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Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity

Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo
Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo 2
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A complex collaboration of art and math recently challenged fifth-graders in Susan Kinsey’s art class at Waverly Avenue Elementary School as a special guest – the school’s principal – led an origami activity that reinforced multiple math vocabulary terms. 

Throughout the activity, John Ruggero guided students through a precise folding sequence that created a three-dimensional box out of six square sheets of paper. Along the way, he incorporated geometric terminology to identify each fold. The terms included edges, faces, vertices and different shapes such as isosceles triangles, right triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids. 

The collaborative activity allowed students to couple math curriculum concepts with the interesting art of origami. 

Waverly Goes Full STEAM Ahead With PARP

Waverly Goes Full STEAM Ahead With PARP photo

During the month of March, the Pick a Reading Partner program at Waverly Elementary School fueled student’s love for literacy as they engaged in a number of reading activities based on the Full STEAM Ahead theme.

As a culminating event, students rejoined their teachers and classmates from last school year to celebrate their continued literary strides. During the gathering, which was a first for the school, the groups had the opportunity to read a story together, reflect on the school year to date, revisit friends and share stories of the books they have read. 

PARP concluded on March 20 with an assembly program with popular children’s author Alicia Klepeis, where they asked questions and further explored their love for learning.  


Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo photo
Waverly Celebrates Cinco De Mayo photo 2
A festive Cinco De Mayo celebration recently immersed a class of Waverly Elementary School fourth-grade students in a collection of fun cultural activities.  

Students in Jennifer Savio’s class participated in a number of activities as they reflected on different aspects of Mexican heritage. As part of the informative celebration, students learned important phrases in Spanish such as hello, goodbye, please and thank you. The class also reflected on the history of Cinco De Mayo and learned that the day is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Continuing the activities, students enjoyed churros as they listened to popular Mexican music. 

Concluding the fun-filled celebration, students decorated their own sombreros with colorful glitter, pompoms and various other decorative supplies. 

Students Learn Facts About Epilepsy

Students Learn Facts About Epilepsy photo
Third-graders at Waverly Elementary School recently attended an informative presentation delivered by the Epilepsy Foundation, which taught students important facts about epilepsy and seizures. 

Through an interactive puppet show, “The Kids on the Block,” relatable, everyday interactions between young students were presented, with a focus on openly discussing epilepsy. The presentation aimed to debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy and inform students on what to do if a friend or classmate experiences a seizure. 

Following the presentation, students asked questions to gain further insight about the disorder.  

Waverly Goes Wild With Library Research

Waverly Goes Wild With Library Research photo
Student-zoologists took over Waverly Elementary School recently after an animal assignment introduced fourth-graders to the many research tools and techniques available at the library. 

With help from Waverly library media specialist Louann Cronin students embarked on the trimester long project that explores a multitude of animals from around the world. Students selected an animal they wanted to research and then utilizing the BOCES School Library System Virtual Reference Collection navigated through multiple databases to collect information on their animal. Once students gathered information from the articles they discovered, they inserted photos into their lap books – a mini-book that students create to record details of their studies – and began to compose an essay on their animal. Student animal selections included wolves, lions, goats and bears, among many others. 

The animal research project introduces students to important research tools they will use throughout their educational journey and serves as a complementary connection to the fourth-grade unit on animals.