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Sachem Students Seek the Lost Treasure of Newton

Sachem Students Seek the Lost Treasure of Newton photo
Intense focus guided students at Sachem High School East as they worked through math equations during a Breakout EDU activity to find the lost treasure of Newton.  

Calculus students in Scott Kennedy’s math class were separated into two teams and challenged to solve a series of calculus equations to get clues, tools, keys and combinations to unlock five different locks. Within the collection of locked boxes held the clue to the location of Newton’s lost treasure. 

With both teams successfully completing the task and finding the final clue, the students claimed their treasure, which was a tasty snack securely locked away in Dr. Kennedy’s file cabinet. 

‘Professor for a Day’ at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

‘Professor for a Day’ at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory photo
Sachem High School East Science Research sophomore Ryan Meehan was among 16 high school students from New York City and Long Island chosen to participate in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Professor for a Day program. Ryan attended the “Plant Genomes & Biotechnology: From Genes to Networks” professional conference on Nov. 30. 

Throughout the workshop, Ryan learned about the development and use of biotechnology and genomic tools in economically important plant species, such as forest and fruit species, cereals, legumes and medicinal plants, and the reasons why these species are profoundly important to human civilization. Additionally, he was able to take a firsthand look inside the world of professional researchers and learn how they interact, share ideas and learn from each other. 

As part of the district’s Science Research program, Ryan has been studying the effects of ecological changes on living systems for the past two years. His research emphasizes the fact that human health is directly linked to environmental health. 

Sachem Students Spread Safety

Sachem Students Spread Safety photo

During a recent visit to the Sachem Central School District’s middle schools, Sachem High School East and North students enrolled in the Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities class presented lessons regarding the dangers associated with drug use to sixth-grade students.

As part of the high school course, students are transformed into teachers, equipped with the skills to educate students on the dangers of drugs and the importance of making healthy choices throughout life. 

As part of the Too-Good-For-Drugs curriculum, the high school students deliver a series of lessons as they periodically visit the district middle schools, delivering students valuable information to lead healthy lives. 

Sachem’s Salon of Opportunity

Sachem’s Salon of Opportunity photo

Students at Sachem High School East and North are learning about the skills needed to succeed in a multimillion-dollar business as part of the district’s career and technical education cosmetology class.

Putting lessons into practice, the students are not only learning trade skills but are putting them to use in their own salon, offering a plethora of services to fellow students and staff. As part of the cosmetology class, the students practice techniques in hair coloring, cutting and styling, while also learning the intricacies of nail and makeup services.

“The cosmetology class is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience,” said High School East senior Jessica Hennessy. “We are given the chance to explore multiple different areas of cosmetology, which is a huge benefit.” 

Throughout the class, students can participate in workshops run by industry-leading professionals and gain practical career experience during multiple shadowing opportunities. After successful completion of the course requirements, the students are eligible to earn a New York State cosmetology license.