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Lynwood Avenue Takes a Stand Against Social Isolation

Lynwood Avenue Takes a Stand Against Social Isolation photo

An inspiring collaborative effort spanning grade levels at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School resonated throughout the halls recently as numerous teachers led activities combatting social isolation for Start with Hello Week as part of the Sandy Hook Promise.

Second-grade students in Michele Tuminelli’s class read “Wilson Sat Alone” by Debra Hess to begin a conversation on how their actions impact others. As the activity continued, students participated in an icebreaker game using M&Ms. One by one, an M&M was taken from the pack by each student and they had to share a memory that corresponded with the color. Among the stories shared were a time when they were sad, a time when they were excited and a time when they made a good choice. 

In Gwendolyn Levesque’s first-grade class, students learned the importance of not leaving their peers out, how their actions can impact others and ways they can be nice to their classmates. As the activity progressed, students participated in partner shares where they conversed with one of their classmates, identified something they had in common and then spoke more about that topic together. This continued as the students rotated partners and created new friendships.  

Start with Hello Week is an initiative developed to raise awareness and educate teachers, students and the community on the effects of social isolation. Throughout the week, classes at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School continued to participate in activities to reduce social isolation and create connections within the classroom, school and community. 

Kindergarteners Spread Peace to Peers

Kindergarteners Spread Peace to Peers photo
Spreading peace took precedence in Nicole Stumpf and Bianca Ferranteli’s kindergarten class at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School as students participated in activities celebrating the International Day of Peace, which is on Sept. 21. 

The day’s activities began by students reading “The Peace Book” by Todd Parr and learning the meaning of peace. The kindergarteners then collectively brainstormed how they can bring peace to their class. Together the students determined that sharing, making friends, listening to each other and being kind were all ways to have a peaceful classroom environment. 

Concluding the activities, students sponge-painted peace signs on paper plates, incorporating vibrant colors into their crafts.