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Reading Buddies Build Successful Bridges Together

Reading Buddies Build Successful Bridges Together photo

Classroom collaboration sparked creativity as kindergarten and fifth-grade reading buddies at Nokomis Elementary School teamed up during a recent STEAM activity inspired by a popular fairy tale, “The Gingerbread Man.”

Keri VanDeVenter’s kindergarten class joined Lisa Grant’s fifth-grade class and worked collaboratively to construct a bridge capable of safely transferring the Gingerbread Man from one side of a river to the other. Before students began the hands-on activity, they examined elements of a story, such as setting and conflict, and conducted a test to see what would happen if the Gingerbread Man were to fall into water. 

Beginning the construction process, the teams worked together to draw designs before constructing one from the supplies provided. The supplies included plastic cups, straws, pipe cleaners, tape and marshmallows. 

After the bridges were constructed the buddies tested their bridges in front of the other groups and explained the important design elements they incorporated to accomplish their goal. Each team of buddies successfully tested their bridge and all students enjoyed gingerbread cookies as a celebratory snack.  

Nokomis Multicultural Feast

Nokomis Multicultural Feast photo

Nokomis Elementary School third-grade students embarked on travel around the world as part of an interactive social studies lesson.

Each third-grade student wrote a report about a country from their heritage, exploring important elements such as its flag and prominent foods eaten in the area. The students then presented their reports to fellow classmates, answering questions and showing off items such as different forms of currency from around the world. 

Concluding the multicultural study, students indulged in a feast of prepared dishes from the locations explored. The feast featured dishes such as empanadas from Argentina, sausage bread from Italy, kebabs from Poland, Irish soda bread from Ireland and German chocolate cake.