, the details of the Louisiana Purchase, the doctrine of manifest destiny and the countless challenges the pioneers faced. 


Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity

Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo
Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo 2
Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo 3
Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo 4
A complex collaboration of art and math recently challenged fifth-graders in Susan Kinsey’s art class at Waverly Avenue Elementary School as a special guest – the school’s principal – led an origami activity that reinforced multiple math vocabulary terms. 

Throughout the activity, John Ruggero guided students through a precise folding sequence that created a three-dimensional box out of six square sheets of paper. Along the way, he incorporated geometric terminology to identify each fold. The terms included edges, faces, vertices and different shapes such as isosceles triangles, right triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids. 

The collaborative activity allowed students to couple math curriculum concepts with the interesting art of origami. 

Outstanding Students and Staff Honored at June Meeting

Outstanding Students and Staff Honored at June Meeting photo
Outstanding Students and Staff Honored at June Meeting photo 2
At the most recent meeting of the Sachem Central School District Board of Education, several students and faculty members were recognized for their outstanding achievements and continued success.

To begin the recognitions, three elementary school students were honored for their impressive showing at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary Science Fair. Nokomis Elementary School fourth-grade student Arianna Flores was commended for winning first place for her experiment that examined the effects of nanosilver on pond life; Merrimac Elementary School fifth-grade student Nicholas Prosa was celebrated for earning first place for his experiment that determined the healthiest hand drying option; and Waverly Elementary School third-grade student Arianna Prego was congratulated for receiving honorable mention for her experiment on sleep.      

Concluding the celebration, 13 newly tenured teachers were praised for their dedication and professionalism.

Sachem Student Named National Merit Scholarship Winner

Sachem Student Named National Merit Scholarship Winner photo
Sachem High School North senior Paige Menneci has been selected as a 2018 National Merit Scholarship winner in recognition of her outstanding academic achievements and dedication to excellence in education. 

Paige was selected among approximately 7,500 other students to receive the National Merit Scholarship out of the nearly 1.5 million entrants from across the United States. 

Among her academic accolades, Paige has been an Advanced Placement student since ninth grade and also serves as the co-president of the Drama Club, vice president of the Music Honor Society and secretary of the National Honor Society. 

“Paige is an amazing young lady,” High School North Principal Patricia Trombetta said. “She excels in everything she does. The best thing about Paige is her genuine positive outlook on life. She has a smile that lights up the room and her personality is just as warm. She is a true asset to our building and she has definitely left her mark on Sachem North.”

Paige plans to pursue a degree in music industry and songwriting at The College of Saint Rose after graduation in June. 

Nokomis Takes on Trivia at Nickelodeon’s Double Dare

Nokomis Takes on Trivia at Nickelodeon’s Double Dare photo

Nickelodeon Television Network called on Nokomis Elementary School students for a special promotional event held at MTV Studios in Manhattan recently, where students engaged in a number of exciting challenges as part of the hit game show, “Double Dare.”

Three Nokomis students, Natasha Bogdanoff, Kaila Hazarian and Dana Stumpf arrived with their teachers, parents and Kidsday editor, Pat Mulloolly, at MTV Studios and were treated to interviews with original Double Dare host, Marc Summers, and the new host, Liza Koshy.

Following the interviews that serve as a component of their recent Kidsday reporting, students were asked to participate in the game, which consisted of trivia questions, physical challenges and an obstacle course.

Finishing first in the challenge, the Nokomis Kidsday reporters were rewarded by being covered in the unforgettable Nickelodeon green slime. 

High School North Hosts Inaugural Career and Internship Alliance

High School North Hosts Inaugural Career and Internship Alliance photo
High School North Hosts Inaugural Career and Internship Alliance photo 2
High School North Hosts Inaugural Career and Internship Alliance photo 3
High School North Hosts Inaugural Career and Internship Alliance photo 4
High School North Hosts Inaugural Career and Internship Alliance photo 5
Students at Sachem High School North recently attended the inaugural Career and Internship Alliance event to explore various careers available to them following graduation. 

Hosted in the Sachem North gymnasium, the event allowed students in their junior or senior year to speak with a number of different business representatives about what to expect if they choose to pursue a career in that particular field. Companies featured at the event included, but were not limited to, American Pools, eMagin Corporation, Grassi Franchise Services, Hamptons Baseball, Keri Fields Interiors, LIM College, Nichols College and RFC Fence.  

