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Sachem High School East



Club Name
Buddies Club Mr. Meahan
Class Advisor - 9th Grade Ms. Babst and Ms. Sison
Class Advisor - 10th Grade Mr. Holden and Ms. Herrmann
Class Advisor - 11th Grade Mr. Regan and Mr. Monsen
Class Advisor - 12th Grade Mr. Dobbins and Mrs. Stein
Creative Outdoor Club Mr. Crisci
Diversity/ESL Club Mr. Jannace
Drama Club Mr. Dobbins
Gay/Straight Alliance Ms. Taylor
Honor Society: English Ms. Kropp
Honor Society: Math Mr. Carmon
Honor Society: Science National Ms. Kunz
Honor Society: Art Ms. Lewonka
Honor Society: Business & Marketing Ms. Anthony
Honor Society: Foreign Language Ms. Shaw
Honor Society: Nat'l. Ms. Moon and Ms. Goodwin
National History Club & Honor Society Ms. Melandro
Project Spectrum Coordinator Ms. Gearns
Robotics Mr. Cifuni
S.A.D.D. Mr. Broderick
Student Government Mr. Rivera
Student Government Mr. Gallo
Teens as Teachers Ms. Broderick
Teens as Teachers Ms. Hewlett
Volunteer Club Mr. Lemke