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Exploring the Earth Through Hands-On Experiments

Fourth graders at Merrimac Elementary School thumbnail222805
Fourth graders at Merrimac Elementary School thumbnail222806
Fourth graders at Merrimac Elementary School thumbnail222807
Fourth graders at Merrimac Elementary School thumbnail222808
Rock Formations and Erosion Testing thumbnail222809
Rock Formations and Erosion Testing thumbnail222810

Fourth graders at Merrimac Elementary School are learning about our changing planet. Recently, they explored how rivers have changed the shape of the United States. Through a series of experiments, the students learned how weathering and erosion creates landforms and rock formations.

Students in Mrs. Mazzaglia’s class worked together in groups to create a stream table to investigate the effect of the flow of water. During the hands-on experiment, they used materials including soil, sand, toothpicks and water. Students observed pieces of sediment coming loose and forming a delta, the beginning of a canyon formation, and sediments being deposited into their catch pans.

In follow-up experiments, students explored how and why rocks form in layers using perfect cast solution. The class completed its unit by learning about fossils and how they are formed.

Date Added: 6/22/2022

Merrimac Students Raise Money for ALS Ride for Life

Students Marching in the Hallway thumbnail217897
Students and Staff in the Gym thumbnail217898

Students and staff at Merrimac Elementary School recently hosted an event for ALS Ride for Life where members of the organization paraded through the halls to cheers from students and staff for their amazing efforts to raise awareness for ALS.

As part of the event, which was organized by Barbara Montalbano and her Student Lighthouse along with physical education teachers Bobby Romano and Nicole Kessinger, students ran during gym class to raise money for finding a cure for ALS.

Date Added: 5/26/2022

Honoring Our First Responders

Students Honoring First Responders thumbnail217727

The Sachem Central School District is showing its appreciation for the community’s first responders through a number of events. Many of the District’s elementary schools invited first responders to their buildings for celebrations and parades.

Students created posters and cards for police officers and firefighters to show thanks. At Merrimac Elementary School, fifth graders had a question-and-answer session with first responders to gain insight into their day-to-day routines. Nokomis students sang for their special guests, prior to students introducing their family member heroes to the crowd. Waverly held an appreciation breakfast for first responders before students cheered them on at a schoolwide parade. Similarly, Tamarac students participated in a siren parade and presented the First Responders Children’s Foundation with a check for $500.





Date Added: 5/24/2022

Merrimac Celebrates Battle of the Buildings Victory

Merrimac Elementary School Students thumbnail217340
Merrimac Elementary School Students Marching thumbnail217341

Merrimac Elementary School recently hosted a Battle of the Schools celebration to honor the 10 Merrimac staff members who were a part of the winning team.

Battle of the Buildings is a competition within Sachem that tests staff on trivia questions to raise money for a total of 36 scholarships for seniors from Sachem High School North and East.

As part of the celebration, the team was presented with the Sachem Cup by the Sachem PTA Council, and a parade was held in the school building where students cheered on the amazing team.

Date Added: 5/17/2022