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Waverly Elementary School

1111 Waverly Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742
Phone: (631) 654-8690 
Kevin Tougher, Principal






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September Birthdays

M. Momin Sept 1
J. Bravo Mejia Sept 3
W.  Zukowski Sept 4
D. Mercado Sept 6
S. Godinez Diaz Sept 6
J. Koos Sept 6
G. Kielczewski Sept 8
M. Howe Sept 8
E. Stewart Sept 9
J. Kircher Sept 9
J. Lamanna Sept 11
S. Cremmins Sept 11
C. Dahlstedt Sept 12
T. Garcia Sept 12
N. Lindenbaum Sept 12
I. Sirianni Sept 14
M. Rall Sept 14
K. Martinez Ventura Sept 16
J. Chasan Sept 18
J. Santulli Sept 18
E. Ramirez Sept 18
C. Cancel Sept 19
J. Hoenig Sept 20
R. Waltel Sept 20
S. Barbaccia Sept 20
D. Heilemann Sept 21
J. Ambrosino Sept 21
H. Dickson Sept 23
G. D'Aguino Sept 23
G. Malhotra Sept 26
J. Cedeno Sept 26
M. Clark Sept 28
T. Costello Sept 28
L. Oliver Sept 28
A. Sewdass Sept 28
B. Racioppi Sept 29
L. Racioppi Sept 29

  birthday ballons 

Mission Statement:

The Sachem Family (students,  parents, employees and residents) works interdependently to develop leaders of great character who are highly competent, confident and caring. Most importantly we are motivating our students to become the best possible version of themselves. WE ARE  SACHEM! 


In the News

Waverly Elementary School Welcomes New Principal

Waverly Elementary School Welcomes New Principal photo
Following an extensive search and screening process, the Sachem Central School District is proud to announce the appointment of Kevin Tougher as the new principal of Waverly Elementary School, filling the vacancy left by John Ruggero who has accepted a position with the North Babylon School District. 

Mr. Tougher will be joining Waverly after serving as an elementary teacher for 12 years within the Sachem Central School District at Cayuga Elementary School. During his time at Cayuga, Mr. Tougher served as a teacher leader and an integral participant on numerous districtwide committees, including APPR, the Curriculum Council, Elementary Report Card and Elementary Resolutions. In addition to his expansive committee involvement, Mr. Tougher has demonstrated expertise in the development of new curriculum during revisions to Sachem’s elementary ELA, social studies and mathematics curricula. As a leading voice across the district, Mr. Tougher has also facilitated a plethora of districtwide professional development initiatives.

Mr. Tougher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from James Madison University, a Master of Science degree in elementary education from Long Island University and a post-master’s certificate in educational leadership from Stony Brook University. 

“It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Mr. Kevin Tougher as the new principal of Waverly Elementary School,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham. “Throughout this process it was clear that Mr. Tougher possesses the personality, elementary school experience, curriculum expertise and the dedication to Sachem that makes him the ideal candidate for this leadership position.”   

Authors and Illustrators Share How-To Books

Authors and Illustrators Share How-To Books photo
First-grade student authors and illustrators from Julie Celecia’s class at Waverly Avenue Elementary School showed off their most recent work during a display showcase for family and friends.  

As part of a classroom unit exploring nonfiction writing, students wrote and illustrated a step-by-step book on how to accomplish a task. During the activity, students practiced arranging steps in sequential order, brainstorming, and editing independently and with a partner. 

Among the topics covered by the students were how to change a car battery, how to make an ice cream cone, how to make slime, how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and how to make a pizza, along with multiple others.