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Sagamore - Nurse's Office

Phone (631) 696-8600, ext. 3949 and 3950

Fax (631) 696-8647


For students with last names A-L   Mrs. Angela Semler, R.N.  Ext. 3949


For students with last names M-Z   Mr. John Hummel, R.N.  Ext. 3950



Grade 6 Families - Notice about Physical Exam and Vaccination Requirements for students entering grade 7 in September 2022
Grade 6 Families- Memo and Forms

Grade 8 Families - Notice about Physical Exam Requirements for students entering grade 9 in September 2022
Grade 8 Families- Memo and Forms


2021-22 Sports Physicals
Sports physicals will be offered free of charge at Sagamore Middle School on Thursday, June 10 starting at 2:30 PM.  Students can  take the late bus home or get picked up when their physical is completed.   

See the attached notice with links to the Physical forms that need to be completed by the parent/guardian.  The physical covers all seasons next year (Fall, Winter, Spring).  

Students in grades 7-8 are eligible to participate in sports with the exception of Arrowettes which is grades 6-8.


Middle School Health Requirements:

6th Grade
ALL students entering 6th grade MUST have proof of a TDaP vaccine, if your doctor refuses to give this vaccine until your child is 11 years old, you must provide proof of an appointment from your MD’s office.

7th Grade
ALL 7th grade students must have a Meningitis vaccine prior to the first day of school.

ALL 7th grade students must submit a completed physical exam by a physician on the required NYS School Health Examination Form.

All 7th graders are required to have vision and hearing screenings (which should be done at physical with MD). If it is not done at the physical, it will be done in school.

ALL 7th grade girls are required to have a scoliosis screening. If not done by their primary MD, it will be done during school.


If your child requires ANY medication during school hours it is MANDATORY that the school form: Permission to Administer Single Medication be filled out as a hospital order and signed and stamped BY THE PHYSICIAN. Parent MUST also sign the form in indicated areas as well. 



ALL students who want to participate in sports MUST have a current completed NYS School Health Examination Form AND the Sachem Central School District Athletic Participation Form (APF) fully completed and signed by parent & student. 

GREEN CARD - MUST be filled out by the parent with each sport. Student must come at the announcement of each sport season (ex. fall, winter, late winter, spring) to pick up the green card

*** Additional Notes***




Health Services Forms


1. What does my child need to try out for a sport?

  * For their first sport season of the year, the district needs a current sports physical
on file with the school nurse.
  * Physicals are valid for one calendar year.
  * The physicals MUST be on a Sachem Sport Physical Form and MUST be
completed and signed by the healthcare provider, as well as the parent/guardian.
  * For each subsequent sport during that school year that the student would like to
participate in, a “green card” (medical update form) needs to be completed and
signed by the parent/guardian and student and returned to the school nurse.
  * If your child submits a current physical in September, but does not try out for a
sport until the winter or spring season, the parent/guardian will need to complete
a green card for the student’s first sport.

2. Where can my child get the forms they need for sports?

  * All forms are available from the school nurse.
  * The forms can also be printed from the district website:
                 Click on “Departments”, then select “Athletics”

3. My child was told the sports physical form was not complete. What is needed for it
to be complete and for my child to be cleared to participate?

   * There are several sections on the sports physical form. Please be sure that the
physician included all items on the physical form including the date of exam,
height, weight, blood pressure, BMI, urinalysis, signature and type of sports
student is physically able to participate in (contact/collision, limited
contact/impact, strenuous/non-contact, etc..)
  * The parent/guardian needs to complete the top portion of the front (name,
address, date of birth, etc..)
  * The back page contains two sections that the parent/guardian completes: Health
history & Risk Acknowledgement, as well as a signature required.
  * If any portion is not complete, the school nurse is not able to process the form
until it is complete.
  * If the child has not been participating in PE/sports due to a prior injury or illness,
they must provide written medical clearance to participate.

4. When do the forms need to be returned to the school nurse?
  * The school nurse will set a deadline date for each sport season. This information
will be announced at school. It is typically one week before the first day of
  * Please note the deadline date, as there may be several hundred student-athletes
submitting forms.
  * It is the responsibility of the school nurse to verify all forms are complete and up to
date before clearing the student-athlete for tryouts.

5. Why does it take 24 hours to process sport forms?
  * The school nurses have the responsibility of taking care of many students
throughout the normal school day. They require adequate time to process the
sport forms and review the child’s health history.
  * The school nurse and coaches make sure that announcements are made and
meetings are planned well in advance of the start of the sport to give students
enough time to return the forms to the school nurse in a timely manner.

6. Where can I find out when the sport seasons start?

  * The first day of the sport seasons are indicated on the school calendar.
  * The school nurse also puts the information on the school web page.

