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Sachem High School East

English Department

Mission Statement:  
Welcome to the Sachem High School English Department. We are particularly proud to offer an excellent program throughout students’ four years in high school. From our Regents-level, college-bound program; our outstanding honors/AP program; to the excellent Reading specialization, our teachers provide students with high levels of academic inquiry, as well as interdisciplinary connections to their learning.   We also are proud to offer exceptional electives courses for juniors and seniors. Among these courses are Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Composition for the College-Bound, Oral Communication/Drama, Creative Writing, and Film Study.

Department Goals:
• To develop in students a passion for learning and sharing;
• To educate all students as readers and writers;
• To empower students to make relevant, significant connections with their learning, to their lives;
• To prepare students for the rigors of college studies;
• To encourage high standards of inquiry and critical thinking in students;
• To empower students as life-long learners.

Chairman’s Statement and Contact Information:
 I believe that, each day we meet with students, we educators have both a weighty responsibility and a wonderful opportunity. It is our responsibility to see that each of our students has a chance for success. It is our opportunity, as adults, to provide experiences for 180 days that can make or break each student’s day. In this capacity, our role is nothing short of a sacred trust. We coax, enjoin, prod students to achieve, but we must also encourage them to expand their humanity and tolerance. We welcome your comments, inquiries, and support.

Please feel free to contact me at 716-5184 or via email at

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Ms. D. Cossio

Mr. M. Klein

Ms. L. Nicosia 

Mrs. J. Dorn


Mr. N. Fig

Ms. L. Kropp Mr.J. Orenzo Mr. J. Troise  
Mr. B. Funk

Ms. D. Matuza

Mr. L. Patten

Ms. R. Weber  
Ms. K. Gengler

Ms. M. Meyers

Mr. D. Schaub Mr.G. Wrightson (chair)  

Ms. S. Herrmann


Mr. G. Monsen

Ms. A. Schmohl