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Sachem North High School

NCAA Clearinghouse

The NCAA Clearinghouse is an organization responsible for ensuring that prospective student athletes have met the requirements set forth by the NCAA.  Prospective student-athletes should take the following steps to establish their athletic eligibility:

1.  Register with the eligibility center at  This should be done at the end of your junior year or beginning of senior year.

2.  Talk to your high school coach about what colleges and division of play (Division I, II, III) may be suitable for you.  Check out the NCAA web site for a description of the differences between the divisions.

3.  Make sure you are still on track to meet core course requirements (verify that you have the correct number of core credits and that they are approved by the eligibility center for your high school.  This information may be obtained on the eligibility center web site.  Check out the NCAA Eligibility Brochure.

4.  After your junior year, have the Guidance Office send a copy of your transcript to the clearinghouse.  If you have attended any other high schools, make sure a transcript is sent to the eligibility center from each high school you attended.

5.  Complete NCAA student release forms one and two and submit them to Mrs. Bender in the Guidance Office.

6.  When taking the ACT or SAT, request official test scores to be sent to the eligibility center using the code "9999."

7.  Have the Guidance Office send a final transcript with proof of graduation to the eligibility center.

Note that prospective student athletes, as well as college officials must follow the guidelines set forth by the NCAA.  As a student athlete, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules governing the recruiting process to avoid any potential violations that could impact your eligibility.  Information about these guidelines is available at