7. Are physicals given in school for sports participation?

  * Yes. Sports physicals are given in each secondary building every June, free of
charge, for the following school year. There will be several “School Messenger”
phone calls made reminding parents/guardians and students of these physicals.
You can also check the district website for more information.
  * Students may also opt to go to their regular primary care physician for a sports

8. How do I submit sports physical forms during the summer?

  * Please visit the Sachem website for exact times and dates the nurses will be
available during the summer. Click “Departments”, then select
  * The physical forms can only be dropped off to the school nurse during the hours
  * The forms cannot be mailed or submitted to anyone other than the school nurse.
  * The main office cannot accept sports physical forms.
  * No sports physicals are provided during the summer.

In the News

Social Studies with the Superintendent

Dr. Christopher Pellettieri Speaking to students thumbnail243667
Dr. Christopher Pellettieri Speaking to students thumbnail243668
Dr. Christopher Pellettieri Speaking to students thumbnail243669
Dr. Christopher Pellettieri Speaking to students thumbnail243670
Dr. Christopher Pellettieri Speaking to students thumbnail243671
Dr. Christopher Pellettieri Speaking to students thumbnail243672

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christopher Pellettieri visited Ms. Bongiorno’s eighth grade U.S. History class at Sagamore Middle School for a team-teaching lesson. Students were learning about World War II and took part in interactive activities to further enhance their knowledge.

Students first put their geography skills to the test by trying to label a blank map of Europe in 1939 in the fastest time. Dr. Pellettieri worked together with student Burak Hamurcu on this exercise. The class was then asked to interpret data and activate their prior knowledge when answering a series of questions based on a 1939 Fortune Magazine public opinion poll. Finally, students worked collaboratively and used their Chromebooks to research turning points of the War in Europe. At the end of the class, they were able to summarize what they learned and answer the AIM question, “How did the United States contribute to the Allied victory in Europe?”

Students were excited to welcome Dr. Pellettieri into their classroom and embraced the team-teaching method.

Date Added: 3/16/2023

Sagamore Students Celebrate Pi Day

Two photos of people getting pied in the face thumbnail243520

Happy Pi Day! Sagamore Middle School celebrated Pi Day on 3/14, the date that represents the first three digits of Pi. Students bought raffle tickets to have a chance to “pie” their teachers in the face during lunch periods. The money raised will go toward the DezyStrong Foundation.

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 3/14/2023

Sagamore Students Seek School Lunch Changes

Two photos of people who participated in the Seal of Civic Readiness project thumbnail242405
Students smiling at the camera in front of lockers thumbnail242406
Students sitting at a table and using laptops thumbnail242407
People standing together by a seal thumbnail242408
People standing together and smiling thumbnail242409
Three people standing at a podium thumbnail242410
Sagamore Middle School students are looking to make a positive change in the district and beyond with their Seal of Civic Readiness project. The Seal of Civic Readiness is a formal recognition on a student’s diploma displaying that a student recognizes the value of civic engagement, civic responsibility and civic values.

For the middle school capstone component of the program, eighth graders Jason Damiano, Kacey Geluso and Anthony Sacco are looking to implement more choices in school lunches. Specifically, they hope to add bottled water to the school lunch menu in addition to milk, which is already provided.

“The reality is that students either do not drink or throw out their milk. This is wasteful for many reasons,” Damiano said. “This issue is not unique to Sagamore, in fact, it is an issue across the country.”

Through their research, the eighth graders found that while milk has benefits including calcium, protein and vitamin D, it contains saturated fat and sugar. They suggest water is a healthy alternative that should be an option available in school lunch menus.

“The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests the Healthy Eating Plate which includes water as a beverage. Harvard suggests limiting milk, dairy and juice, as well as avoiding sugary drinks,” Geluso said.

As part of the project, the eighth graders presented their research to the Sachem Board of Education and asked for their support. The board of education agreed to sign a letter the students composed to the director of the nutrition program for the New York State Education Department, which is the next step in making a difference.

“By doing this project, we learned that if you feel like there is something wrong in your school or community, you should work to change it,” Sacco said.

Date Added: 2/16/2023

Student Roundtable Event

Students raising their hands during the student roundtable event thumbnail240855
Students raising their hands during the student roundtable event thumbnail240856
Students and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pellettieri at the roundtable event thumbnail240857
Students and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pellettieri at the roundtable event thumbnail240858
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pellettieri, district office and school administrators from Sagamore Middle School held a student roundtable event on Jan. 30. Students and staff met for over a period discussing timely school events, courses they are taking, the new language program in grade 6 and the “Culture of Care” in the building.

Dr. Pellettieri was happy to hear all of the students present felt cared for and had staff in the building they could go to with any issues.

Date Added: 2/1/2023


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