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Seneca Library

Social Studies

Age of Imperialism- resource guide

Civil Rights Movement- resource guide

The Cold War- resource guide

Culture of the 1960s- resource guide

The Roaring Twenties - resource guide

Medieval Time period

Medieval vocabulary

Medieval vs. Modern

Questions about the Middle Ages Video's about Middle ages...


Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids

The British Museum

National Geographic Mesopotamia



Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greece - interactive website includes links to timelines, alphabet, Olympics, and more

Ancient Olympics -

Ancient Sports -

Modern Day Olympics

2012 Summer Olympics ESPN

2014 Winter Olympics ESPN

Olympic Games 2016 - the official website of the Olympic games

​2016 Rio Olympics - Time for Kids Magazine

Mixed info ( Ancient and Modern)

​Summer Olympic Games Facts ( and some extra links)

Research the Olympics - General information/history

The Olympic Games- Facts & Summary

First Modern Olympics

Sports: Breaking Records - Smithsonian Museum of American History - Olympians



This Day in History  

Treaty of Versailles

United States Perspective

The Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles 1919

The Treaty of Versailles and the llLeague of Nations

WWI- Trenches on the Web


Allies Perspective

World War - Peacemaking and



World War II

National Archives@ New York City

National Archives - with Teachers lessons.

Automic Archive

Remembering Nagasaki Exploratorium

Atomic Bomb Dropping on Hiroshima 1945

Museum of World War II

Primary Sources

Harry S. Truman Library

Announcing the Bombing of Hiroshima

WWII - Summary of events...BBC

Events in World War II