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Sachem High School East

Special Education Department


The Sachem Central School District utilizes a variety of services to meet the needs of students who have been identified through a CSE Committee

Please visit our district web page to view Sachem’s mission statement. Also available at this site are links to sites providing information for parents about many special education issues.

If you have questions about services for students at East High School, please call 716-8200 ext.5177.

Mr. D. Cruz, Department Chair
Telephone: (631) 716-5177

Department Faculty


Student Services Staff

  • Ms. Fern Miranda - Psychologist
  • Ms. C. Ryan - Psychologist
  • Ms. K. Pirreca - Transition
  • Ms. St. Giles - Psychologist
  • Ms. N. Platania - Psychologist
  • Ms. J. Smiarowski - Social Work

Speech Pathologists

Teacher Assistants

  • Ms. S. Arifakis
  • Ms. T. Barfield
  • Ms. K. Bodkin
  • Mr. M. Curran
  • Mr. C. D'Iorio
  • Ms. R. Draghi
  • Ms. B Fishon
  • Ms. T. Foster
  • Ms. C. Judge
  • Mr. D. Kearney
  • Ms. J. Leonard
  • Ms. L. Leserod
  • Ms. P. McNeil
  • Ms. B. Reilly
  • Ms. L. Santoruffo
  • Ms. J. Sachko

Teacher Aides

  • Ms. J. Clarke
  • Ms. G. Doherty
  • Ms. S. Firestone
  • Ms. P. LaRocca
  • Ms. N. Negron
  • Ms. K. Normandeau
  • Ms. S. Occhipinti
  • Ms. V. Papamichael
  • Ms. T. Weller


Hearing Impaired


Visual Impaired

  • Ms. L. Medic

Transition Office