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Sagamore Guidance Department

Guidance Department phone number: 631-696-8600 option 3; Fax: 631-732-1756




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Guidance Staff

6th Grade Counselor

Mr. Dan Zilberstein   

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3


7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Jennifer Jargo

(631) 696 - 8600    Ext. 3


8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Sabrina Sorrentino 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3





Mrs. Jennifer DeSena 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3919


Social Workers

Mrs. Jennifer Romanski     

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3936


Mr. Mario Delisi

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3937


Student Assistance Counselor

Ms. Melissa Bennett 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3


Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Jane Riker 

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3






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In the News

Hopes are High at Sagamore Middle School

Students Taking Picture In Front Of Post-It Notes thumbnail249373
Sagamore Middle School kicked off the school year by asking eighth graders one simple question – “What is your hope?”

During the first week of school, the class participated in a welcome assembly which ended with a powerful video. Students in the video were asked their hopes for the school year and recorded them on a chalkboard outside of their building. Following the assembly, Sagamore eighth graders were tasked with a similar activity.

Students wrote down their hopes on Post-it notes, which were then displayed on a bulletin board in the cafeteria. Some Post-its read, “to get good grades” and “to make new friends,” while others said, “to be confident” or “to be positive.” The activity inspired the students to set goals, start the year on a high note and reinforced the Culture of Care existing throughout Sachem. In the coming weeks, the sixth and seventh graders at Sagamore Middle School will also be participating in this activity.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 9/12/2023

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