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Sachem High School East

Health Services

Message from the Sachem East School Nurses:

As school nurses we strive to offer the best care to all students. Our goal is to insure our students are healthy and safe in their school environment. Parents can count on our expertise and resourcefulness to provide assistance in every capacity. Lastly, we will gladly act as a resource for your child's medical needs.

*The following forms are available as downloads in PDF format for your convenience:

Grades 9-12 Physical Form

Medication Administration Form

Specific Activity Form

Sport Medical Update Form

Please review these forms carefully and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office during school business hours.

School Nurse: Mrs. Maloney, RN

School Nurse: Mrs. Monsen, RN

Mrs. Monsen 716-8200, ext. 5242

Mrs. Maloney 716-8200, ext. 5241