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Sachem Educator Honored With Teacher of Excellence Award

Sachem Educator Honored With Teacher of Excellence Award photo
Lynwood Avenue Elementary School third-grade teacher Cathy Dulovic was honored this year by the office of Senator Phil Boyle with the Teacher of Excellence Award for the Sachem Central School District. 

Dulovic was recognized for her unique instructional approach that engaged her students in the learning process and developed deep relationships. Throughout the year, Dulovic challenged students through collaborative learning activities that encouraged students to explore how they can become better citizens. 

Lynwood Sings in Celebration of the American Flag

Lynwood Sings in Celebration of the American Flag photo

Students across Lynwood Avenue Elementary School recently gathered in celebration of Flag Day during a patriotic remembrance ceremony honoring the American flag and all that it represents.

Dressed in red, white and blue and waving flags, students across grade levels stood together around the building flagpole as three service members performed a commemorative flag folding ceremony. As the 13 precise folds were executed, Building Principal Dr. Danielle DeLorenzo read aloud what each fold represents. After the folding of the flag was complete, the three service members raised the flag, before all in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. 

As part of the ceremony, four students read their winning essays to an audience of family, friends and their peers about what the American flag means to them. Concluding the ceremony, students sang several patriotic songs, including the national anthem and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” 

VIDEO: Lynwood Moving Up

VIDEO: Lynwood Moving Up slide

History Stands Trial at Lynwood Avenue Elementary

History Stands Trial at Lynwood Avenue Elementary photo

A notorious historical mystery captivated a classroom of fourth-grade students at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School as they attempted to determine if the Boston Massacre was an act of murder or self-defense.

Equipped with imitation quill pens and detective notepads, students in Sheryl Amallobieta’s class inspected numerous clues found throughout a simulated crime scene that represented the events that took place the day of the Boston Massacre. Students rotated between six stations where they reviewed different evidence, including artwork created by a British artist, Paul Revere and an unknown artist. The students learned to determine the difference between evidence obtained from bias and unbiased sources as they inspected each piece of artwork. 

As students continued to gather evidence, each group stopped at several stations where they listened to firsthand and secondhand accounts from witnesses, examined written clues and saw physical evidence up close. As the investigation concluded, students used the evidence they gathered to make inferences and record a final conclusion on who is at fault for the historic event. 

As part of the classroom unit on the Revolutionary War, the activity provided students with an engaging hands-on experience that revisited a pivotal event from that time. 

Science Lessons Plant Seeds to Recycle at Lynwood Elementary

Science Lessons Plant Seeds to Recycle at Lynwood Elementary photo

Earth-conscious concepts sprouted from several recent science lessons in Gwendolyn Levesque’s first-grade class at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School.

Ms. Levesque’s class explored a number of Earth science topics aimed at the conservation and revitalization of Earth’s resources. In an activity focused on recycling, students studied different ways that items could be repurposed. Students watched a video showing how used car tires are repurposed as an alternative material for roads. Mirroring this process, students crushed Cheerios into fine crumbs that were then added to plaster of Paris to create their own miniature roadways. 

During an additional activity, students crafted cups out of newspaper that they used to plant sunflower seeds. The lesson taught students about recycling by using the old newspaper for an alternative purpose. Through the lesson, students were introduced to the concept of biodegradability – they learned that the newspaper would break down over time and allow the roots to grow freely in the soil. 

Continuing the lesson on plants, Levesque’s class studied the many different types of plants, the various parts of a plant and the process of photosynthesis. Concluding the activity, students carefully planted flower seeds inside of a cup and watered them. 

Just in time for Earth Day, the student activities coincided with the class unit on life science.