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Sagamore Middle School

Student Resources - Social Studies - 6th Grade

Here are some resources for you to use, in addition to print books and the Virtual Reference Collection (VRC).



 1st Quarter


In the VRC, use CultureGrams and World Geography and Culture Online

Middle East Global Connections- from PBS

Middle East land use - from Scholastic

Middle East - online textbook - people, politics, economics, geography and history

Sub-Saharan Africa

Europe - land use and resource maps

Europe Population Distribution

Russia and Independent States

Commonwealth of Independent States

East Asia - from Wikipedia - use carefully

Southeast Asia

South Asia - from Wikipedia - use carefully

Oceania - Resources and Geography

Oceania Information, Economy and Demographics


CIA World Factbook - look up individual countries, regional and world physical and political maps, flags, country comparisons. Click on the links WITHIN each country for additional and thorough information.


Land use, economics, political connections, population distribution, resource maps


Neolithic Revolution - VRC is best resource!

ABC-CLIO World History Ancient and Medieval Eras

Early River Valley Civilizations

Beginnings of Civilization - from Khan Academy, this includes the Neolithic Revolution, Ancient, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient India and China, and Hinduism.

River Civilizations - an online textbook about the major river civilizations



2nd Quarter

In the VRC, check out ABC-CLIO World Religions

World Religions - overview on major religions








3rd Quarter

Qin Dynasty fast facts

Qin Chinese Dynasty-Encyclopedia Britannica


Han Chinese Dynasty Overview

Introduction to the Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty Quick Facts


Greco-Roman civilization

Greco-Roman civilization from Newsela


Feudal Western Europe

Middle Ages Feudalism

History of Feudalism


Byzantine Empire - from, includes video

The History of the Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire - use the left navigation bar as well (from Khan Academy)


Islamic Caliphates - Umayyad and Abbasid

The Spread of Islam and the Caliphates

Umayyad Caliphate for Kids

Abbasid Caliphate for Kids


Articles and videos about The Crusades

The Crusades




4th Quarter

Silk Road - UNESCO

Silk Route -

Trade Routes

Mongol Empire - New World Encyclopedia

The Mongol Empire - from All About History

Black Death, 1348

Bubonic Plague

Black Death -



In the VRC, check out the Biography Reference Center

Marco Polo - from

Ibn Battuta - from

Mansa Musa - from Britannica

Zheng He - from Britannica



VRC Resources:

ABC-CLIO World History > Ancient and Medieval Eras

ABC-CLIO World Religions

Britannica Encyclopedia

Scholastic Land and Peoples

World Geography and Culture


World Book Encyclopedia


Also See: Ancient History Encyclopedia (click on link)