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Staff Directory

Chippewa Elementary School

Ms. Patricia A. Aubrey  
Main Office Clerical
Mrs. Adwar
Mrs. Prada
Principal's Aide
Ms.Robin Walsh  
Faculty and Staff
Mrs. Carey  
Mrs. Collins  
Mrs. Colon
(K-1, Aide)
Mrs. Despuches
(K-2, Aide)
Mrs. Furey  
Mrs. Hallstein
(K-2, Aide)
Ms. Lechnyk
(K-4, T.A)
Mrs. Marrero
(K-4, T.A)
Ms. McGinnis
(K-4, T.A)
Ms. Murphy
(K-4, T.A)
Mrs. Weinrich
(K-3, Aide)
Mrs. Wright  
First Grade
Mrs. DiLorenzo  
Mrs. Gianfortone   
Ms. Lechnyk
(1-1 T.A)
Mrs. Mundy  
Mrs. Rooney  
Second Grade
Mrs. Bernhard  
Mrs. A. Deedy  
Mrs. DeSane  
Mrs. Hendry
(2-1, Aide)
Mrs. Hill  
Mrs. Kieffer  
Mrs. Looney  
Mrs. Martinez
(2-6, Aide)
Ms. McKeon
(2-6, T.A)
Ms. Moore  
Ms. Natale
(2-3, Aide)
Ms. O'Brien
(2-5, T.A)
Ms. Schultz
(2-6, Aide)
Mrs. Steigele  
Ms. Weinclaw
(2-4, Aide)
Third Grade
Mrs. Capogna  
Ms. Curaro
(3-2, Aide)
Ms. Machin  
Mrs. Scully  
Mrs. Seguna  
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Klemm  
Mrs. Levy  
Mrs. Merz  
Ms. Pane
(4-1, Aide)
Mr. Ratzsch
(4-3, T.A)
Mrs. Wilson  
Fifth Grade
Ms. Bove  
Ms. Caldararo  
Ms. Clemens
(5-4, Aide)
Mrs. DeJesus  
Mrs. Foley  
Ms. Henaghan
(5-4, T.A)
Ms. Jusino
(5-3, Aide)
Ms. Lehning  
Mr. McCarthy
(5-5, T.A)
Ms. Ortiz
(5-4, T.A)
Mrs. Wood  
Ms. Coyne  
Cafeteria Staff
Mrs. Belyski
(Head Cook)
Mrs. Keller
Ms. Palminteri
Ms. Ramos
Mr. Ferrero
Mr. Fields
Mr. Fierro  
(Head Custodian)
Mr. Ludwig
Ms. Fischer  
Hall Monitors
Mrs. Cecere
Ms. Stucchio
Hearing Teacher
Ms. Denieski  
Library Media Center
Ms. Harte  
Math Specialist
Ms. Gordon  
Ms. Lehmann  
(Classroom Music and Chorus)
Mrs. Montanye  
(Band and Orchestra)
Mrs. Annunziato  
Occupational Therapist
Ms. Tor  
Physical Education
Mr. Codispoti  
Ms. Dolan  
Physical Therapist
Ms. Fleming
Mrs. Cartisano  
Reading Specialists
Ms. Schomber  
Mrs. Shivers  
Mrs. Zane  
Resource Room
Ms. Olsen  
School Communication Aide
Mrs. Hochreiter-Toole  
Social Worker
Mrs. Spinelli  
Speech Therapists
Mrs. Rovnyak  
Mrs. Salerno  
Mrs. Walsh  
Technology Integration Specialist
Ms. McGuire  
Vision Teacher
Ms. Greenspan