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Sagamore Middle School

Student Resources - Art and Music


Abstract Sculpture

Nassau County Museum of Art - Outdoor Sculpture GardenArt, Geometry and Abstract Sculpture


Great Building Collection

Art as Communication Lesson

Google Art Project

Smart History

Artchive - browse by art period or artist

National Gallery Images

Google Templates

Art Images

Associated Press Photo Archives          

Microsoft Office Online Gallery

Art Resources - General

ArtHistory Resources On The Web


Museum of ModernArt(MoMA)

Metropolitan Museum of ArtNational Gallery of Incredible Art

Guggenheim Museum

Interactive Art Sites

Mr. Picasso Head - Create your own artwork in the style of Pablo Picasso!

Jackson Pollack - Interactive - The colors change each time you use your mouse. The faster you move your mouse the thinner the line is.

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery for Kids

National Gallery of Art KIDS

Bomomo - choose a different line and watch it create!


Arctic Gras Masks

Venetian Carnival Masks

More Venetian Masks

Day of the Dead & the Sugar Skull Traditions

Short Stories for Art

Short Stories at Bibliomania

Work by Sculptors

Tony Smith

Alexander Calder

Henry Moore


Make Beliefs Comix - create your own comic strip just by dragging and dropping!

Professor Garfield - just log-in with your name to create cartoons using Garfield characters.




 Classical Composers

 Contemporary Musicians - pop, rap, country and more. Select from listed artist or use search function.


 Musical Game Room - all types of games relating to music, from the NY Philharmonic

Guitar Sites                                                    


 Playing guitar chords


History of Music and Instruments

 Classics for Kids - hear audio samples of different composers

 History of Classical Music

 Music History 102

 Music History Timelines - interactive - follow the music trail, with links too other information and music videos.

 Periods of Classical Music

 Summary of Western Classic Music History - includes audio samples

Musical Instruments

 New York Philharmonic - Kid's Zone

 Victoria and Albert Museum

 Visual Dictionary of Instruments

 Renaissance Instruments- rebec, citole, pochette, lyre and viol

 Japanese Conch Trumpet


 Music Instrument Dictionary - use the search or alphabet bar to find lots of information on musical instruments.

 Band Instruments

 Music Families - includes information on instruments within each family

 Musical Instruments Education - select the articles at the top of the page.                                                                        Virtual Keyboard                                                                     Dallas Symphony Orchestra KIDS                                     National Arts Centre Orchestra                                             Perfect Pitch - Learn about the orchestra                         Japanese Orchestra and Instruments                                     Ancient Greek Instruments - Aulos, Kithara and more   Music of the World - select an area of the world and listen to samples of different types


History of Music and Instruments

 History of Music in the White House

 Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

 Music History Timeline

History of Musical Instruments

Percussion Instruments

 Easy to Make Musical Instruments

 Homemade Percussion Instruments

 Balloon Drums

 Tubechop video - STOMP Awesome Beats - 7 min.

CATS - The Musical

 CATS Wiki - Characters

 CATS - The Musical

 CATS Official Website

 CATS - Wikipedia

The Nutcracker

 New York City Ballet's The Nutcracker

 The Nutcracker Ballet

 Brooklyn Academy of Music: The Nutcracker

 Seiskaya Ballet's Nutcracker

 American Ballet Theater: The Nutcracker

 The Nutcracker Fun Facts