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Sachem High School East

Math Department

Dr. S. Kennedy, Math Department Chairman

Department Faculty
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Dr. S. Kennedy (chair)

Mr. J. Finta

Ms. D. Milano

Mr. T. Anson

Ms. J. Dominski

Ms. J. Nobiletti

Mr. K. Antos

Mr. R. Kroczynski

Mrs. C. Sneider

Mr. J. Bernstein

Ms. K. Goodwin

Mr. R. Regan

Ms. A. Devine

Ms. M. Holter

Mr. L Saposnick

Mr. W. Carmon (Treasurer)

Mrs. J. Albino

Ms. J. Vetter

Mrs. D. Ciminelli




Important Links

If you need information about upcoming events, online help, or other math related activities, visit some of these helpful links: