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Lynwood Library



Students in grades K - 5 will attend a weekly class where they will...

1. Be exposed to a wide variety of literature and text both in print and electronically
2. Become familiar with different authors and genres
3. Develop a love of books
4. Become independent library users
5. Become effective information seekers
6. Learn to critically evaluate information and sources
7. Use many forms of technology
8. Learn about being part of a digital community
9. Select books and magazines to read at home
10. Gain support for classroom learning

Right now...

Kindergarten is learning nursery rhymes as well as creating their own.
1st grade is becoming familiar with beginner chapter books and learning how to use the whole library!
2nd grade is writing nonfiction books.
3rd grade is working on an author biography.
4th grade is learning how the rights of US citizens have changed over time.
5th grade is creating Google slide presentation about cyberbullying.