Students rotated through the multiple display tables and discussed the countless areas of interest open for exploration as they approach the end of their high school experience. 

Student-Athletes, Coaches Honored at Board of Education Meeting

Student-Athletes, Coaches Honored at Board of Education Meeting photo
Student-Athletes, Coaches Honored at Board of Education Meeting photo 2
At its final meeting of May, the Sachem Central School District Board of Education honored a collection of extraordinary student-athletes and coaches for their outstanding performance during their respective athletic seasons. 

To begin the recognitions, Sachem High School East field hockey coach Tina Moon was recognized for her 19 years of dedication to the Sachem Field Hockey program. Moon was selected as the Suffolk County Field Hockey Coaches Association Coach of the Year and was also named Field Hockey Coach of the Year by Newsday. Next, Sachem High School North girls varsity basketball coach, James Mellor, was recognized for being awarded Coach of the Year by the Suffolk Country Girls Basketball Coaches Association. 

Concluding the recognitions, 11 student-athletes were recognized for receiving All-American, All-Long Island, All-State or Player of the Year honors. 

Student Expedition Shines Light on Historic Landmark

Student Expedition Shines Light on Historic Landmark photo
Sand and sun were plentiful for fourth-grade students at Hiawatha Elementary School during a recent trip to the Fire Island Lighthouse, where students explored various areas of the historic landmark. 

During the enriching adventure, students learned about important areas surrounding the lighthouse such as the shoreline and its ecosystem. As part of the visit, students, teachers, parents and Principal Kathleen O’Farrell climbed to the top of the lighthouse to experience the wonderful view and learn how light refraction influences the beam from the lighthouse’s lamp.  

The trip served as an excellent hands-on connection to the fourth-grade unit on the history of New York. 

Sachem Student Selected for Prestigious Leadership Conference

Sachem Student Selected for Prestigious Leadership Conference photo
Sachem High School East freshman Jason Griff has been selected to attend the prestigious Global Young Leaders Conference hosted by Envision. 

The 10-day conference held in Washington, D.C. and New York City that begins June 18 aims to expose student leaders to the challenges associated with international diplomacy and foster a plethora of skills necessary to excel during international affairs in future careers. The conference boasts a diverse attendance of students from across the United States and over 145 countries. As part of the conference, Jason will visit a number of international embassies and local monuments, participate in global issues workshops and hone the communication, decision-making and negotiation skills essential to leadership roles. 

“I look forward to interacting with the many international students from around the world,” Jason said. “It is an incredible opportunity to act as an ambassador for the United States.” 

This is Jason’s second opportunity to attend a conference hosted by Envision. In sixth grade, Jason attended the Junior National Young Leaders Conference held in Washington, D.C. 

History Stands Trial at Lynwood Avenue Elementary

History Stands Trial at Lynwood Avenue Elementary photo

A notorious historical mystery captivated a classroom of fourth-grade students at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School as they attempted to determine if the Boston Massacre was an act of murder or self-defense.

Equipped with imitation quill pens and detective notepads, students in Sheryl Amallobieta’s class inspected numerous clues found throughout a simulated crime scene that represented the events that took place the day of the Boston Massacre. Students rotated between six stations where they reviewed different evidence, including artwork created by a British artist, Paul Revere and an unknown artist. The students learned to determine the difference between evidence obtained from bias and unbiased sources as they inspected each piece of artwork. 

As students continued to gather evidence, each group stopped at several stations where they listened to firsthand and secondhand accounts from witnesses, examined written clues and saw physical evidence up close. As the investigation concluded, students used the evidence they gathered to make inferences and record a final conclusion on who is at fault for the historic event. 

As part of the classroom unit on the Revolutionary War, the activity provided students with an engaging hands-on experience that revisited a pivotal event from that time. 

High School North Rocks Their Abilities

High School North Rocks Their Abilities photo
High School North Rocks Their Abilities photo 2
The Speech-Language Department at Sachem High School North recently hosted an inspiring celebration in honor of Disability Awareness Day. 

In front of a packed audience of parents, faculty and fellow students, graduating seniors from the speech-language program delivered heartwarming speeches outlining the struggles they have faced. During their speeches, each student spoke about the numerous ways they overcame their disabilities to excel in and out of the classroom. 

“I never let my ADHD stop me from doing what I wanted to do,” senior Daniel DeLorenzo said, “and your disability shouldn’t stop you, either.”

