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Captivating Speaker Shares Inspiring Messages With Students

Captivating Speaker Shares Inspiring Messages With Students photo
“We should all outline our lives in pencil, not pen,” Rohan Murphy loudly projected across the Samoset Middle School auditorium to an audience of eighth-grade students. Murphy, a motivational speaker from Islip, New York, encouraged his student audience to try new things and to not be afraid to fail in the process.

In his second year speaking at Samoset Middle School, Murphy shared the humbling story of his journey through life as a man with no legs. A successful high school wrestler, collegiate wrestler and Penn State University graduate, Murphy outlined his struggles growing up disabled and undeniably inspired the audience with his fearless determination to succeed in the stories he shared. Murphy emphatically challenged students to embrace each challenge in life and to never give up, to be inclusive, not exclusive and to look past excuses. 

The presentation closed with a question-and-answer period before Murphy left students with one last inspiring message. “Everyone has a choice to be average, good or great. Choose to be great, choose to be the greatest you that you can be.” 

Samoset Students Remember September 11

Samoset Students Remember September 11 photo
In remembrance of the tragic events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, seventh-grade history students at Samoset Middle School recently attended an informative presentation, “A Responder’s Perspective,” led by trained first responder Rudy Princi. 

For seven years, Princi has spoken to Samoset students about his experience as a volunteer at ground zero, where he acquired necessary medical supplies as a liaison and performed triage services for those who required medical assistance. The presentation served as an opportunity for students to hear a firsthand account of the events that took place 17 years ago.