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Merrimac Elementary School

Principal's Corner

Dear Families:

During the holiday season, many families look for ways to help others in need. If your family's time is limited, consider just one or two projects a year and make them a family tradition (for example, making and donating gift baskets to care facilities for the elderly around the holidays).

Why should your family lend a helping hand?

  • It feels good
  • It strengthens your community
  • It can strengthen your identity as a family

What can children learn from volunteering?

  • A sense of responsibility-children learn about commitment, to be on time, do their best, and be proud of the results.
  • One person, one family can make a difference-children learn that they and their family can have an impact on someone or something else.
  • The benefit of sacrifice-children learn that there are important things besides themselves.
  • Cooperation and unity-children learn that working together as a family can unite the family and that two heads are better than one.
  • Job skills-children learn about fields that may help them decide on future careers.
  • How to fill idle time wisely-children learn to use time to help others.

Ultimately, children learn that we're all responsible for the well-being of our communities. Whatever community service you choose, your community and your family will benefit.

Last year, we started our Merrimac School Twitter page. It is as an excellent means to connect and communicate with our families. Our PTA has also updated our Merrimac PTA Facebook page. We will continue to use these accounts to celebrate successes, share school and classroom news, answer questions, as well as share educational updates.

Please take some time to follow us.


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Merrimac Elementary School is a community of learners dedicated to the academic, social, and emotional success of all our students.  The guiding principles of our school include a rigorous curriculum, critical thinking, and a safe, nurturing environment where students are encouraged to take educational risks.  Our teachers utilize a wide range of instructional strategies and opportunities for differentiation to meet the individual needs of all students.  Merrimac Elementary continues to lead with the Seven Habits.  The Leader in Me process is designed to help teachers develop leadership skills in their students. Helping students discover their own strengths allows teachers to find opportunities for every child to shine – to be a leader. Teachers are incorporating the common language of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Dr. Stephen Covey, into all curriculum areas.

Parents are an integral part of our school community.  Our staff works diligently to communicate with families and maintain on-going, two-way communication regarding our instructional programs, student progress, and opportunities for parents to be actively engaged in our school. Research shows that children do better in school if their parents are familiar with the school and participate in school activities.  You are the most important influence in your child's life.  As partners in educating your child, success is virtually guaranteed when we work together. I invite you to be actively involved in your child's education this year.

It is also important to get involved with our wonderful PTA. You will have the opportunity to find out how you can volunteer your time and make this an extraordinary school year for our students.

We look forward to a successful school year.


Veronica DeCicco