The student presenters concluded their speeches by sharing their plans for the future and some hopeful words of encouragement for their peers who may also face adversity. 

“If you have a learning disability, whether it be big or small, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel,” senior Veronica Broder said. “You need to push through all of the bumps in the road; at the end of the day, it was just a bad day, not a bad life, and remember, everything happens for a reason.”

Wenonah Fifth-Grade Band Knocks It Out of the Park

Wenonah Fifth-Grade Band Knocks It Out of the Park photo

The Wenonah Elementary School fifth-grade band put on a masterful musical performance at a recent Long Island Ducks baseball game at Bethpage Park in Central Islip as part of a PTA fundraising event.

The band performed four songs: “Dance Celebration,” “Let’s Go Band,” “Tambora” and “William Tell Overture.” In honor of the game, the band changed the final song, “Let’s Go Band,” to “Let’s Go Ducks.” 

Sachem Hall of Honor Class of 2018 Inducted

Sachem Hall of Honor Class of 2018 Inducted photo
The second class of the Sachem Hall of Honor was inducted on June 2, 2018.

At a ceremony held in the central corridor of Sachem High School North, 11 of Sachem's finest alumni were honored with the highest recognition given by the district's alumni association.

Among those being honored:
Kristen Marie Bowes Burke, Class of 1994: Esquire.
Christopher T. Gentile, Class of 1977: Entrepreneur and Inventor.
Louis Gregory, Class of 1996: Federal Government Director and Business Executive.
Eileen A. Keneck, M.D., Class of 1981: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.
Michael Lau, Class of 1986: Music Executive.
William J. Lindsay III, Class of 1990: Suffolk County Legislator.
Nan J. Morrison, Class of 1979: Business Executive.
James Ryan, Class of 1989: Pastor.
Sam Ryan, Class of 1987: Sportscaster.
Gerard P. Schrang, Class of 1974: FDNY Fire Fighter, who died bravely on Sept. 11, 2001.
Lifetime Achievement Honoree: Michael J. Timo Jr., Class of 1969: Board of Education Trustee and Fire Chief.

A number of inductees were on hand Friday at the high school giving mentor sessions to a combined 900 students.

The Sachem Hall of Honor is completely supported by the Sachem Alumni Association.
You can learn more about these inductees and the Sachem Alumni Association at

Chippewa Students Connect to Conductivity

Chippewa Students Connect to Conductivity photo
Chippewa Elementary School fifth-grade students explored the engineer profession and developed their problem-solving skills as they utilized Makey Makey kits to discover exciting electricity concepts.  

The Makey Makey kits supply students with a small circuit board and multiple connectors to use as they explored conductivity. In addition to the kits, students incorporated numerous other conductive materials to complete their circuits. Students used Play Doh to create electric bongo drums and bananas to assemble a piano. Led by Library Media Specialist Ciara Harte, students experimented with different combinations of connections to find the most effective circuit. 

Lynwood Avenue Goes Global With Destination Imagination

Lynwood Avenue Goes Global With Destination Imagination photo

For the past few years, teams from Lynwood Avenue Elementary School have been participating in Destination Imagination.

The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem-solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament. The overall vision of Destination Imagination is to develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st-century skills and creativity.

This year, Lynwood’s fourth-grade team chose the fine arts challenge, “Change of Tune.” It recently competed at the Global Challenge in Knoxville, Tennessee, and placed No. 33 out of 84 teams from across the world.

Led by Lynwood teacher Cathy Dulovic, for this challenge teams needed to create a two-act musical that would include a change in plans, create and integrate music and lyrics into both acts, create a spectacle that highlights an unforgettable event in the story using two production techniques, integrate a set change that utilizes technical methods, and create and present two team choice elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength and talents.

The Lynwood Tigers told its story with original songs and music as well as humor, rhyme, sound effects and a variety of musical instruments. Utilizing the components of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), the team solved the Destination Imagination Change of Tune Challenge. It created a set change that utilized the technical methods of magnetism and simple machines, and incorporated a spectacle that utilized two production techniques including dance and props. The team choreographed an original dance that combined team-created lasso ribbon rhythmic sticks with baton twirling, handheld instruments and original lyrics that express the characters’ happiness.

The team did extremely well at the regional tournament held on March 10 at Anne M. Dorner Middle School and Claremont Elementary School in Ossining, New York. It finished in first place in its challenge category and had the highest main challenge score and team choice element score. The team advanced to the New York State Affiliate Tournament that was held on April 7 in Binghamton and finished in second place at this state tournament, allowing it to advance to Global Finals.

