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Waverly Elementary School

1111 Waverly Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742
Phone: (631) 654-8690 
John Ruggero, Principal






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June Birthdays

Julianna Z. June 3
Ariel B. June 3
Michael S. June 3
Masen S. June 4
Cody Q. June 4
Jack N. June 5
Kiersten B. June 5
Harrison A. June 5
Gabrielle L. June 6
Lillian M. June 7
Marcus A. June 9
Christopher A. June 9
Lucas B. June 10
Devin M. June 11
Juliana L. June 11
Sonya-Rose S. June 11
Ella S. June 11
Alexander S. June 11
Kaylee D. June 12
Colin M. June 12
Boston G. June 13
Hugo L. June 14
Victoria L. June 14
Natalie M. June 16
Shane O. June 16
Alexandra O. June 16
Ava R. June 16
Daniel S. June 18
Angela A. June 18
Austen C. June 19
Kai B. June 19
Derek R. June 19
Dylan R. June 19
Madalena M. June 19
Elwin V. June 19
Ethan A. June 20
Lillian R. June 21
Kelsey N. June 21
Michael R. June 22
Joey G. June 23
Ashton P. June 23
Alayna M. June 26
Joshua P. June 26
David M. June 26
Eric S. June 26
Lea B. June 26
James G. June 27
Joseph B. June 27
Nathaniel R. June 30

  birthday ballons 

Mission Statement:

The Sachem Family (students,  parents, employees and residents) works interdependently to develop leaders of great character who are highly competent, confident and caring. Most importantly we are motivating our students to become the best possible version of themselves. WE ARE  SACHEM! 


In the News

Sachem Produces Strong Showing at Brookhaven National Lab Science Fair

sci fair photo
Three elementary school students from the Sachem Central School District thrived during the recent Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary Science Fair, as they secured two first-place finishes and an award for honorable mention. 

Nokomis Elementary School fourth-grader Arianna Flores finished in first place for her experiment that examined how nanosilver found in common household products affects the growth of pond life. Merrimac Elementary School fifth-grade student Nicholas Prosa received first place for his experiment that determined the healthiest hand drying option, paper towels or hand dryers, and Audrey Prego, a third-grade student from Waverly Elementary School, was awarded honorable mention for her experiment on sleep.

To advance to the BNL Elementary Science Fair each student had to be awarded first place at their respective elementary school science fair. 

VIDEO: Waverly Moving Up

waverly photo

Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity

Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo
Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo 2
Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo 3
Classroom Concepts Shine Through Art Activity photo 4
A complex collaboration of art and math recently challenged fifth-graders in Susan Kinsey’s art class at Waverly Avenue Elementary School as a special guest – the school’s principal – led an origami activity that reinforced multiple math vocabulary terms. 

Throughout the activity, John Ruggero guided students through a precise folding sequence that created a three-dimensional box out of six square sheets of paper. Along the way, he incorporated geometric terminology to identify each fold. The terms included edges, faces, vertices and different shapes such as isosceles triangles, right triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids. 

The collaborative activity allowed students to couple math curriculum concepts with the interesting art of origami. 

Waverly Goes Full STEAM Ahead With PARP

Waverly Goes Full STEAM Ahead With PARP photo

During the month of March, the Pick a Reading Partner program at Waverly Elementary School fueled student’s love for literacy as they engaged in a number of reading activities based on the Full STEAM Ahead theme.

As a culminating event, students rejoined their teachers and classmates from last school year to celebrate their continued literary strides. During the gathering, which was a first for the school, the groups had the opportunity to read a story together, reflect on the school year to date, revisit friends and share stories of the books they have read. 

PARP concluded on March 20 with an assembly program with popular children’s author Alicia Klepeis, where they asked questions and further explored their love for learning.  

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