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LOTE - Language other than English


Ms. Fernandez - Weather Project
National Geographic- Destinations A-Z
The Weather Channel - for the world
Lonely Planet - Travel guide and travel information

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All text must be in Spanish.

 Use the links directly below the question to find your answer.

Use word reference to select a word you might not know.
Cuba, please use this link.

1. When will you be leaving and when will you return?          Lonely Planet     or  ·   NY Times Travel  
2. What country are you  visitingNo website necessary.
3. How will you travel to this country?,(boat, plane, car)
Cunard Cruise line
NY Times Travel

 - Once you arrive in the country, How will you get to your  hotel? (boat, train, taxi, car)
Carribean Transfers
European Transfers 
North American Transfers
South American Transfers
4. What is the name of  your hotel? What type of room will you need? How many rooms will you  need?
Lonely Planet      or ·  NY Times Travel 

5. What type of clothing will you pack in  your suitcase?
Use your clothing vocabulary sheet)  or Basic Spanish Vocab

 6. How is the weather at this time of year in this country?
Weatherbase - travel weather averages

 7. Where will you go sightseeing? What important landmarks are in  the country?
National Geographic - Travel

8. What is this country’s money called  ?
Use the VRC - Culture Grams Data Base

 9.  Name 5 interesting facts about the country you will  visit.
Use the VRC -
Culture Grams Data Base
World Atlas Data Base 
National Geographic - Travel