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Sachem North High School

SAT Subject Tests

Sachem North CEEB Code/High School Code:  332-762

Test Center #:  33544

Some colleges may require that students take SAT Subject Tests as part of their admission requirements.  While the SAT Reasoning Test measures students' general knowledge necessary for college success, Subject Tests (formerly SAT II: Subject Tests) are designed to measure your knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, as well as your ability to apply that knowledge. 

It is important to note that Subject Tests are not required  by all colleges.  Make sure that you check the admissions requirements of the colleges to which you plan to apply to determine if you must take one or more Subject Tests.  Also, consult with your counselor prior to registering for these exams to determine if they are appropriate and necessary.

Each Subject Test is one hour long.  Students may take up to three subject tests in one administration. 

Subject Tests are offered in five categories:  English, History, Mathematics, Science, and Languages. 


  • Literature


  • US History
  • World History


  • Mathematics Level 1
  • Mathematics Level 2

Note that Mathematics Subject Tests are developed with the expectation that most students will use a scientific or graphing calculator for some of the questions.


  • Biology E/M
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Due to the format of the Biology exam, the Ecological (E) and Molecular (M) tests may not be taken in the same administration. 


  • Chinese with Listening
  • French
  • French with Listening
  • German
  • German with Listening
  • Spanish
  • Spanish with Listening
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Latin
  • Japanese with Listening
  • Korean with Listening

Language tests with Listening are available during the November administration only.  Note that listening tests require the test taker to bring in their own acceptable CD player for the listening section.

No subject tests are offered during the March administration.   To determine when a specific Subject Test will be offered, check the College Board's Subject Test Calendar.


Preparing for SAT Subject Tests:

SAT Subject Test Preparation Center