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Sachem High School East

Health Education


Department Mission Statement

Health education is described as instruction in understandings, attitudes and behavior in regard to the several dimensions of health. Students literate in health education will acquire the knowledge, skills and ability to maintain and enhance personal health, create and maintain safe environments, and manage personal and community resources. The learning will continue outside of the classroom as conflict resolution, effective communication, goal setting, decision making, are covered through an interactive curriculum. Students will have multiple opportunities to improve their own knowledge and skills and personally apply them to relevant health situations. Health education will provide authentic learning experiences and personal applications of health knowledge and skills.

• All students are safe, healthy and academically successful.
• All health education students achieve or exceed the New York State and National Learning Standards for Health Education.
• Students will achieve health literacy.
• To encourage sound attitudes towards good health and wellness.
• Students will acquire valid reliable scientific health knowledge and use that knowledge in a health promoting manner.

Chairman’s Statement and Contact Information:
  Welcome to Health Education. Health Education is a course that introduces students to the various conceptual areas of health and wellness. We will explore many topics and the factors that will influence their health and wellness, so that students can make knowledge–based health literate decisions that will enhance their lives.

Mrs. L. Hewlett
Health Education Department Chairperson
Office number: 631-696-8600 Ext: 4826

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Department Faculty: