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Sagamore Middle School

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Internet Safety

  • Downloading Files - information and risks of downloading files
  • Gaming Safety - for kids, tweens, and teens - stay safe while having fun.
  • iSafe - a leader in digital citizenship educational materials, iSafe is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering youth (and others) to safely, responsibly and productively use Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).
  • Keeping Safe Online - Tips and tricks for keeping safe online.
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service - A compilation of resources on topics associated with Internet safety.
  • Parent's Guide to Internet Safety - Long, very detailed article from the FBI about all aspects of Internet Safety. Also a link to a downloadable PDF version.
  • Safe Kids - Digital citizenship, online safety and civility
  • Viruses and Spyware - safeguarding your computer

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