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Sachem High School East

Special Education Department


The Sachem Central School District utilizes a variety of services to meet the needs of students who have been identified through a CSE Committee

Please visit our district web page to view Sachem’s mission statement. Also available at this site are links to sites providing information for parents about many special education issues.

If you have questions about services for students at East High School, please call 716-8200 ext.5177.

Department Chairperson
Ms. J. Gould

Department Secretary
Ms. M. Abate

Ms. T. Belvedere
Ms. C. Bou
Ms. M. Brown
Ms. K. Caffrey
Ms. E. Caputo
Ms. K. Charach
Mr. D. Cruz
Mr. K. Dobbins
Ms. S. Fessel
Mr. R. Fullshire
Ms. K. Galluzzo
Mr. A. Gambino
Ms. J. Gould (Chair)
Mr. C. Henaghan
Ms. J. Jones
Ms. J. Kevins
Ms. G. Killoran
Ms. E. Meahan
Ms. R. Olsen
Ms. D. Patterson
Ms. C. Prunty
Ms. N. Richter
Ms. J. Riegger
Ms. K. Ruais
Ms. J. Schnupp
Ms. M. Sullivan
Ms. N. Symancyk
Ms. D. Wenz
Ms. T. Wilson
Ms. D. Young

Student Services Staff
Ms. Fern Miranda - Psychologist
Ms. C. Ryan - Psychologist
Ms. K. Pirreca - Transition
Ms. St. Giles - Psychologist
Ms. N. Platania - Psychologist
Ms. J. Smiarowski - Social Work

Speech Pathologists
Ms. N. Klaus
Ms. K. Lynch
Ms. L. Mulhern
Ms. B. Palladino
Ms. S. Powers
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Website 2

Teacher Assistants
Ms. S. Arifakis
Ms. T. Barfield
Ms. K. Bodkin
Mr. M. Curran
Mr. C. D'Iorio
Ms. R. Draghi
Ms. B Fishon
Ms. T. Foster
Ms. C. Judge
Mr. D. Kearney
Ms. J. Leonard
Ms. L. Leserod
Ms. P. McNeil
Ms. B. Reilly
Ms. L. Santoruffo
Ms. J. Sachko

Teacher Aides
Ms. J. Clarke
Ms. G. Doherty
Ms. S. Firestone
Ms. P. LaRocca
Ms. N. Negron
Ms. K. Normandeau
Ms. S. Occhipinti
Ms. V. Papamichael
Ms. T. Weller

Hearing Impaired
Ms. S. Rose

Visual Impaired
Ms. L. Medic
Transition Office
Click Here to Enter Sachem East Transition Office
Ms. K. Pirreca