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Sagamore Middle School

Student Resources - Computers and Technology



3-D Printing
Thingiverse - 3D project designs

Tinkercad - free on-line app to create and print 3-D models.

3D Printing Video overview - YouTube video. This video might not work in school, but definitely at home.

Building Big - learn about bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels. Take the challenge or try your hand at the interactive learning lab.
Made with Code - learn some of the basics of coding. Make a yeti dance or an animated .gif. Click on the resources link for more coding websites and programs such as Scratch.
Beginning Inventions - basic introductory information on many inventions, in alphabetical order.
Famous Inventions - not a lot of information, BUT this site gives you a good starting point for invention ideas.
History of Inventions - Timeline of technology with links to articles about each invention.
Technology Timeline - interactive site that you click through, with images.
Thirteen Top Inventions - from Click on the topic in the Inventions section.

Scratch - free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Tutorials are included.
Timeline of Computer History - from the Computer History Museum, a chronological timelines with images.
Typing - Learn to type using 4 different levels of games
Web 2.0 Tools - Web 2.0 is a term for new ways of creating, creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online.  No need for downloads.