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Nokomis Students Craft Character Pumpkins

Nokomis Students Craft Character Pumpkins photo

Creativity flourished for fourth-grade students during a fun-filled pumpkin project that created a unique combination of art and literacy at Nokomis Elementary School.

For the fall-themed project, each fourth-grade student selected and read a realistic fiction book which they then wrote a report and review on. In addition to the written report, students selected their favorite character from the story and transformed a pumpkin into that character. Throughout the project, teachers emphasized the importance of numerous writing elements, including spelling, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure. 

At the conclusion of the project, the pumpkin characters lined the halls for students across the building to vote on to select a favorite pumpkin. As students explored the projects, cups were placed at each pumpkin to collect change to raise money for breast cancer research through the Sachem Central Teachers’ Association. 


Nokomis Students Study New York State

Nokomis Students Study New York State photo
As part of a recent project on New York State, fourth-grade students across Nokomis Elementary School explored numerous geographic features of the state and learned the essential components of a map. 

Incorporated within each creative project, students labeled identifiable landforms such as the Catskill and Adirondack mountains, the Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes. Each map also included the state capital, bordering states and the Atlantic Ocean. Completing their projects, students added a compass signifying the cardinal directions and a key to identify the symbols found throughout the map.