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Lynwood Avenue Elementary School

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September 2018

Dear Lynwood Community,
Happy School Year!  It was a wonderful summer but I am extremely excited to see my Lynwood Family.  I hope that you all have enjoyed your well-deserved vacation and that you had time to sharpen your saw with family and friends.  This year will be the “Year of Kindness”.  Our goal is to weave kindness, empathy and leadership skills into our daily instruction by using the language and principles of The 7 Habits and the key elements from the book, Unselfie.  
In order to create a culture around this instruction we will have school-wide themes and books to connect us.  The Book of the Month will continue to be our vehicle for conveying important messages about kindness, empathy and leadership, by using rich and beautiful language, strong moral themes, rhythm and timbre that bonds the community.  
Similar to last year, the first book we will revisit as a school this year will be, The Dot.  International Dot Day is celebrated on September 15th.  Being that school will not be in session on the 15th, please plan to celebrate this day on September 14th.  We chose to celebrate this book again because of the importance of the message that it conveys.  It’s about a compassionate teacher who encourages her student to be brave and take a risk.  When the student is having trouble getting started, the teacher doesn’t give up on the student, she simply continues to encourage, motivate and inspire the student to “make her mark”.    
This year Lynwood Avenue Elementary School will make the Sandy Hook Promise by participating in, “Start with Hello”.  Starting the week of September 24th and moving forward we will focus on teaching our students skills to reach out and include others.  Our goal is to create a school culture of inclusion and connectedness. There are three essential steps with, “Start with Hello”:  See someone, Reach out to help and Start with Hello.  
The book of the month for September will be The Invisible Boy, by Trudy Barton.  This is the perfect story to help our students understand how their actions affect others.  It is also a wonderful resource to guide your discussion the week of September 24th for “Start with Hello” week.  The story presents a strong example of what it feels like to be excluded and it presents an even stronger example of strategies children can utilize to step outside of their comfort zone to get to know someone new.  The illustrations and the speech bubbles play a very significant role in setting the mood and tone of this story.  
If you have any questions about International Dot Day or “Start with Hello” Week, please feel free to contact me or your child’s teacher.  We look forward to continuing our strong home/school connection and seeing you on Open School Night.
Dr. Danielle DeLorenzo