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Sachem Students Are All Business With Virtual Enterprise

Sachem Students Are All Business With Virtual Enterprise photo

High school students in the Sachem Central School District are receiving real-world business experience as part of the Virtual Enterprise class. In its third year at Sachem, the Virtual Enterprise class teaches upperclassman valuable business skills as they navigate each aspect of a complete business plan.

Guided by teacher Keith McCaffery, Sachem High School East has two student-run business firms and High School North has one firm, led by Business Chairperson Thomas Sullivan. Students at both schools have the opportunity to earn college credits as they continue through the program. 

At the beginning of the full-year class, each student submits a résumé and interviews for their desired position within the firm. The virtual business mirrors a traditional organizational environment and is broken up into different departments, including human resources, marketing, sales, finance and information technology, which are all overseen by a management team. 

Students collaborate to develop a business name, logo, website and various promotional materials such as brochures, business cards, product catalogs and a commercial. High School North’s virtual business, Mobuilt, is a technology company focused on selling cutting-edge devices whose products include televisions, cell phone cases and drones. The firm’s flagship product is a pair of shoes that generates energy with each step that is used to charge your cell phone.  

2-Pure International, one of the Sachem High School East-based firms, is a culturally driven meal delivery service. The business provides traditional meals from countless cultures around the world, such as Latin American empanadas and bratwurst from Germany. The business offers a subscription service ranging from one to 12 months aimed to expand their customers’ cultural palate. 

In addition, High School East students created a second firm called U-Create. This company is a monthly box subscription service that provides products to customers at a lower price by bundling items. Customers can choose from four categories including beauty, pets, fitness and technology. The monthly subscriptions are broken up into three options, bronze, silver and platinum, which represent the number of items per box. 

“Virtual Enterprise allows us to take our business where we want it to go,” said senior and Mobuilt CEO Jeanine Cerqueira. “Whether it is technology, clothing or both, we can use our ideas to expand the market.” 

As part of the Virtual Enterprise class, the student businesses competed in a business plan competition and trade show at Farmingdale State College. The student firm competed against 35 other student-run firms for a chance to attend the Virtual Enterprises International Business Plan Competition taking place in New York City Apr. 16, at the Microsoft Technology Center. 


Sachem Students Explore Artists’ Creations

Sachem Students Explore Artists’ Creations photo

As a complement to the classroom curriculum, Sachem High School North art students had the chance to take an up-close look at several famous pieces of artwork during a recent field trip to the Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington. The exhibit included Andy Warhol, who conceptualized the Pop Art movement, and Romare Bearden, who was a pioneer of African-American art in the 20th century.

Students viewed pieces from each famous artist as they came together in groups to discuss the works of art and share their thoughts. This opportunity provided students an authentic experience with the process of analyzing and responding to works of art. 

Attending this program will qualify them to enter the Long Island’s Best: Young Artists at the Heckscher Museum competition. Their submitted artwork must be inspired by a piece of art currently on exhibit at the museum and must be accompanied by an artist’s statement. The artist’s statement should reflect the connection between the work on exhibit and their own creation. If selected, their work will hang in the Heckscher Museum of Art from March 17 to April 15, 2018.

The evaluators for the contest are interested in the art students’ thought process and what inspired each student to create their own piece. They want to see how the participating art students think outside the box. During the trip, museum educators provided examples of how other previous students made such connections, which showed the Sachem High School North students that the boundaries for creativity, interpretation and exploration are endless.

Long Island’s Best: Young Artists at the Heckscher Museum is the only juried art competition on Long Island that offers high school students the opportunity to show their artwork in a museum setting. More than 40 schools will submit over 400 works of art, and from those submissions, only about 85 pieces will actually make it into the show.

World Language Class Shares Helpful Tips

World Language Class Shares Helpful Tips photo
Sachem High School North tenth-grade world language students put their skills to the test as they presented how-to speeches to their classmates demonstrating assorted activities. 

Students in Christy Zummo’s Spanish class incorporated the commands learned in class into their how-to demonstrations. Each speech included an introduction, a list of supplies needed, the steps necessary to complete the project or task and a conclusion. The student-presenters also included a vocabulary list with English translations to help classmates follow along. Speeches ranged from how to play a sport to the construction of a craft to how to follow a specific cooking recipe. 

Along with working on their Spanish commands, the speeches provided students with an opportunity to advance their presentation and public-speaking skills.  

Sachem Students Create Connections

Sachem Students Create Connections photo

A sense of community radiated throughout the halls of Hiawatha Elementary School as the Peer Education class from Sachem High School North visited to share a special lesson with fourth- and fifth-grade students.

During the event, High School North seniors in Jonathan Chiaramonte’s Peer Education class delivered an important message about acceptance – noting that everyone has more in common than one may sometimes think. With the assistance of the high school mediators, students participated in a collection of classroom activities that made them more familiar with their fellow classmates. 

One game incorporated a numbered beach ball and each number correlated with different questions for the students to answer. Students shared things that they were afraid of, their initial feelings on moving up to the next grade level and people who inspire them. Another activity, named Cross the Line, called for students to listen to a series of questions and take a step forward when they identified with the question.

“Activities like Cross the Line give students the chance to get to know their peers on a different level,” said senior Nick Cariello. “Through their participation, they learn that we share similar qualities, feelings and experiences.” 

Concluding the day’s activities, students returned to their classrooms where they reflected upon their experiences from a day of recognizing the commonalities that exist among their peers. 

Sachem Students Spread Safety

Sachem Students Spread Safety photo

During a recent visit to the Sachem Central School District’s middle schools, Sachem High School East and North students enrolled in the Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities class presented lessons regarding the dangers associated with drug use to sixth-grade students.

As part of the high school course, students are transformed into teachers, equipped with the skills to educate students on the dangers of drugs and the importance of making healthy choices throughout life. 

As part of the Too-Good-For-Drugs curriculum, the high school students deliver a series of lessons as they periodically visit the district middle schools, delivering students valuable information to lead healthy lives. 

Sachem North Lends Hand with Habitat for Humanity

Sachem North Lends Hand with Habitat for Humanity photo
Students from Sachem High School North recently helped build a home in East Patchogue through Habitat for Humanity.

Open to leadership students at the high school, the activity was organized by Leslie Zanone, a social worker at Sachem North, and Jonathan Chiaramonte, a social studies teacher.

“We hope to get more classes involved,” said Zanone. “There has been a tremendous amount of interest in the school from students and teachers. We believe that Sachem North students could organize six builds a year, and that would be a dream!

“It is a very real experience for the students, and a concrete way for them to give their time and energy for the cause. We already have students asking to go back again in the spring,” said Zanone.

Rockets Take Learning Sky High

Rockets Take Learning Sky High photo

Physics equations fueled learning outside of Sachem High School North as students in Robert Wentzel’s Rocket and Aircraft Design class gathered to test launch multistage rockets they had constructed.

Prior to launch, students worked through various physics calculations to ensure the overall safety and success of their rockets. The student-engineers calculated the thrust necessary to reach 30 miles per hour while allowing the rockets to maintain a straight flight path. Also, students determined the speed at which their rocket had to fall to make a safe landing and then designed their parachutes accordingly. 

During the testing phase a focus was placed on unique design elements such as tube and fin size and how each component affected the rockets’ flight.