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Waverly Elementary School

1111 Waverly Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742
Phone: (631) 654-8690 
John Ruggero, Principal






birthday ballons


October Birthdays
Amelia P. - Oct 11
Michael K. - Oct 12
Antonio G. - Oct 13
Brigid O. - Oct 14
Oliver N. - Oct 14
Emily R. - Oct 15
Calista M. - Oct 15
James S. - Oct 16
Axel B. - Oct 16
Augusto B. - Oct 17
Isabella P. - Oct 18
Zamaryh G. - Oct 18
Gabriela M. - Oct 19
Gabriella P. - Oct 21
Jack V. - Oct 22
Andrew M. - Oct 23
Audrey P. - Oct 24
Emma de Fatima S. - Oct 25
Tia V. - Oct 25
Jacob C. - Oct 25
Grace G. - Oct 26
Michael G. - Oct 26
Hailey K. - Oct 27
Deniz D. - Oct 27
Madison A. - Oct 29
Daniel M. - Oct 30
Sophia B. - Oct 30
Joseph M. - Oct 31
Mateo C. - Oct 31

  birthday ballons 

Mission Statement:

The Sachem Family (students,  parents, employees and residents) works interdependently to develop leaders of great character who are highly competent, confident and caring. Most importantly we are motivating our students to become the best possible version of themselves. WE ARE  SACHEM! 


In the News

Constructing Balloon-Powered Vehicles

Constructing Balloon-Powered Vehicles photo

Waverly Avenue Elementary students practiced basic engineering principles as they worked together to construct balloon-powered cars during an interactive STEAM lesson.

In the school’s new STEAM room, students from Cathy Juliano’s fourth-grade class began collaborating on designs to create a functioning self-propelled balloon car. Supplied with foam balls, straws, wooden rods, tape, rubber bands, a water bottle and a balloon, students began to assemble their cars. Assisted by art teacher Susan Kinsey and Librarian Luann Cronin, students applied problem-solving techniques throughout the construction process to overcome design obstacles and effectively complete their vehicles. 

At the conclusion of the lesson, the student groups came together to test their balloon-powered cars and collectively discussed solutions to improve their vehicles. 

Sachem Schools Lend a Helping Hand

Helping Hand Pic
Helping Hand Pic 2
Throughout the month of September, Sachem Central School District students and staff came together to organize a variety of fundraisers and activities to benefit the victims of devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Among the various items collected were personal hygiene supplies, nonperishable food items and a harvest of crops grown in Wenonah’s community garden, as well as gift cards and other monetary donations.

All items will be donated to one of three Texas schools the district has adopted or to local organization Island Harvest.

Staff Gathers for Superintendent’s Conference Day

Staff Gathers for Superintendent’s Conference Day photo

The Sachem Central School District began a new tradition on Sept. 5, as the entire faculty and staff from all 15 buildings gathered for an inspirational Superintendent’s Conference Day at Sachem High School North.

A sea of red Sachem apparel blanketed the bleachers of the High School North football field as more than 1,000 staff members listened to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham address the crowd. Dr. Graham began by thanking all members of the faculty and custodial and security staff, whose tireless efforts make the success of the district possible. 

Following Dr. Graham’s opening comments, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Kristin Capel-Eden honored a group of educators and support staff who have completed more than 30 years of service to the district. Each honoree crossed the stage to cheers from their colleagues as they accepted their certificate of recognition.

Dr. Graham continued his presentation with four short stories, each of them highlighting the importance of creating a deep connection with students. Drawing from a personal experience with his fourth-grade teacher, he illustrated the impact that one educator can have on a student’s time in school and encouraged the professionals before him to “take pride in your work, take pride in your students and always remember that we are Sachem.” 

After the presentation, faculty and staff attended various staff development activities throughout the district.

First Day of School

First Day of School photo

Sachem students are all smiles on the first day of school.


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