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Lynwood Avenue Elementary School

Sachem Physical Education Policy



Dear Parent or Guardian,

We would like to acquaint you with the Sachem elementary school physical education program. The primary purpose of our program is to provide youngsters with opportunities to develop physical skills and to teach them a variety of means to physical fitness.

Our curriculum is comprehensive. Youngsters are exposed to a range of activities which include: fundamental and perceptual motor skills, team games and sports, individual sports, gymnastics, rhythms and dance, as well as physical fitness activities.

An important facet of physical education is the development of social skills. Youngsters are required to demonstrate an ability to work cooperatively within this setting. Each youngster is encouraged to be responsible and considerate as an individual and as part of a group.

Our teaching tasks offer youngsters a new body of knowledge. They will be exposed to information about how the body works, how to keep the body healthy and how to choose fitness activities. In addition, they will become familiar with sport specifics.

Here is some additional information that will be helpful to you and your child.

  • DRESS: For safety reasons, athletic style sneakers that can be made secure with laces, velcro straps, or zipper styles are required for all children. Casual wear sneakers, sneakers with open backs, or sneakers with heels or soles greater than 1” thick are strictly prohibited. In either case, they must provide adequate support. Children in grades K-4 should wear clothing appropriate for activity on days when your child has physical education. Children in grade 5 are expected to change their clothing for physical education class. Locks and lockers are provided for the storage of personal belongings. Please label all clothing being stored in the locker room with your child’s name.

  • JEWELRY/MOUTH GUARDS: With the utmost regard for student safety and in conjunction with district policy, students will be required to remove ALL jewelry (including earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, watches, etc.) before participating in physical education class. When removal of such items raises medical concerns, students must provide a doctors note stating the concern. Newly pierced ears with post-style earrings(no hoops) that cannot be removed, must be covered. It is the student’s responsibility to provide medical tape or band-aids appropriate for adhesion to the skin. In the absence of such procedures, students will not be permitted to participate in physical education class for that day(s). The use of mouth guards is recommended for all students who wear braces.

  • MEDICAL EXCUSES: If your child is unable to participate in class for a health-related reason, please send a note to that effect. A physician’s note is required if a student cannot participate for longer than two days. The physician’s note should state the reason for the exclusion and the date that the student will be able to return to physical education class.

  • PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST: Children in grades 4 and 5 take part in a health-related physical fitness-testing program each year. The test results offer each student a measure of personal fitness levels.

We encourage you to get involved with your child’s physical education program. Share, practice and play as a family.

Looking forward to an enjoyable and productive year in physical education! If you have further questions, feel free to contact the physical education department at your school.