“During our trip to Global Finals, the team had the opportunity to showcase their challenge solution to a larger, more diverse audience at a global level,” Ms. Dulovic said. “Students also experienced how other students from around the world solved their challenge. There were many opportunities to interact with other cultures through international events, a costume ball (with student-created costumes), as well as pin trading throughout the tournament.” 

Students interacted with teams from countries including Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey, as well as many states throughout the U.S.  

The students were extremely excited to explore, learn from and communicate with students from other countries.

In addition, all Global Finals participants were provided with ongoing opportunities to learn new skills, hear from industry experts, participate in a variety of creative, STEAM-based activities and attend a variety of workshops and expos that foster imagination, creativity and teamwork. 
“It was an amazing experience for all!” Ms. Dulovic said.


Cosmetology Students Explore the World of Wigs

Cosmetology Students Explore the World of Wigs photo

Hair industry specialists paid a visit to Sachem High School North and East recently as cosmetology students attended an informational presentation exploring the multidimensional world of wigs.

Hair solution experts Nancy Kurfurst and Gail Sanderson from Wig Allure in Lake Grove delivered an eye-opening presentation on the expansive background of the wig industry. Students learned about the numerous types of hair solutions available to those who have experienced medical or natural hair loss. Additionally, they were introduced to different wig materials, how to choose the best option for each particular customer and the extensive work that goes into the production of a wig. 

“We measure our day in hugs,” Wig Allure owner Ms. Kurfurst said. “It is a moving experience to give someone back the thing that they lost.” 

As part of the cosmetology class unit on wigs, the presentation allowed students to ask industry leaders questions about their specific area of the hair profession.   

Waverly Goes Full STEAM Ahead With PARP

Waverly Goes Full STEAM Ahead With PARP photo

During the month of March, the Pick a Reading Partner program at Waverly Elementary School fueled student’s love for literacy as they engaged in a number of reading activities based on the Full STEAM Ahead theme.

As a culminating event, students rejoined their teachers and classmates from last school year to celebrate their continued literary strides. During the gathering, which was a first for the school, the groups had the opportunity to read a story together, reflect on the school year to date, revisit friends and share stories of the books they have read. 

PARP concluded on March 20 with an assembly program with popular children’s author Alicia Klepeis, where they asked questions and further explored their love for learning.  


High School Engineering Students Set Sail

High School Engineering Students Set Sail photo
Student designs proved seaworthy during a recent engineering class activity held in the Sachem High School North swimming pool – a project that examined key properties of a successful sea craft. 

As part of the classroom lesson, students in Robert Wentzel’s engineering class explored buoyancy, stability and drag before they worked diligently to design cardboard boats that could successfully hold a student sailor. After constructing a prototype, students converted their calculations to build a full-scale version utilizing one 4-by-8-foot sheet of cardboard.

For the culminating event, each student group brought its boat to the pool for a friendly competition. If the boat floated, the students were given credit for buoyancy; if the boat did not flip, they were given a credit for stability; and, based on their placement in an elimination race, students earned points for drag. 

The winning entry in the race was the “SS Declan,” captained by Chris Sexton, Logan Theodorou and Matt Ingraphia. 

Science Lessons Plant Seeds to Recycle at Lynwood Elementary

Science Lessons Plant Seeds to Recycle at Lynwood Elementary photo

Earth-conscious concepts sprouted from several recent science lessons in Gwendolyn Levesque’s first-grade class at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School.

Ms. Levesque’s class explored a number of Earth science topics aimed at the conservation and revitalization of Earth’s resources. In an activity focused on recycling, students studied different ways that items could be repurposed. Students watched a video showing how used car tires are repurposed as an alternative material for roads. Mirroring this process, students crushed Cheerios into fine crumbs that were then added to plaster of Paris to create their own miniature roadways. 

During an additional activity, students crafted cups out of newspaper that they used to plant sunflower seeds. The lesson taught students about recycling by using the old newspaper for an alternative purpose. Through the lesson, students were introduced to the concept of biodegradability – they learned that the newspaper would break down over time and allow the roots to grow freely in the soil. 

Continuing the lesson on plants, Levesque’s class studied the many different types of plants, the various parts of a plant and the process of photosynthesis. Concluding the activity, students carefully planted flower seeds inside of a cup and watered them. 

