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Music Class - General Music
Decade Music Project
History of Pop Music
History of Rock Music Timeline - Schmoop
Rock Music History


Thinglink Musician Project
1.Use these links to find the answers to your questions.
2.You must type your question into the "search box" at the search engine you select from this list. It will bring you to several links, select the one that you feel answers the question best.
3. Write down the answers to your questions on the handout  your music has given you .
4. Next copy the URL of the page where you FOUND your answer (the address at the top of the page) .
5. You must paste that URL on to a Google document, to be used later for Thinglink .  be sure to write the number of the question it answers next to the URL.  
This is a VERY important step for the research project.
Do Not Google your questions, use these links, to find your answers.

Smithsonian Jazz - use the search Button to learn more about your Musician
Famous Biographies -
‚ÄčPBS - video search - listen to their music
IMBD - Most Popular People -

Scholastic - History of Jazz

Musicians - Kidtopia
MSN - Music -
Country Music Hall of Fame -
R & B Music Hall of Fame -
Rock and  Roll Hall of Fame -


Mr. Pollak's Assignment -research musical instruments

Interactive Music Sites
Musical Instruments - and how to play them
 - A visual music box, with many sounds.
Dallas Symphony

Ducksters - search engine

Kidtopia - search engine

General Music Project