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Mrs. Wasnick's Assignment


Nutrition Data - Know what you eat

My food Plate Guide & Food label - click on the link below to open article you must read.
Food Labels 
My-plate Food Guide
Teen Health - Nutrition Fitness Center
Brain-pop nutrition & calorie count

USDA - Nutrition Blast

If you have lost your handout and need to look at the work sheet to answer questions, click on the page icon below.




Drugs, Addiction and Effects - Educational Videos

1. What Makes Heroin So Deadly - 3:24
2. OxyContin - Time Bomb - 42:25

Websites...Drug abuse
Foundation for a Drug Free World - Information on all recreational drugs  &  short documentary 6:15
National Institute for Drug Abuse - Prescriptions for Opioids and Heroin



Calcium and Kids - video

Tobacco Unit - facts and information
CDC -  Smoking and Health affects
CDC - Smoking statistics - State by state
Facts about Smoking and its' dangers
Teens Health- Smoking

Smokeless  & Chewing Tobacco - 
Mayo Clinic -  Chewing tobacco
MedlinePlus - Smokeless Tobacco
TeensHealth - Smokeless Tobacco                        

Cautionary tales...
A reason to quit - Sean Marsee - age 19
Aprilage - a link that shows how you would age, if you smoked
The Truth-
 Commercials about smoking and its dangers

Interactive Food Game- CLICK HERE


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Diabetes Center

Video 2014 - type 2 -7 minute video

Video - Type 2 -  type 2    -   Type 2  -  Type 2
Video - Type 1 - Chandler's story - 6 minutes

Jamie's Sugar rush - video 47 minutes

Secondary Sugar kills

Statistics - State by State

This is your brain on sugar
Click on your group Number to find your document







Vocab Quiz

Kids Health - Nutrition

Figuring out Fat and Calories

Five Ways to get your Five a Day

My Food Plate

What is Cholesterol?

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