Just in time for Earth Day, the student activities coincided with the class unit on life science. 


Sachem Student-Athletes Recognized for College Commitments

Sachem Student-Athletes Recognized for College Commitments photo
Sachem Student-Athletes Recognized for College Commitments photo 2
During a recognition event on May 24, student-athletes from Sachem East and Sachem North were honored for making commitments to play sports at their respective colleges.

Nearly 60 students were joined by their parents and coaches to take photos in their college garb. There were nearly 150 students honored like this throughout the year. That means roughly 10 percent of our total graduating class intend to play sports at the collegiate level.

A full gallery of images from these signing events is available on

Alec Lehnert / Men’s Volleyball / Lewis University (DII)
Connor Pallmann / Men’s Volleyball / Lewis University (DII) 
Matthew Russo / Men’s Volleyball / SUNY Polytechnic Institute (DIII)
Daniel LaRosa / Men’s Volleyball / SUNY New Paltz (DIII)
Tara McGovern / Women’s Volleyball / Plattsburgh State University (DIII)
Kellianne Dempsey / Women’s Volleyball / Farmingdale State College (DIII)
Samantha MacPherson / Softball / College of Staten Island (DIII)
Emily Sannuto / Softball / College of Staten Island (DIII)
Gabriella Servedio / Softball / John Jay College (DIII)
Michael Reid / Football / Alfred University (DIII)
Michael Chapparo / Football / Alfred University (DIII)
Will Leuck / Football / Alfred University (DIII)
Alezandro Aponte / Football / Keiser University (NAIA-TSC)
Joseph Gagliardi / Football / SUNY Maritime College (DIII)
Joseph Pennisi / Football / Hudson Valley CC (NJCAA)
Gabriella Mott / Women’s XC/Track / St. Thomas Aquinas College (DII)
Rebecca Block / Women’s XC/Track / SUNY Plattsburgh (DIII)
Julia Boris / Women’s XC/Track / St. Joseph’s College (DIII)
Molly Kearns / Women’s Track and Field / Sacred Heart University (DI)
Emily Stallone / Field Hockey / Keuka College (DIII)
Jessica Fleischer / Cheerleading / Morehead State University (D1)
Ryan Sullivan / Baseball / Maritime (DIII)
Kyle Olson / Baseball / Adelphi University (DII)
Jack Gonzalez / Baseball / St. Thomas Aquinas (DII)
Joe Strazza / Baseball / Wesley College (DIII)
Marisa Sergio / Women’s Lacrosse / Western New England University (DIII)

Shayna Arrigo / Women’s XC and track / Manhattan College (DI)
Angela Consalazio / Women’s XC and track / SUNY Geneseo (DIII)
Kaitlyn Famiglietti / Women’s XC and track / Towson University (DI)
Caitlin O’Hehir / Women’s XC and track / Loyola University Maryland (DI)
Rachel Ruggiero / Women’s XC and track / Stony Brook University (DI)
Chelsea Benedict / Women’s Track and Field / Saint Joseph’s College (DIII)
Devin Perez / Men’s Volleyball / Saint Joseph’s College (DIII)
Matt Kmiotek / Football / LIU Post (DII)
Kyle Farrell / Football / Morrisville State University (DIII)
Chris Park/ Football / St. John Fischer (DIII)
Jon Shaw / Football / Shaw University (DII)
Frank Addamo / Men’s Soccer / Hartwick College (DIII )
James Perrone / Men’s Soccer / SUNY Geneseo (DIII)
Dylan Stalzer / Baseball / Berry College (DIII)
Nick Communale / Baseball / Misericordia University (DIII)
Jimmy Baker / Baseball / Eastern University (DIII)
Alyssa Signor / Women’s Basketball / Saint Joseph’s College (DIII)
Nicky Pagnotta / Men’s Lacrosse / Suffolk County Community College (NJCAA)
Richie Polizzi / Men’s Lacrosse / Molloy College (DII)
Nick Bucholz / Men’s Lacrosse / SUNY Farmingdale (DIII)
John Krumm / Men’s Lacrosse / Anna Maria College Massachusetts (DIII)
Chris Koumanis / Men’s Lacrosse / SUNY Farmingdale (DIII)
Anthony Romano / Men’s Lacrosse / Suffolk County Community College (NJCAA)
Richie Vetter / Men’s Lacrosse / Saint Joseph’s College (DIII)
Jared Walker / Men’s Lacrosse / Suffolk County Community College (NJCAA)
Richie Everoski / Men’s Lacrosse / Sage College (DIII)
Ryan Meigel / Men’s Lacrosse / Suffolk County Community College (NJCAA)
Kyle Sentuli / Men’s Lacrosse / SUNY Farmingdale (DIII)
Mason Lein / Men’s Lacrosse / SUNY Farmingdale (DIII)
Brandt O’Hara / Men’s Lacrosse / SUNY Maritime (DIII)

