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Sagamore Middle School

About Our Library

The Library is open for students from After school from 2:30 PM to 3:20 PM. Late buses are available. Please note it will be a different route number than your regular bus.

Students may also use the library during their lunch periods- if Mrs. Bucher does not have scheduled classes. Lunch passes are distributed daily from the lunch monitors in the cafeteria.

Students may borrow up to three books at a time for 21 day loan periods. There are no late fees. However, students may not borrow new books if they have overdue books on their library record.

If a student loses or damages a library book, they are responsible for the full cost of the book or a new replacement copy as per District policy.

Students may access the library catalog and the Library's subscription databases (VRC) remotely from home. If you need assistance, please see Mrs. Bucher.

The Sagamore Library Media Center offers students and staff access to state-of-the-art literature and information resources. The library media program actively and positively contributes to students' educational success by supporting standards driven education initiatives and providing instruction integrated with the school’s curricula.

The goal of the library program is to foster a love of reading, and an understanding of the research and inquiry process. Through reading, students make social connections, broaden their knowledge base and interests, and expand into reading for information opportunities. Through research and inquiry, students become ready for high school and college level work, searching for information, learning how to integrate the information and then correctly cite to avoid plagiarism.

Access to print, non-print and electronic information is available in the library.

As a New York State “Statewide Internet-Ready Library”, our Library offers the ability to:
  • create, assemble, evaluate, and use information;
  • extend access to library services from homes, schools, work places, and other locations;
  • facilitate access by people with disabilities and other special needs;
  • go beyond the library's walls to obtain information and resources; and
  • enable its users to access journals, magazines, newspapers and other resources available through a suite of NOVELNY electronic collections (VRC).