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Sagamore Middle School

Sagamore Book Resources

Each quarter students will read books from a different content area - ELA, Social Studies, Science, and ending with Math. The procedures and template are also included at the bottom of this page.



English Language Arts - 1st Quarter

Students may read any genre for this quarter. Most of what they read will be fiction. We have recommended bibliographies in the Library. Recommended magazines are Cricket, Boy's Life, and Girl's Life. Basically, for the first quarter you may read from a wide variety of resources. Since you will be reading historical fiction and science fiction later on, we suggest looking at other genres - fantasy, adventure, horror, sports, biographies, and so on. Recommended magazines include Cricket, and online news articles at Newsela.
Click HERE to access an online flipbook bibliography for ELA and different genres.

Social Studies - 2nd Quarter

In this quarter students will be looking at historical fiction and biographies of famous people in history. Social studies reading in non-fiction may be found in several areas - the 300's section includes information on government, the courts system and famous trials, any of the Armed Forces, occupations, and schools. In the 900's, books are about explorers, ancient civilizations, knights, castles and major wars. The 900's also includes information on states and countries, American History, and Native Americans.  Recommended magazines include Cobblestone, Faces, and Dig into History. Online articles may be found at Newsela for U.S. History and World History.
Click HERE to access an online flipbook bibliography for Social Studies.

Science - 3rd Quarter

Science is probably one of the largest sections of the library. Students may look for Science Fiction books, non-fiction, and biographies of famous scientists and inventors. In non-fiction, science begins from 520 - 599, which are the Natural Sciences - space, earth, oceans and rivers, dinosaurs, plants, animals, birds and so on. Science is also found in the 600's which are Applied Sciences - using science and technology. You will find inventions, doctors and disease books, books on pets and veterinarians, cookbooks, buildings, and more.
Recommended magazines include Popular Science, and Car and Driver, Brainspace, and Kids, Code and Computer Science (KCCS)


Click HERE to access an online flipbook bibliography for Science.

Math - 4th Quarter

Here you will find math fiction, biographies of famous mathematicians, and select non-fiction books. You might think of math as just about addition, subtraction, algebra and more. Math, however, also is about money and the economymaps(think degrees and latitude and longitude), architecture and engineering, structures such as bridges, dams, and skyscrapers, time and timelines, and statistics – how did your favorite team do last year? What were the player’s statistics? Math is also used in art as well: think about proportion, fractals, ratios and perspectives! And we all know how much math is found in cookbooks! Math truly is all around us!! Math non-fiction is found in the Dewey Decimal categories of the early 500's, from 500 - 519. Check out the 700's for Arts and Sports, Money and the Economy in the 300's, Building and Cooking in the 600's and more.  Follow this link to online math articles from Newsela.
Click HERE to access an online flipbook bibliography for Math.
See Mrs. Bucher for additional assistance with any resources in any reading quarter.

Sachem Public Library participates in our reading log program by having books available during each different quarter, as well as magazines.