Hiawatha Holds Inaugural Autism Awareness Walk

Hiawatha Holds Inaugural Autism Awareness Walk photo
Students and staff showcased their support for a worthy cause during Hiawatha Elementary School’s inaugural Autism Awareness Walk. 

Throughout the month of April, students celebrated autism awareness by participating in multiple interactive activities during the week leading up to the walk. Students decorated puzzle pieces, wore blue on Thursday and listened to daily facts about autism on the morning announcements each day. A sea of students dressed in blue circled the building in a show of collective support. Each class held a banner that was decorated with puzzle pieces and words of encouragement. 

Moving forward, Hiawatha Elementary plans to make the walk a tradition that continues to raise awareness for the cause. 

Sachem Celebrates Law Enforcement During Police Week

Sachem Celebrates Law Enforcement During Police Week photo

In recognition of the countless men and women who serve as members of law enforcement throughout the Sachem community, elementary schools across the district recently hosted numerous appreciation celebrations in honor of Police Week.

As part of these activities, students learned about various levels of law enforcement and how their tireless work helps keep the community safe. Students drew pictures, crafted cards and wrote thank-you notes to show their appreciation. 

At several schools during dismissal, members of law enforcement and students traded high-fives as they handed out their crafts and thanked the officers for their dedication to the communities they serve. 

Teens as Teachers Making a Difference in Sachem

Teens as Teachers Making a Difference in Sachem photo
Sachem’s Teens as Teachers Class and Club were honored at the 2018 Interfaith Anti-Bias Task Force Annual Spring Convocation and Awards Breakfast at the Suffolk County Legislature building.

Sachem’s Teens as Teachers is a health education substance abuse prevention education initiative taught at Sachem East and North High Schools. 

The course and club were developed to proactively address the growing problem of substance use and abuse among our students. It uses the peer education model, which encourages students to work collaboratively to educate their middle school peers on how to stay drug-free and empower them with the skills to make health-enhancing decisions. 

The Peer-to-Peer Substance Abuse Education program uses peer educators to serve as advocates, group facilitators, discussion leaders and credible role models for successfully resisting peer pressures. 

The skill-based lessons facilitate include goal setting, communication skills, managing emotions and resistance skills. Both peer educators and those they teach are benefited by increased self-esteem and increased knowledge and skills about health and drug-related issues, and develop advocacy and leadership skills. 

Athletics and Community Service Honored at May Board Meeting

Athletics and Community Service Honored at May Board Meeting photo
Athletics and Community Service Honored at May Board Meeting photo 2
Athletics and Community Service Honored at May Board Meeting photo 3
The Sachem Board of Education recently recognized three sports teams for their outstanding seasons and four students for their contributions during its May meeting. 

The Sachem North varsity cheerleading team was recognized for its first-place finish in the Suffolk County Division I Large School championship this season. The team boasts top three finishes in each of its Division I Large School competitions this season. 

Sachem East girls cross-country and track and field teams were collectively recognized for a dominant 2017-2018 season, easily navigating Section 11 on their way to a Suffolk County winter track and field championship. 

In addition, four Seneca Middle School students were recognized for their continued commitment to supporting the Sachem community. Paige Brunsma, Nickolas Fieschel and Francesca Natale were recognized for their help during Grundy Avenue’s Halloween Spooktacular. The student trio assisted in numerous areas of the event and ensured its overall success. 

Concluding the recognitions, Abbey Walsh was honored for her efforts assembling a holiday season display featuring numerous pictures of faculty and staff from throughout the building. 

Students Go Modern and Digital With Grundy Tech Club

Students Go Modern and Digital With Grundy Tech Club photo
Students Go Modern and Digital With Grundy Tech Club photo 2
Students Go Modern and Digital With Grundy Tech Club photo 3
The Grundy Avenue Elementary Tech Club meets monthly in the library with the goal of exposing students to technology they would not normally use during the school year.

