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Sagamore Middle School

Library Policies

Welcome to your Library! Please use it for reading, studying, homework, and learning how to find and use information.

We also have chess, checkers, Battleship, Monopoly, Uno, jigsaw puzzles and more. You may use any of these during lunch. The computers may be used for any classwork and also for coding practice at

The Library may be used during lunch or after school. Your teachers may bring you to the Library as a group for research or projects.


If you want to come to the Library during your lunch period, you must report to lunch first, and ask the lunchroom duty teacher for a pass to the Library. They are color-coded by the lunch period. You must eat your lunch before coming to the Library. When you come to the Library, turn in your pass and then sign into the BLUE book on the counter.

The Library will be closed during lunch periods when it is being used for whole class instruction or meetings. If the Library is closed, the lunchroom teacher will not have any passes to distribute. Once you come to the Library, you may not go back to the cafeteria.


When you want to come to the Library after school (9th Period), you MUST sign-up for 9th period in the RED book on the counter before the end of the school day.

When you arrive in the Library, you must then sign-in at the circulation desk. If 9th period is cancelled, you will not be able to sign up for the Library.

Please check the Library calendar for 9th period closings.

Books and magazines may be borrowed at any time during the day. You may sign out three items at one time for two weeks. Most items may be renewed.

Reference books may only be used in the Library and may not be checked out. Textbooks also may only be used in the Library.
The Library does not charge overdue fines, but any books that are lost or damaged must be paid for according to District policy. All books must be returned before the end of the school year.

The Internet may be used for research, projects, and homework. Please use the computers in an appropriate manner – they are a valuable resource! Be appropriate and respectful online.
Food, candy, gum, drinks, and cellphones are not permitted in the Library. You may have water at the tables.
You may speak quietly with others, but please remember that other people may be studying.
Please clean up after yourself – papers, scraps, return any borrowed materials, and push chairs in.
This is your library! Please treat it and the people and equipment in it in a respectful manner.