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Sachem High School East

Math Department


Message from Ms. J. Albino, Math Department Chairperson

The Sachem East mathematics department has fully aligned our curriculum to meet the standards set forth by New York State and the Common Core (CCSS). 

In order to provide as many opportunities for the students of Sachem East to be successful in mathematics, we offer core courses at different paces, as well as many elective courses that are designed to motivate and encourage mathematical and critical thinking. To see all of the courses that are offered by the Mathematics department as well as graduation and diploma requirements, please use the link to the Guidance Department.

It is our goal for the students of Sachem East to not only master the curriculum, but to establish meaningful connections between mathematics and their everyday lives. One of the techniques that help to achieve this goal is to incorporate technology into the curriculum. The increased use of the SMART Board and the regular use of the Texas Instrument graphing calculator and software programs such as Geometer’s Sketchpad in our classrooms enable our students to experience mathematics in a very dynamic environment. The critical thought processes and the analytical skills that our students will develop in this environment will serve them well in their college experience and in the workforce.

The Sachem East mathematics department is a very talented group of professional, dedicated teachers who continually strive for excellence in their instruction. We have been ongoing participants in a BOCES project involving data analysis of past Regents examinations. The analysis of this data during conference days and professional development time has enabled the department to better see both our strengths and our weaknesses in each area of the exams. We then work together to develop new techniques and methods of instruction to ensure that we improve upon our weaknesses while maintaining our strengths. Years of working together, planning together and sharing new methods and ideas have made us very successful in achieving Regents exam results far above the state average.

Our goal is to provide the best instruction possible to the students we serve. If you need to contact your child’s math teacher please call him or her directly at 631-716-8200. If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact me at 631-716-8200 extension 5220 or e-mail

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Department Faculty


Mrs. J. Albino (chair)

Mr. J. Finta

Ms. D. Milano

Mr. T. Anson

Ms. J. Dominski

Ms. J. Nobiletti

Mr. K. Antos

Mr. R. Kroczynski

Mrs. C. Sneider 

Mr. J. Bernstein

Ms. K. Goodwin

Mr. R. Regan

Ms. A. Devine

Ms. M. Holter

Mr. L Saposnick

Mr. W. Carmon (Treasurer)

Dr. S. Kennedy

Ms. J. Vetter

Mrs. D. Ciminelli




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