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Mrs. Zahn



Presidents, First Ladies, Philanthropists

Presidents and First Ladies -

Presidents and First Ladies-

Philanthropists- NY Times list top 50 givers in 2016

Philanthropists- Biography of people past and present  



Vincent Van Gogh -
World Map of Van Gogh paintings
Van Gogh - biography
Van Gogh - Fact monster
Van Gogh Gallery - list of paintings by year
Vincent Van Gogh - Biography information

Pablo Picasso - biography info
Pablo Picasso - color with Leo
Pablo Picasso - ducksters

3-d Design


Rene Magritte - biography
Rene Magritte - 

Michelangelo - Fact Monster
Michelangelo - Biography
michelangelo - biography -duckster

Claude Monet
Claude Monet - Biography
Claude Monet - Fact Monster

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da vinci - fact monster
Leonardo da Vinci - biography -ducksters

Henri Rousseau
Art Smarts
 - Short Biography
Biography Reference Desk
Art, Geometry and Abstract Sculpture


Great Building Collection

Art Images
Kodak Picture of the Day
Corbis -Photography and Pictures         
Microsoft Office Online Galler

Georgia O'Keeffe

Umbrella Project
Future Corps
 - Newsday's list of schools who were involved in 2012-13
Volunteer Project Ideas - Click on one of the six topics icons and find ideas that might motivate you for this project.