From graphic design programs where students created their own company, to Google Expedition using virtual reality glasses to climb Mount Everest and go to the Museum of Natural History, it has been a fun experience for everyone involved.

“They loved this,” said Melissa Lawler, who runs the library and is the Tech Club adviser at Grundy.

Students also spent a week working with Ozobots, small programmable robots, and a program called Story Board to map out digital stories with online cartoon strips. 

Most recently, students wrote scripts about their Grundy memories and filmed the scenes using a green screen, allowing them to write, shoot and edit their own videos. 

Clearly, the Tech Club takes extracurricular activities to a diversified and educational level.

Student Chefs Share Winning Recipes With Sachem Staff

Student Chefs Share Winning Recipes With Sachem Staff photo

During a display of culinary expertise three teams of Sachem chefs from Seneca Middle School shared their award-winning recipes with cooking managers from each of the Sachem Central School District’s 15 buildings.

The three teams of students who placed at the recent eighth annual Junior Iron Chef competition held at Whole Foods Market in Lake Grove prepared the original dishes they created. Each delicious recipe, which was composed of all USDA-approved, cafeteria-ready ingredients and were served with careful presentation, were then taste tested by cooking managers from across the district.

Teams worked in unison as they navigated the Seneca cafeteria kitchen for the first time while they managed their one-hour cook time with precision. The first-place team, Team Golden Girls, plated their Jardin Burrito filled with eggs, guacamole, Monterey jack cheese, peppers, onions, black beans and corn that was paired with a delicious mango salsa. The third-place team, the Greek Goddesses, presented their Greek omelet, coined Demeter’s Dish, that was filled with potatoes and paired with tzatziki sauce, and the fourth-place team, the Slice and Dicers, served their savory breakfast quesadilla. 

“Today was incredible,” District Chairperson for Family and Consumer Science Mary Louise Faller said. “We were able to give back to our food service staff by preparing a few of our delicious dishes and the students got to show off their culinary techniques.”

The event allowed food service staff to observe each step of the cooking process and gather ideas to bring back to their own buildings to incorporate into the lunch menu. 

Sachem Science Duo Shines Through Brain Imaging Research

Sachem Science Duo Shines Through Brain Imaging Research photo
Sachem Science Duo Shines Through Brain Imaging Research photo 2
Innovation and collaboration serve as the staples for success in the science research laboratory at Sachem High School East as two juniors continue to conduct advanced brain imaging research in connection with the Department of Radiology at Stony Brook University.

Since September, Ian Limjoco and Vincent Zhang have been working side by side on a study to identify gray matter lesions in the subcortical structures of the human brain brought on by multiple sclerosis. With help from a special high-powered computer provided by Sachem administration, the students have the ability to remotely access anonymous patient data and run analysis software to analyze fMRI brain scans. Utilizing the ITK-Snap 3D imaging software, the duo creates segmented renderings of patient data that is then studied in an effort to improve brain analysis techniques in the scans of multiple sclerosis patients. The students hope to identify where impairments become apparent in the patient’s bodily function by identifying the location of the lesions in the gray matter. 

“This is the closest we have come to working with human subjects,” Limjoco said. “This program has allowed us to advance our research through human connection.”

The ongoing collaborative research efforts led by Dr. Tim Duong, Stony Brook University’s vice chair for research, radiology, provides the Sachem scientists with countless educational opportunities as they progress through their research. Working in connection with medical students, Limjoco and Zhang have had the chance to attend college-level pillar courses studying MRI radiology and access labs that aren’t normally available to students until graduate-level college courses. 

“All of the institution-level research we conduct is an incredible introduction that supports my pre-medical aspirations,” Zhang said.  

Limjoco and Zhang recently presented their research at the Long Island Science Congress at St. Anthony’s High School and aim to continue their gray matter research into the summer. 

Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo photo
Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo photo 2
A festive Cinco De Mayo celebration recently immersed a class of Waverly Elementary School fourth-grade students in a collection of fun cultural activities.  

Students in Jennifer Savio’s class participated in a number of activities as they reflected on different aspects of Mexican heritage. As part of the informative celebration, students learned important phrases in Spanish such as hello, goodbye, please and thank you. The class also reflected on the history of Cinco De Mayo and learned that the day is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Continuing the activities, students enjoyed churros as they listened to popular Mexican music. 

Concluding the fun-filled celebration, students decorated their own sombreros with colorful glitter, pompoms and various other decorative supplies. 

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