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Staff Directory

Merrimac Elementary School

Ms. DeCicco
Principal's Aide
Ms. Fredette
Laurie Edwards  
Dianne Stroup  
Faculty and Staff
Ms. Cundari
Ms. Holub  
Mrs. Andersen
(K-2 Aide)
Ms. Heiser
(K-3 Aide)
Mrs. Monti
(K-1 Aide)
Ms. Nelson
Ms. Pagano  
First Grade
Ms. Aue  
Mrs. Burger  
(1/2-5 Teacher Assistant)
Ms. Conger  
(1-4 Aide)
Ms. Flynn  
(1-3 Aide)
Mr. Gentzlinger  
Mrs. Hammer  
Ms. Hauser
Ms. McDonald
Mrs. Montalbano  
(1-4 Teacher Assistant)
Ms. Morda  
(1/2-5 Aide)
Ms. Pratnicki
(1/2-5 Aide)
Ms. Sardone  
(1-2 Aide)
Ms. Schaefer
(1-4 Aide)
Ms. Seder
(1-4 Aide)
Second Grade
Mrs. Harvey
Mr. Kolensky  
Ms. O'Malley  
Third Grade
Ms. Cesaria
(3-2 Aide)
Mrs. Dassau
Ms. Gagnon
Mrs. Peters
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Greve
Ms. Guider
Mrs. Mazzaglia  
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Alvarez  
Mrs. Meade  
Mrs. Smith
Cafeteria Staff
Susan Gertonson
Kelly Ann Lawlor
Noreen O'Brien
Andrea Wirth
(Head Cook)
Custodial Staff
Mr. Armstrong
(Evening Custodian)
Mr. Milazzo
(Head Custodian)
Mr. Saviano
(Evening Custodian)
Mr. Serrano
(Day Custodian)
Ms. Grosshandler
Ms. Smith
(Teaching Assistant)
Hall Aides
Donna Kinney  
Michelle Mitchell
Hearing Impaired Teacher
Ms. Guariglia
Instructional Technology
Mrs. Moreno  
Librarian/School Media Specialist
Ms. Martinez  
Dr. Benson  
Ms. Degenhardt
(Chorus & Orchestra)
Mrs. Kathy Conner, R.N.  
Physical Education
Mrs. Kessinger  
Mr. Romano  
Remedial Math
Mrs. Richter  
Resource Room
Social Worker
Ms. Prescott  
Ms. Bonacorsa
Mrs. Scardino  
Visually Impaired Teacher
Ms. Medic