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Merrimac Elementary School

Principal's Corner

Dear Families:

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer. I also hope you are relaxed, recharged and ready to start a new school year. I am so delighted that you are part of the Merrimac learning community. I welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in education, and I look forward to working with you and your children.

All signs point to another incredible and productive school year. Our skilled and devoted staff is already planning and preparing for an amazing school year filled with learning experiences that will nurture your child's academic and social-emotional growth, as well as spark their curiosity. Our much-appreciated PTA is gearing up to welcome families, provide volunteer opportunities, and offer other exciting events and cultural arts programs.

Each new school year brings opportunities for academic growth and growth in all areas of development. Although children must be knowledgeable when they graduate, they must also be healthy, engaged, responsible, and caring people. The Leader in Me provides our school with the vision and language to lead the school in a way that addresses all areas of development. As each child discovers and develops his or her unique gifts and talents, they are given opportunities to lead. As leaders, they become active, engaged partners in their own education and their self-confidence, responsibility, and initiative grows. The children quickly understand the benefits of different gifts and talents; they learn to listen to new ideas, work together to achieve results, and motivate one another to be the best.

We looking forward to sharing these opportunities with you.
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Merrimac Elementary School is a community of learners dedicated to the academic, social, and emotional success of all our students.  The guiding principles of our school include a rigorous curriculum, critical thinking, and a safe, nurturing environment where students are encouraged to take educational risks.  Our teachers utilize a wide range of instructional strategies and opportunities for differentiation to meet the individual needs of all students.  Merrimac Elementary continues to lead with the Seven Habits.  The Leader in Me process is designed to help teachers develop leadership skills in their students. Helping students discover their own strengths allows teachers to find opportunities for every child to shine – to be a leader. Teachers are incorporating the common language of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Dr. Stephen Covey, into all curriculum areas.

Parents are an integral part of our school community.  Our staff works diligently to communicate with families and maintain on-going, two-way communication regarding our instructional programs, student progress, and opportunities for parents to be actively engaged in our school. Research shows that children do better in school if their parents are familiar with the school and participate in school activities.  You are the most important influence in your child's life.  As partners in educating your child, success is virtually guaranteed when we work together. I invite you to be actively involved in your child's education this year.

It is also important to get involved with our wonderful PTA. You will have the opportunity to find out how you can volunteer your time and make this an extraordinary school year for our students.

We look forward to a successful school year.


Veronica DeCicco